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New evidence this month on a social model for madness and distress, social media and schizophrenia, exercise and severe mental illness, and the side-effects of antipsychotic medication.

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19th August 2016
A social model for understanding madness and distress

Alison Faulkner on a new Shaping Our Lives report, which addresses service user and survivor views about ways of understanding madness and distress, but in particular about the potential of a social model.
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10th August 2016
Jonny Benjamin: Social media and schizophrenia – my story

Jonny Benjamin shares his personal story of using social media to manage his own mental health. The award-winning mental health campaigner has been an inspiration to many, through his frank and hugely informative YouTube channel. His films cover everything from recovery to poetry.
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26th September 2016
Exercise in severe mental illness: barriers and motivating factors

Joanne Wallace considers a recent systematic review of exercise in severe mental illness, which focuses on the factors that motivate people to exercise, and the barriers that can prevent physical activity.
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15th September 2016
The side-effects of antipsychotics: let’s systematically assess, discuss and act! #NPNR2016

A live blog published at the 22nd International Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research conference in Nottingham. Written by John Baker, Lucy Brazener, Wendy Cross, Vanessa Garrity, Andrew Grundy, Cher Hallett, Ben Hannigan, Elaine Hanzak and Alan Simpson.
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8th November 2016

Rapid response to eating disorders predicts better outcomes
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7th November 2016

Cognitive bias modification for addiction: are we flogging a dead horse?
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4th November 2016

In praise of little: sponsorship bias in depression research
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3rd November 2016

Nutrition interventions for people with severe mental illness: do we need more dieticians?
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2nd November 2016

Digital interventions for social anxiety disorder: new meta-analysis finds mixed results
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1st November 2016

Physical activity and schizophrenia: how much exercise do people do?
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28th October 2016

Rumination and postnatal depression: a systematic review and cognitive model
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27th October 2016

Childhood traumatic brain injuries predict risk of poor long-term outcomes
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26th October 2016

It’s Mental Health Question Time! #MHQT
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24th October 2016

Reminiscence groups for people with dementia and their family carers: REMCARE trial
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21st October 2016

Migrant mental health may improve with children’s educational success
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20th October 2016

How do people with psychosis use online health information, and do they tell their clinicians?
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18th October 2016

Does taking antidepressants during pregnancy harm the child? Here are the facts
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13th October 2016

Elf help to ensure your research has digital impact #ResearchWales16
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12th October 2016

Depot antipsychotics: If you pay me, you can keep injecting me
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10th October 2016

How can genetics help us better understand, diagnose and treat mental illness? An interview with Andrew McIntosh
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7th October 2016

Does recession = poorer health? Evidence strongest for suicide and mental illness
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6th October 2016

Austerity and suicide: are we placing health before wealth?
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4th October 2016

Time to stop prescribing antidepressants to young people with depression?
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30th September 2016

iCBT may be an effective treatment for PTSD
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29th September 2016

It’s good to talk: training psychiatrists to improve communication with patients
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28th September 2016

Bipolar disorder in older men linked to increased risk of dementia
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27th September 2016

Mental health provider views about digital technologies in day-to-day practice
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23rd September 2016

Alcohol brief interventions: how can content, provider and setting reduce alcohol consumption?
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22nd September 2016

Specialist depression service may help people with persistent depression
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21st September 2016

Sex matters: why have females been excluded from addiction research?
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20th September 2016

Cognitive bias modification in early alcohol withdrawal: a first look
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19th September 2016

Depression and coronary heart disease: reasons to remain UPBEAT-UK
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14th September 2016

Integrated care for the physical health of people with severe mental illness: no easy answers
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13th September 2016

Fitness to practice: exercise for depression in adolescents
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12th September 2016

It’s a jungle out there: the natural history of behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia
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9th September 2016

Training alone doesn’t improve outcomes for depression in primary care
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8th September 2016

Antidepressants and psychotherapy for OCD in adults: network meta-analysis
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7th September 2016

Media coverage of mental illness has increased significantly in recent years
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6th September 2016

The case for investing in anxiety and depression treatment on a global scale
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5th September 2016

Schizophrenia, antipsychotics and quality of life: measuring the important things
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2nd September 2016

Early menarche associated with depressive symptoms in early adolescence
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1st September 2016

SSRI augmentation of antipsychotics for negative symptoms of schizophrenia
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31st August 2016

Turn on, tune in, burnout: clerical burden, e-health systems and doctor burnout
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30th August 2016

Supported employment for people with severe mental illness
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26th August 2016

Behavioural activation not inferior to CBT for depression: the COBRA RCT
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25th August 2016

Worried sick: cCBT and bibliotherapy for somatic symptom disorder and illness anxiety disorder
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24th August 2016

Antidepressants don’t help with many cognitive impairments, even when they do improve mood
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23rd August 2016

What is the evidence for evidence-based guidelines?
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22nd August 2016

Maternal anxiety disorders in the postnatal period: what do we know?
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18th August 2016

Lithium for bipolar disorder: the best maintenance mood stabiliser protection against self-harm and suicide?
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17th August 2016

Adding antidepressants to antipsychotics in schizophrenia: do they work, for what, and are they safe?
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16th August 2016

Have the EAGLES landed? Safety of varenicline, bupropion and NRT in smokers with and without mental illnesses
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15th August 2016

The Two Pots? Experiences of peer workers within mental health services
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12th August 2016

The vexing challenge of suicide prevention: a research informed perspective on a recent systematic review
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11th August 2016

Alcohol use disorder and increased mortality
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9th August 2016

A systematic review and meta-analysis of social media interventions in schizophrenia: too good to be true?
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8th August 2016

Psychotherapy for depression: enhancing positive and reducing negative affect?
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5th August 2016

Acupuncture for mild cognitive impairment: rubbish in, rubbish out
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3rd August 2016

Guided or misguided? New advice on young people and drugs (SBIRT)
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2nd August 2016

Internet-based problem-solving guided self-help for depression whilst waiting for therapy
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1st August 2016

Mobile app for reducing binge drinking in young adults: better evidence needed
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