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Top 5 Business Audio Books for Kindle Geeks

19 Sep 2011 03:15 am | Guest Writer

Note: This is a guest post written by Greg

KindleThe Kindle from Amazon allows audio books and as such the gadget becomes one great study device. Just plop an audio book in while driving to and from work (or school) and digest an entire book in one good hands-free sitting.

Below we profile five business audio books aimed at those who own the Kindle and if we happen to have missed your fave, do chime in what you believe to be a good selection for others to add to their audio collection.

Top 5 Business Audio Books for Kindle Geeks

1. The 4-Hour Workweek

4 hour weekThis is the runaway best seller from Tim Ferriss who also happens to run a hugely popular blog, by the same name. The idea is simple, outsource or die. To be more specific it’s about transforming your dreaded 9 to 5 into a lifestyle of choice and having an actual say in your day to day work activities.

Tim does a great job of creating an entire movement based on his zen philosophy of creating an ideal work environment where productivity is set up in such a way as to produce the most results in half the time. An enjoyable read and a must have in your audio book collection.
2. Crush It

Crush ItWritten by one extremely energetic wine shop guru, Crush It is the #1 New York Times best selling book by Gary Vaynerchuk. He also runs a highly visited blog and the book covers the subject of passion. Do you have it? Do you care? and Will you do what it takes to succeed in this new media business world? These are the questions Gary asks and answers in his debut business book. If you lack even a tiny bit of motivation, run out and grab this audio book, because after reading it, you will be born again. A born again business marketing maverick. A highly entertaining book meant to inspire some fire out of whoever reads it.

3. Made To Stick

Made to StickOne of my personal favorites from brothers Dan Heath and Chip Heath. This book is all about making your ideas stick, as in creating something people believe in and will follow till the day they die. The book is filled with loads of examples of stories and entrepreneurs who have made their ideas into multi-million dollar businesses that captured a willing and eager audience. This book will give you numerous tips on how to take your idea from a possibility to a viable concept that you can profit from for years to come. The two brothers have another book out called Switch that is also worth your time, as is any book the Heath brothers come out with.

4. Start Something That Matters

Start SomethingThis title speaks to the new generation born and raised on the web. It’s a fascinating read on how and what makes us likely to follow a brand and or cause. Written by Blake MyCoskie who runs the wildly successful online shoe shop Tom’s Shoes, he delves into the way he runs his company and how you too can choose to profit from good noble business ideas.

In a down economy, his company is thriving and scores of evangelists sign up daily to purchase and consume his goods. That the Tom’s Shoes way.

5. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Toilet PaperThis funny and engaging book from author Michael Michalowicz is perfect for that long drive home or that upcoming 7 hour plane trip that you’re not too excited about. It takes a no holds barred approach to getting things done without whining and complaining, and taking your business to the next level. Michael is a great story teller and he definitely “tells it, like it is” in this entertaining and fun read.

With our ever busy lives and constant on the go world, it’s nice to know technology can lend a hand via tools and devices which make life go a tad smoother and entertainment is a click away. The text-to-speech feature built into the Kindle along with the audio capabilities, makes this e-reader one to keep an eye on.

Hope you enjoyed our round up of top business audio books for geeks. Give them a good look and feel free to browse the massive catalog of audio titles at for more audio fun.

Note: This guest post was written by Greg who discusses the latest digital reading devices along with the best Kindle 3 covers and cases found on the web. When he’s not updating his popular blog – he loves to bike, run, scuba dive and water surf.

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5 Audials One licenses giveaway

17 Sep 2011 07:09 am | Michael Aulia


Free Audials One licenses to grab! Audials One (check out Craving Tech’s Audials One Review) is practically an all in one software to increase your music collection. It does this by monitoring and recording radio stations, searching videos + converting them to audio, and more.

You can even search and put a wishlist containing all the songs you want. The software will then auto monitor radio stations and record them for you.

