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The Mental Elf

New evidence this month on trauma and psychotic experiences, antipsychotic combinations for schizophrenia, and what happens before, during and after coercion.
Thanks to the boys from Beak> who have recorded a Christmas song to raise money for the Mental Elf. Beak> are a Bristol band featuring Geoff Barrow from Portishead. You can buy the wonderful (Merry Xmas) Face the Future here.
Trauma and psychotic experiences
1st December 2017

Trauma and psychotic experiences: results from a transnational survey

Today Marcus Tan and William Lee publish their debut elf blog on a new paper in the British Journal of Psychiatry, which investigates the association between traumatic events and subsequent psychotic experiences.
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Psychiatrists and psychologists: who are they and what do they do?

Pamela Jacobsen and Golnar Aref ask themselves "Who do they think we are?" as they reflect on a recent qualitative study about public perceptions of psychiatrists and psychologists.
Antipsychotic combinations for schizophrenia: safe and effective?

Elena Marcus presents the findings of an updated Cochrane review on antipsychotic combinations for schizophrenia.
“Treat me with respect”. What happens before, during and after coercion?

John Baker takes a look at a recent systematic review and thematic analysis, which explores psychiatric patients’ reported perceptions of the situations associated with the process of coercion.
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#UCLJournalClub students appraise a systematic review and meta-analysis on the effectiveness of befriending interventions for people with a variety of health conditions including mental illness.
Guided cCBT for depression: optimising therapist support and maximising efficiency

Monisha Nahar writes her debut blog on a recent RCT that explores how we can improve the efficiency of psychotherapy for depression. The trial compares web-based guided CBT with face-to-face...
Psychiatric genomics: an update and an agenda

Marcus Munafo comments on a review of the work of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium, which in recent years has delivered an increasing flow of new knowledge about the fundamental basis...
Which personality traits may protect us from alcohol use disorder?

Andrew Jones summarises a recent systematic review and meta-analysis of alcohol treatment outcome, which identifies a range of personality traits that are associated with relapse.
Staff views on digital self-management of severe mental illness

Laura Hemming presents a recent qualitative study of staff views on the use of the Internet and smartphones for digital self-management of severe mental health problems.
Digital guided self-help for binge eating disorder: a paper worth getting INTERBED with?

Sarah McDonald summarises the INTERBED RCT, which explores the effect of Internet-based guided self-help versus individual face-to-face CBT on full or subsyndromal binge eating disorder in overweight or obese patients.
The chatbot therapist: can we mimic therapy support with a conversational agent? #DigiMHweek

Andres Fonseca helps us prepare for the #Mindtech2017 chatbot/artificial intelligence debate by summarising a recent trial of a fully automated conversational agent for promoting mental well-being.
Digital Technology for Mental Health: asking the right questions #DigitalMHQ

Lucy Simons invites YOU to tell us what you think are the most important questions about using digital technology for mental health. There are also some fab prizes up for...
Online intervention for bipolar disorder: what do service users think? #DigiMHweek

Today is the start of Digital Mental Health week, so look out for blogs, webinars, podcasts and loads of social media on the latest digital mental health research #DigiMHweek! We...
Blended therapy for men who self-harm #DigiMHweek

Olivia Kirtley looks at a qualitative study of a blended therapy using problem solving therapy with a customised smartphone app in men who present to hospital with intentional self-harm.
Suicide in prisons: prevalence and contributing factors in high-income countries

Vishal Bhavsar explores a brand new ecological study of 24 high-income countries that investigates the prevalence and contributory factors relating to suicide in prisons.
Common mental health problems and psychotic experiences in IAPT

Mark Smith reviews a recent service evaluation looking at common mental health conditions and psychotic experiences occurring at the same time in IAPT services.
Over 1 in 10 women have depression during pregnancy or postnatally #HopeNov20

Emma Molyneaux writes her debut blog about a recent systematic review and meta-regression of the prevalence and incidence of perinatal depression. We are covering the #HopeNov20 event today at parliament...
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