The writer of a story can be in control of all elements at all times, and thus must coordinate all those elements to his/her intended effect. One can't slip and recover; every word must be right. - Michael Ray, Zoetrope Editor
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Anyone go to the Boston Book Festival this weekend? What a treat! Our favorite quote came from Michael Ondaatje's keynote address
: "There is a clear line between fiction and nonfiction...and I snorted it back in 1976."

In news this week, the National Book Award finalists were announced. We are delighted to see here Julie Otsuka, whose stunning writing we first encountered in last summer's Granta. Another big announcement came from Tin House, which has gone digital. The Ecstatic, its latest issue, can be downloaded on i-tunes or Amazon for $10. Will this inspire other lit mags to change format? What do we stand to lose by digital reading? A wonderful interview with comics artist Art Spiegelman sheds light on this issue.

In addition to going digital, Tin House has also started a petition called "Occupy Writers," wherein writers may sign to show their support of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Movements around the world. On another lit mag blog, Specter Magazine has posted a series about nepotism in literary publishing. The title of the  first article, "Keep Your Masthead Clean; or Just Say No to Literary Incest" perhaps speaks for itself. Finally, for those looking for a good lit mag from Maine, you might enjoy this article, which takes a look at Off the Coast, and the broader scope of lit mags in general.

And, we've saved the best for last. If you read nothing else, please, oh please read this article about Howard Junker, former Zyzzyva editor. We had the honor of interviewing Howard when he was still with Zyzzyva. We loved him when he told us that editing a literary magazine is like a series of one-night stands. And we were flat-out delighted to see the sorts of shenanigans he's upto now.

As for us, we are so so excited to bring you an interview with Michael Ray, Editor of Zoetrope, AKA the Godfather of Literary Magazines. We also have two new reviews, one of the ever-surprising, ever-delightful Hayden's Ferry Review and the other of Consequence, a beautiful journal devoted to the culture of war. Plus, if you're looking for a home for your latest, greatest short short story, you might be interested in this list of places that publish flash fiction.

As always, thanks for your hard work and your easy listening, and have a great week!


Interview with Michael Ray, Editor of Zoetrope

It's hard not to be awed by Zoetrope. In the world of small press publishing, Zoetrope is pretty much The Godfather of Literary Magazines. Zoetrope appears quarterly and offers up a wholly new look--and sometimes texture--with every issue. Guest designers have included Tom Waits, P.J. Harvey, Jeff Koons, and Mikhail Baryshnikov, to name just a few. Zoetrope has published the likes of Woody Allen, Kurt Vonnegut and Salman Rushdie, as well as filmmakers like Gus Van Sant and Miranda July. Then too there is the Classic Reprint feature...
Review of Hayden's Ferry Review, Summer 
2011by Laura Owen
Conventional (i.e. not experimental), 
Review of Consequence, Spring 
2011 by 
Bracha Goykadosh
Conventional (i.e. not experimental), 
Cultural focus, 
Theme issue

By Becky Tuch

Flash fiction, micro-fiction, sudden fiction, short shorts, micro-minis--whatever you call these little gems, there are now more homes than ever for your very short stories...
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