New Year’s Eve Worship @ 5:00 PM

I pray the Lord blesses your new year. Certainly this has been a year of growing. Whenever struggles come, the Lord uses it to grow us. It presses open our hearts and reveals our weaknesses. What did you find this year in the struggles? How can your grow? What encouragement would Jesus give you?

Check your first-fruits? As the struggles came, did you find yourself more in prayer, looking to worship, digging in the Word? If not, why? That is where our Savior promises to be found. From the Word is where blessings come! Certainly this is a year that has shown us how vulnerable we are. However, as we are in the middle of celebrating Christmas, we are reminded that Jesus is our greatest gift. Jesus came to take our vulnerabilities and our sins! Christmas is so awesome because it is ALL about Jesus! God stepped into our lives!! In Jesus we have LIFE!! He fills our with so many blessings!

As we finish this year, we know our Lord goes with us. Tonight, we are reminded in Isaiah to Listen to the Lord! To have confidence in him and to seek him and his righteousness! May that be your prayer and your life in 2021!

Have a blessed New Year!! In your Faithful Lord Jesus, we can be certain of that! See you in worship and at the table communing with Jesus!

Bulletin for New Year’s Eve Service (Livestream link below)

New Year's Eve Worship, December 31, 2020
First Sunday after Christmas Worship, December 27, 2020

Check our last Sunday’s service above. We had a guest speaker, Karl Christie, a student from the Seminary give the sermon! He did a great job, reminding us of our Savior that takes away our guilt. What incredible forgiveness is ours in Jesus!

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