Audials One has won more than 600 awards so you should not miss this chance to own Audials One! Audials One license is valued at £29.90 each and thanks to the sponsor, we have 5 licenses to give away!

How to win Audials One Licenses

  1. Like Craving Tech Facebook fan page and also Audials Software Facebook fan page.
  2. Tell us one of your most favorite Audials One features on the comment section below and elaborate why you pick it and how it is useful to your situation.

Five winners based on the best answers will be selected, so make sure you do a bit of reading about the software to find the most right feature for you.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Competition starts on the 17th of September 2011, 10:00 PM AEST and ends on the 2nd of October 2011, 10:00 PM AEST.
  2. Anyone in the world can join the competition.
  3. Five winners will be picked on the 2nd of October 2011, 10:00 PM AEST at Melbourne, Australia.
  4. Winners will be announced by email.
  5. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

All the best guys! Please help spread the news around :) Make sure to subscribe to Craving Tech’s newsletter too so you’ll know when there are new giveaways happening at Craving Tech!

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Increase your music collection with Audials One

16 Sep 2011 09:35 am | Michael Aulia

Audials One Review

Audials One Review – Audials One is the ultimate all-in-one software for any video and music needs that includes searching, listening, converting, and even auto recording radio stations for the songs you want.

It is also a great software to increase your music collection for free and completely legal (more on this later on).

You can search the music that you want to have with Audials One – it will then search (and monitor) online radio stations for the music that you want and auto-record it for you. It’s simply amazing as you let the software do the work for you automatically.

At first, the software feels a bit overwhelming because there are a lot of menus and options to browse and try upon.

Audials One

They are pretty clear though so I didn’t even need to find some online help or discussions to help me out. Once I get the hang of it, it’s actually pretty simple to use Audials One. It’s divided into several different modules in tabs.

Audials One menu

Audials One Review – Radio

Audials Radio Stations

Search for an online radio by name, by Genre, and more. You can even keep the recording on in case you really like a station so much that you want Audials One to record every songs playing through that radio station. There’s even a Scheduler though I haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet.

Audials One Review – Search

Audials One Search

If you already have a song in mind, you can use this to search it based on the artist name, album, or the song title. Audials One does not just search for radio stations but also for videos. It can then auto-convert the video into audio (by extracting the audio parts).

Audials One Review – Wishes

Audials One Wishes

Through the Wishlist, you can save all the songs you wish to have and let Audials One searches and also monitors when a song you want is being played. Back in the late 80s, I used to listen to the radio stations with my hand ready on the record button. Whenever my favorite songs were going to be aired, I readied myself to record them to a blank tape (yeah, tape – no CDs or MP3s back then lol). Wish I had Audials One back then.

Audials One Review – Capture

Downloading YouTube videos have always been a problem with me in the past – downloading Opera plug-ins to download YouTube videos, installing third party programs, or did the conversion on some dodgy online sites. Audials One supports downloading YouTube videos and you don’t even need to copy paste the video URL or anything like that.

Audials record YouTube videos

Audials record YouTube and save it

Simply press a button to let Audials One monitor and download the videos you are watching. It’s simple. You can even choose the quality you want it to download simply by watching the desired video quality. I did this to save those lovely Battlefield 3 trailers in 1080p :)

Audials One – Podcasts

Audials One Podcasts

If you are into podcasts, there’s a dedicated section for it too. You can search by categories and also by languages.

Audials One – Converter

This is the all in one converter which makes this one of the most powerful software I’ve ever used. The converter can convert from video to audio and from one format to another.

Supported video conversion:

Audials One convert video

Supported audio conversion:

Audials One convert audio

Audials One – Organize

Audials One - organize

I don’t really like any software or media player organizing my files, so I haven’t really played around with this feature much.

Audials One – is it legal to record and download these music?

So is this really legal (downloading music from radio stations and video sites)? Well, it is, and there is even a page full of explanation about it on Audials legal information page.

