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Breezin' Times: News, Tips & Flicks

It's Song-uary ...

What's Songuary? It's the month to showcase your students Breezin' Thru Theory compositions. By now your kids have been actively honing their theory skills and many have applied what they've learnt to create their own melodies. So it's time to provide your budding composers with some recognition and fame.  Please send us your favourite submissions by Feb. 29th (yep we've thrown in an extra day for you this year). There will be some fun prizes too.  Woohoo - get creative! 

Product Feature

Interactive Piano

We've added a new online interactive piano this year so students can test out their melodies when doing their Breezin' Thru Composition activities. The keys can be played with a mouse or you can use your typing keyboard to play chords (top 2 rows 1st octave, next rows 2nd octave).  Enjoy tapping the virtual ivories as your kids develop their Songuary submissions. The interactive piano resides in the subscribers portal.


Composers In Action

Grade 7 students Tracey Ngyuen and Stephen Babb of Hazel McCallion Sr. Public School share their

melodies from Chapters 1 & 2 compostion lessons in Breezin' Thru Theory. Listen to their great examples and encourage your students to submit their work too. We'll provide feedback, suggestions for expansion, and for the top Songuary submissions, we'll also create personalized videos for them. Woohoo!
P.S. We'd love to receive melodies from some of the higher Breezin' chapters too.


Tips & Tricks

1. Composition in Sequencing Software
Looking to expand a melody by importing  it into sequencing software? Here's a quick video that shows you how.

2. Saving $'s on Notation Software 
For our budding Songuary composers, here are some cost effective options for notation software:

-  Your Friends @ Breezin' Thru Theory

If you'd like to spread the fun with Breezin' Thru Theory, please recommend us to your teaching colleagues!

Upcoming Events

  February 11
TMEA 2012 Clinic/Convention
Workshop: Saturday 9:30am
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Ctr
San Antonio, TX 

Febuary 17
Ohio MEA / TI:ME Central Regional Conference 2012
Workshop: Friday 9:15am
Columbus Convention Center
Columbus, OH

Fun Flicks

1. Do-Re-Mi Antwerp Style
See the surprise awaiting these unsuspecting passengers

2. I Am Song. Je Suis Chanson
Since it's Song-uary it's only fitting to show Breezin' author, Jean McKen's, winning song for the Canadian Music Educator's Association 50th anniversary contest. Here's a dress rehearsal performance


Send your Song-uary submissions to us by Feb. 29th!

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