2020 Evangelism Series
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Coming to the Alpharetta Church Feb 21-March 15 is our first series of 2020! This series, conducted by Pastor Joe Cirigliano, will explore Bible prophecy, and help us experience deeper faith and hope for the future! Mark your calendars and visit for more info. Here is a letter from Pastor Joe!

Alpharetta SDA:

We are about to work together and see what God will do for your area. Next week 2/18-20 every home within about 5 miles of the church will receive a handbill. There are 50 posters to be put up anywhere you think would help. We have 2 jobs when it comes to evangelism. First is to make sure everyone we know has the opportunity hear. It is our responsibility to make sure those we know and don't know are invited. Those we do not know will be invited by the handbills, and those we do know should receive a personal invitation. You can share on your social media our registration page, download the handbill from there, and email a copy to friends far and near. I will have summary sheets during the series that can be e-mailed to friends and family out of town to include them in our local series.

Once we have given invitations, our next job is to simply be faithful with those God brings us. I'll share more information about this phase later, but the key over the next two weeks is to make sure all those we are responsible for have a chance to hear the good news.

Please pray each day for our advertising, the post office workers, the posters, me, the participants, former members, those that have attended prior series but never made a decision, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on those in the valley of decision.

I have lost count of how many evangelistic series we have done, but I will stand before God knowing I have done everything in my power to give people a chance to hear our message.

Let's join together not only for those we see in a few weeks, but their family and friends also. Experts suggest that for every person that comes to our meeting there are 12 more in their circle of influence.

I'll close with some stories:

A man came to some meetings very quietly, but over about a year, I baptized 22 of his family and friends.
Another man was using our lessons to teach the Sunday School at his church.
A few years ago we baptized the lady that lived next door to the church meetings were held.
A young man came to our meetings and has planted another successful church.
A school bus driver came and is now a leader in a local congregation.
A nurse took her 2 weeks vacation to attend our meetings.
A radio station contact gave a church $10,000 as an offering during the meetings.
Every person matters, and I'll do all I can for 1-100 people.

Let's be faithful during this phase,
Pastor Joe
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