Besides, you’ll get a lesser audio quality compared to the CD’s and sometimes you’ll get a few seconds cut-off from most radio stations when they are playing the songs. Nevertheless, to some people, it’s still good enough and they can always decide to upgrade and pay for the real thing (or to support the singers).

Audials One can also automatically cut the music off from radio stations nicely and so far I always got a clean cut.

Audials One Review Conclusion

Overall, Audials One is a truly remarkable piece of software. Many applications call themselves an “all in one” software but I’ve never seen anything like this before. Audials One is so much more than just a media recorder and converter. Anything you want to increase your music collection, Audials One has it.

There are many other features that I haven’t explained or mentioned in this review post, so feel free to head off to Audials One product page to find out more. Audials One has received around 600 awards for excellence since 2004, which is not surprising at all.

Good news is, there will be 5 licenses of Audials One to be given away at Craving Tech Winking smile stay tuned for tomorrow!

Note: Audials One Review license was provided for the review

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Dyson Hot – the newest hot product from Dyson

16 Sep 2011 03:00 am | Michael Aulia

Dyson Hot - Dyson Heater

Dyson Hot – Loving your Dyson Air Multiplier (the Dyson fan)? I still do, during Spring, and especially Summer. In Autumn and Winter though, my Dyson Air Multiplier sits idly and collects dust (though thankfully, it’s easy to clean it all up with a cloth). Well, no more – welcome, Dyson Hot.

Dyson Hot is the latest product from Dyson (announced last night) which is a fan heater by using the Air Multiplier technology and more. Of course, it’s Dyson’s, so they don’t just copy, they innovate.

Dyson Hot Fan Heater

The Dyson Hot fan heater uses Air Multiplier technology to amplify air that goes into the tiny holes on the body of the heater fan by six times. The result, heating your room up is much quicker and the heat is also distributed nicely across the room, compared to a conventional heater. In short, Dyson Hot is much more effective.

Dyson Hot heat room

Also, just like the Dyson Air Multiplier bladeless fan:

  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s safer
  • You can tilt it

There is another twist though: Dyson Hot also includes a thermostat control (and a remote)! You select the temperature you want your room to be (in degrees) and the Dyson Hot will automatically stop after it detects the set room temperature.

Dyson Hot - temperature

Check out the Dyson Hot video demonstration below by the man himself:

It’s still unclear about the pricing or when it’s going to be released (I heard Australians won’t be getting it until next year, which makes sense because we are entering the Summer season soon). I might be receiving a sample to be reviewed as well but still waiting for confirmation. Meanwhile, feel free to check out Dyson Hot features and more videos on the official product page. Will you be getting the Dyson Hot?

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5 Smart Ways To Index Your Blog Posts Within 24 Hours

15 Sep 2011 03:13 am | mikecoder

Note: This is a guest post written by Michael Chibuzor.


The strategy I’m about sharing with you can get your blog post indexed, ranked and well positioned in search engines.

It took me about 5 months to truly master the act of content marketing. If you are serious about profiting from the internet using content, then you need to consider this article critically.

There are goldmines to pick as you read along. Just keep your mind open and discover the importance of quality content.

Importance of Fast Indexing

When your article goes live, it depends on you to make it public and viewable by targeted audience. You cannot dream of ranking on Google’s homepage, unless if you get indexed first. Indexing also helps Google and other search engine to determine how relevant and interesting your content is.

While some blog posts are buried and only to get indexed in about 7 days, you can get yours up and running in 24 hours or less. I’ve actually indexed my new posts within 2 hours.

Now that you know the importance of fast indexing, let me share with you the 5 smart ways to make it real.

1. Write Quality Content (WQC)

Quality content is very important. That is the only food that search engine spiders consume. You may have had your breakfast of egg and bread this morning, search algorithms also have their food. They eat quality content.

So, it’s not enough to write articles and blog posts. You have to make them sticky. Ask any successful blog owners how they survive in a competitive niche, and they would tell you that the quality of their content is the edge.

