It’s the emptiest and yet the fullest of all human messages: ‘Goodbye’. - Kurt Vonnegut
Greetings Lit Magderful and Amazings,

Ugh, the tears might just fall. I did not expect to get choked up (who weeps while writing newsletters?), but man, I've loved doing this.

Alas, friends, all you incredible readers and writers, lovers of literary arts, magic makers and daydreamers, all you who have supported this wacky lit-mag reviewing endeavor from its inception, thank you, thank you, thank you, and wow. It has truly been incredible to know you. 

Beginning today, the site will be on hiatus. We are still looking for a kind and loving home, ideally within a university, where the site might find new shelter and support. (If you want to learn more about this, please be in touch.) And if we find a home, who knows, the newsletter might make a comeback!

In the meantime, if you want to access content on the site or you have a call for submissions running--not to fear. The site will be operational for a good while. The database of lit mags, hundreds of editor interviews, thousands of lit mag reviews, pages and pages of submitting advice, are all staying just where they are. 

Speaking of which, we do have two new reviews this week. Parag Desai reviews Shenandoah, whose latest issue "has all the right ingredients for a successful re-birth." And Lindsay Gerano reviews Bear Review, "a small online journal rife with image-driven work."

Our interview is with Michael Dumanis, Editor of Bennington Review (and that charming chap down there to your right). And we've got plenty of classifieds up, so do go forth and submit!

As for me, well damn. I honestly cannot thank all of you enough for reading this wacky thing each week, and for the love and loyalty you have shown to me, the site and to lit mags at large. You've boosted and buoyed, nurtured and nourished. You've helped create this crazy enterprise and you've all contributed so much more than you know. 

I will be taking time off simply to do what writers must: write more.

Certainly, I hope to continue crossing paths with each and every one of you in bookstores, conferences, readings, parties, libraries, cafés, amusement parks, seances, airports, tennis courts, tree houses, psychic readings, protests, google searches, swimming pools, classrooms, factories, rooftops, vigils, day hikes, walk-outs, sit-ins, polling places, beer pong tourneys, roller coaster rides, all the everywheres and within the in-betweens, and all the oh oh oh, friends, oh the places we will go.

See you on the flipside, pals.

Fondly and forever,



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Shenandoah: Bodies, Bones, and The Space We Occupy
Review of Shenandoah, 
Fall 2018 
by Parag Desai


A Small Journal with Big Teeth
Review of Bear Review, 
Fall 2018 
by Lindsay Gerano

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