Good afternoon, Church!

This morning Carissa and I both received the wonderful news that our PCR Covid tests came back negative! We are so appreciative for all the prayers and support over this past weekend and praise God for His sustained peace in all this. Even though this year has been one of major adjustments for all of us, God's grace has truly been sufficient!

We are still awaiting the test results of the young man who visited our church two sabbath's ago; however, he is now out of quarantine having gone 10 days without symptoms. The CDC just updated their quarantine recommendation to 10 days if the individual is showing no symptoms during daily monitoring, and requiring no test after the 10 days. This is fantastic news and gives us a moment to praise God for His protection.

While praising God, let us also thank Him for all our front line workers who have fought Covid and ministered to their neighbors while going through unprecedented innovation, rescheduling, stress, and sacrifice. If we know of anyone in the medical field, anyone working as a police officer/EMT, and anyone working in education – especially teachers – let's reach out and thank them, as well as encourage them to keep up the fight.

I am reminded of the promise in Genesis 16 where Hagar, wanting to leave her immediate situation, is told by God to continue on because He will be with her. She then gives God a name with the meaning, "You are the God who sees me." What a wonderful God we worship – one who sees all that we have to go through and gave us the ultimate gift in His Son so that one day we can rejoice in a remade earth!

Hallelujah! Praise Him! Looking forward to worshipping with everyone, whether online or in person this Sabbath!


Pastor Luke

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