Whenever you write quality content, devoid of spun content, you get an upper hand to get faster indexing. Search engine spiders are constantly scouring the entire web, desperately looking for fresh, original, and interesting content. Stay away from spun contents, 2% or 20% of spun content can get your blog banned and hinder your indexing.

2. Submit Your Webpage On Digg (SWD)


Digg is a powerful social media site. It’s actually the #1 in the series of web 2.0 site around. It’s user-edited and can help you index your blog posts and articles fast. Search engine spiders and robots love Digg and they visit Digg every single minute (if not second).

I actually use Digg to syndicate my fresh content, and within 24 hours, you’ll observe your article on Google’s homepage, especially when the competition is less. So, get digging and watch how it works. It’s free, you just need to register and click on submit link. Then, copy your published blog post and paste it. Add your description, click submit, and that’s all.

3. Target Keywords Creatively (TKC)

Keywords are sign boards that give search engine spiders the direction they need. How do you feel when you’re traveling without a direction? You can’t possibly get to your destination unless you are properly guided.

Therefore, before you write your blog posts, research your keywords first. Every step above requires a direction to enable search algorithms fall in your favour. I employed this strategy whenever I make new posts on my coupon blog that features free sittercity coupon codes and 6pm discount deal. These keywords get reasonable searches monthly, so Google took note of them.

Whatever niche you are, find the best keywords and target them. If your niche is gardening, keywords like gardening tools for moms, gardening tips etc, should all appear in your article title.

Put the keywords in your Title, description and twice within the content of the article. But make sure it’s natural and not stuffy. I mean, insert your keywords naturally, avoid spam contents, and you’ll enjoy the rewards of faster indexing.

4. Syndicate Your RSS Feed Address (SAF)

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. As the name implies, it’s simple to automate, and can get your newly published post on Google fast.

As a blogger, make sure you locate and submit your feed url to feed sites. This way, whenever you publish a fresh content, that is of high quality, with keywords and proper density, you would get indexed automatically even without knowing.

Aside submitting your feed address, you can also ping your feed in order to notify other popular and high traffic sites, with fabulous PageRank. The more places your feed appears, the easier and faster you get indexed automatically. To locate your feed address in WordPress, add (/?feed=rss) at the end of your blog address.

5. Comment on Pagerank 6 Site (CP6)


Google values a link that comes from an authority site. What you should do each time your blog posts go live is to locate PageRank 6 sites in your niche and comment frankly. By being frank, it means you won’t be trashed when your comment is moderated.

So, look for PageRank 6 sites and above and get syndicated. It doesn’t matter if the site is do follow or no-follow, just make sure it’s on your niche. For instance, if you have a technology blog, you should make comments on TechCrunch consistently.

This way, Google spider would pinpoint and index your site.

The above 5 ways can get your blog posts indexed relatively fast. Bear in mind that there is nothing like quality content. Don’t be in a rush when writing your content – it’s the first and best approach for fast indexing and ranking. Take action today and meet me at the top of Google!

Note: This guest post is written by Michael Chibuzor

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Windows 8 is now available to download!

14 Sep 2011 04:30 am | Michael Aulia

Windows 8 Start Screen

Microsoft has just made publicly available to download Windows 8 Public Developer Preview. Windows 8 is currently being presented at Microsoft BUILD Conference in Los Angeles. You can choose to download Windows 8 Public Developer Preview for your 32-bit machine, 64-bit, or the one with the developer tools. If you don’t understand which version to download, you’ll most likely need to download the 32-bit version (x32) without the developer tools.

Please note that this version of Microsoft Windows 8 is still in pre-beta so expect bugs or maybe minor performance issues. However, judging from the previous Windows 7′s Public Developer Preview, it should stable enough to be used as the main OS. I’m just about to download and install it myself after I write this post, so I can’t confirm this assumption just yet. However, expect a mini Windows 8 review on Craving Tech soon so you’ll be one of the first to know about its performance and whether your applications and games will work with the Windows 8 Public Developer Preview.

