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it's here! introducing....


I am so excited because today I have announced that I am bringing my unique, fun and relaxed style to teach mums and dads how to take their digital camera off the auto setting and get BETTER photos of their own children! 

children are only the age they are right now, once... and parents are there to see and experience every hilarious and emotional moment...  

are you capturing these precious times in the best possible way you can? in this digital age, will your children have albums of quality photos to look back on their childhoods like we have been so lucky to have? 

I owned a digital SLR camera for years and had been using it mainly for travel and landscape photography...and mainly on auto!  When my sister and my best friend both had babies around the same time, I felt so frustrated that I couldn't capture these two new little people in my life, who I loved so much, in the way I wanted to. What is the point of having a fancy DSLR if I wasn't using it to it's full capabilities?

So I committed myself to learning. I attended courses and did my own online learning. But I found that many photography courses were too general and too technical - let's face it, I am a girl... I just wanted simple plain terms to tell me how to photograph my beautiful nephew and godson! Another course was an eight week course which, once I missed one class, I ended up feeling too far behind to go back again. They were all classroom style and too theory based - I learn best by 'doing' so I needed actual shooting to be able to learn. I googled and did my own research but it was so slow and I was impatient!  

life through your lens was born...

I wanted to come up with a photography workshop that combined all the best things I learned without the irrelevant bits. I wanted to develop a course that I would have liked to have attended, when I was starting out. A one-day, fun and relaxed course with lots of shooting practice. Using simple, plain language, and focusing on child photography - on sparkly eyes, natural smiles and how to put it all together to get a beautiful portrait of these gorgeous creatures that I love so much.

I would have loved someone showing me how to find the beautiful light in the best places in my own home. And then watch me as I took photos of my own children and help me to improve there and then with immediate feedback. And when the one day course is over, the ability to complete further exercises and get more feedback, to keep me motivated to remember and practice everything I have learned.

So this is what life through your lens photography workshops entails.

I am so happy to share everything I have learned and put together into one fun workshop day. I hope you are as excited as me! 

below are the details of the course - please do forward this email to anyone you may know who might be interested! thanks so much for all of your support xx
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What will you learn?

  • how to make the every day into beautiful memories - your babies are only this age once and it is so important to capture every moment!
  • how to compose and frame your photos to take them from 'meh' to 'wowsers!' 
  • how to look for and use the beautiful light indoors and out
  • all the reasons why light is the MOST important ingredient in your photography -  knowing how to find the light will make all the difference to even your iPhone pics!
  • how to capture movement in even the fastest of little ones
  • creative ideas for fun photos 
  • I'll share with you my tips and tricks for posing siblings of all ages
  • my tips and tricks for directing your child to get natural smiles (no more cheesy fake grins!)
  • two words: sparkly eyes...!! (a must in my photos and I will show you how!)
  • practical shooting time to implement everything you have learned

okay, sounds great! How does it all work?

Invite at least 4 friends who also want to learn to take better photos of their children and make it a fun and relaxed opportunity for a girly get-together!
: workshops are held in your home (yes, I travel to you) - all you need is your loungeroom!

When: choose a day that is convenient to you :)

Duration & start time: to allow me to share with you all of my hints and tips, as well as giving you time to practice, we'll need around 5 hours - you choose a time that works for you and your friends :)

What do I need to bring: just your digital SLR camera, a notebook and your happy self!

What is included:
  • 5 hours of fun, hands-on learning - including one section of the day allocated to photographing the host's child
  • all snacks / lunch / drinks included 
  • a workshop e-book to take home with you, including follow up lessons and activities for you to complete if you want to keep getting feedback after the workshop!
Cost: $150 per person. As the host of the workshop, you only pay $70. 

please note: this introductory pricing applies to workshops booked and paid for up until 31 August 2013. As of 1 September 2013, prices will increase to $180 per person and $100 for the workshop host.

Gift vouchers are valid for use for 12 months from date of purchase.

yes, I want to host a workshop!
I would like to attend a workshop

some common questions 

what if I can't find four friends to attend the workshop?

we need a minimum of five attendees for each workshop - but don't stress if you don't have enough friends! I can definitely help to try to match up other interested people in the same area if you are happy for them to attend your workshop. So please do email me, if you just want to attend a workshop on your own instead of being a host as well.

please also note that there is a maximum of 10 people per workshop, to allow you to get enough 1-1 time with me.

do I have to have a digital SLR camera? 

this course focuses on using a digital camera with detachable lenses on manual settings so you will get the most benefit if you have one. Saying that, this is not a technical course and much of the focus is on posing, composition and directing kids to get natural images, as well as finding the light in a home environment. 

I don't live in Sydney, can I do the course?

yes! definitely! I actually designed the course with non-Sydney people in mind - because access to child specific photography courses are not readily available (and workshops in your home are not either as far as I know!)


do you cover flash photography or other types of photography besides children?

I am a natural light photographer, so I don't use or teach flash photography. This course only covers photographing people, specifically children, in natural light. 

I don't have children, but want to learn how to photograph people? Will this course still be ok for me?

yes, for sure! We can tailor the posing section and the practical photography section to be relevant to adults if you and your friends would prefer that! shoot me an email and we can discuss the details :)

Mother's Day is coming up and I know my wife / girlfriend / mum would love to do a course like this. Can I buy a voucher for her? 

yes yes yes! given it would be for a single person, please purchase the attendee (not host) voucher below and i will match them up to other attendees in the area.

I have more questions!

shoot me an email at and we can talk :)
buy a voucher here

And the winner of the 1-1 day with me is....

Lauren Whalan! 

congratulations Lauren :) xx
thanks so much to all my past clients, friends, family and blog readers! This has been a huge project that has been in the works for many months behind the scenes. Your support means the world.

have a great weekend and happy St Patrick's Day for Sunday! xx
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