According to Microsoft:

The Windows Developer Preview is a pre-beta version of Windows 8 for developers. These downloads include prerelease software that may change without notice. The software is provided as is, and you bear the risk of using it. It may not be stable, operate correctly or work the way the final version of the software will. It should not be used in a production environment. The features and functionality in the prerelease software may not appear in the final version. Some product features and functionality may require advanced or additional hardware, or installation of other software.

If you miss reading my posts about Windows 8, it’s worth to at least watch the Windows 8 Introduction Video.

Windows 8 Photo Picker

Download Windows 8 Developer Preview

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Evade the chocolate, save the penguins!

13 Sep 2011 06:18 am | Michael Aulia

Penguin Meltdown app

Are you a penguin lover like me? Then any games involving jumping penguins are must-have games on your iPhone or iPad. Once of them is called the Penguin Meltdown.

Penguin Meltdown is an iOS game made by Ralph Creative Ltd to promote Mars’ new milk shakes: Mars Thick Shake, Galaxy Thick Shake, and MilkyWay Thick Shake.

Mars Thick Shake, Galaxy Thick Shake, MilkyWay Thick Shake that they are trying to promote:

Mars milkshake

The idea of the game is to make sure that you guide the penguins to bounce and fly over the chocolate lake to safety. There are things to collect and also special skills to use.

Penguin Meltdown special skill

Penguin Meltdown escape

While you play the game, you can also try winning some chocolate sunglasses on the Embrace the Meltdown page and a set of the new Thick Shakes for you to try. The competition is for UK residents only, though, and close on the 30th of September 2011.

Video of the Penguin Meltdown can be watched below:

Note: This post is sponsored by Mars through Unruly Media.

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Handy Backup Professional Edition Licenses Giveaway

13 Sep 2011 06:00 am | Michael Aulia

Handy Backup Professional Edition

Still remember the recent Handy Backup Standard licenses giveaway? Here comes a twist. To those twenty winners from the previous giveaway, if you write an article about Handy Backup on your blog or on other online publications, your Standard Edition license will be upgraded to the Professional Edition! The Professional Edition can transfer your backup to SFTP servers automatically, do a disk image backup, database backup, and more! Check out Handy Backup Professional Edition features.

However, for those who didn’t win or missed the previous giveaway, you can still win one of 5 Professional Edition licenses as well (worth $99 each)! More details about the competition below.

Handy Backup Professional Edition Licenses Giveaway

Contest Rules:

  • Write about your experience on using Handy Backup (you can download the trial version) OR talk about Handy Backup in general (based on the information from the product page) in 250 words or more. Please include at least a link to either Handy Backup website or Handy Backup Facebook Fan Page.
  • Comment on this post with your post’s link so we can validate your article.
  • If you don’t have a blog, you can write the article on online publications like Squidoo or HubPages or EzineArticles. They are free to register.

For those 20 winners from the previous Standard Edition giveaway, you will instantly “win” the Professional Edition license after we validate your link :) You are also eligible to arrange your own giveaway on your blog (let us know on your comment if you plan to do this and Novosoft will be in touch with you to provide some licenses).

As for the newcomers, we will judge your article quality and the 5 best articles will win the licenses. Winners will be picked on the 27th of September 2011, 21:00 AEST, Melbourne. You can write about the good and the bad of the software – best means honest and provides valuable feedback!

Terms and Conditions

  • Competition starts at 13th of September 2011, 21:00 AEST, and ends on the 27th of September 2011, 21:00 AEST.
  • The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Winners will be notified by a post at Craving Tech and emails.
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Latest gadgets for 2011

13 Sep 2011 03:00 am | Guest Writer

Note: This is a guest post written by Luke

New Gadgets for 2011

Latest gadgets for 2011 – Want to know the latest new gadgets for 2011? There’s no doubt that we are fully immersed in the electronics age. The gadgets get cooler, our lives get easier and our ability to stay connected continues to grow. Here are the coolest and hottest new gadgets that have hit the market in 2011, add a few to your Christmas wish list.

Latest gadgets for 2011 – Polaroid GL20 Camera Sunglasses

Polaroid GL20 Lady GaGa

James Bond move over, because the gadgets once reserved for the spy world are now available for the rest of the world. Created by the innovative minds at Polaroid and already being worn by the likes of Lady GaGa herself, these glasses feature a built-in camera. Users can instantly take a picture and upload it. The image can even be displayed on the sunglasses’ LCD screen for the other people around to see and enjoy. Forget about lugging around a camera at the theme park, just slip on your clever sunglasses and start catching truly spontaneous pictures.

Polaroid GL20 Lady GaGa

Latest gadgets for 2011 – Innex Electrohub Charger

Innex Electrohub charger

There’s no reason to carry multiple cords and have to deal with finding extra outlets when you have this clever charging system. The gadgets simply lie on the pad and are charged with induction forces. It’s ideal for travel but can also help clean up the counters and tops of dressers on the home front. With the ability to charge up to 6 devices at one time, the system will work with mobile phones, iPods, video game remotes and many more devices.

Innex Electrohub Charger (via Consumer Electronics Daily News)

Latest gadgets for 2011 – Earthmate GPS

EarthMate GPS
GPS systems for cars are great, except that you can’t take them in the woods. Smart phones with map features are also cool, as long as you are in cell phone range. If you are a hiker, hunter or general outdoorsman, then the Earthmate GPS is for you. It works where cell phones won’t, is a completely hand-held GPS and you can also use it to send and receive text messages. The buddy system is still important, but with this device you can send a text message for help and provide searchers with an easy way to find you.

Earthmate GPS

Latest gadgets for 2011 – iPower3 and iPower4

iPower 4
The biggest drawback of the iPhone is a short battery life. Mi Suny is here to help with that issue, however, bringing green energy and longer battery life to Apple customers. This clever charger uses the sun to keep the iPhone going longer on a charge, without any extra cords or electricity required. The sleeve can actually collect enough energy from the sun to provide two full charges to your phone so you can stay in touch your friends and keep running the business while also being green.

iPower3 | iPower4

Latest gadgets for 2011 – Kinect

Microsoft Kinect
Wii took away the cords and now Microsoft is taking away the controllers completely. This gadget was so hot at the end of 2010 that stores couldn’t keep it on the shelves at Christmas time. This year it has proven to have staying power as more people discover how much fun it is to be the controller. Gaming is entering the next level, and couch potato gamers are getting a great workout in the process.

Microsoft Kinect

Latest gadgets for 2011 – RCA Airpower Portable Charge

Portable Power

RCA has discovered how to take advantage of the free power offered by WiFi signals to keep your phone charged. It can also work with digital cameras, camcorders, music players and other low power portable electronics. Forget about finding a port or an outlet, you can now charge your phone while you enjoy coffee or shopping at any facility that offers free WiFi. The charging stations are fully portable and can be used to charge your devices as effectively as traditional power sourced.

RCA Airpower Portable Charge (via Android Police)

Latest gadgets for 2011- Motorola Xoom

Motorola XOOM
Available in time for the holiday rush, this tablet is designed to run on the Honeycomb used by Android 3.0’s. The screen is a fully 10.1” featuring 1280×800 pixels. A dual-core processor runs the system while you can choose between a 2-MP and a 5-MP camera for taking pictures. With 32GB of internal storage and SD capabilities, there’s not much you can’t do with this tablet.

Motorola Xoom

Latest gadgets for 2011 – Closing words

The coolest gadgets of 2011 are going to be hot choices for the holiday season. Make your choices now and then start watching for the great deals to come along. Whether you are looking for better ways to keep the devices charged or want to join the spy world, the technological gadgets of today are prepared to deliver.

Note: This guest post is written by Luke. Besides sharing his view on blogging, Luke loves reading free eBooks

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