Jesus, Our Light Has Come!

How important light is! As we move into winter and less light, we are reminded of this. Doctors are telling us to keep our immune systems healthy by taking enough vitamin D, which naturally comes from the sun. Light also has a huge effect on our mood. As the days grow shorter, we may start hearing of seasonal depression. What a great gift the light and its source, the sun, is!

What is even greater than the sun, is the true Son, the Creator of the light and our Creator! Not only do we need the light of the sun, we NEED the true light of the Son! He is our true source of life, not only here, but for eternal life. A recent survey seems to point to this fact. In a recent Gallup pole, only one group of people actually saw their mental health improve in the past year. It was of those that attended weekly religious services. Weekly they sat in the light of Jesus. You can see that survey below. 

In our Advent Gospel reading this week, we hear: “He (John the Baptist) came as an eyewitness to testify about the light so that everyone would believe through him. He was not the light, but he came to testify about the light.” (John 1:7–8). 

Without Jesus we are in the darkness of this sinful world without hope. Thankfully, Jesus came, just as God clearly foretold and made clear with angels singing, an amazing light show - moving stars to guide wisemen from afar, and a virgin birth! Our Lord promised: “God the LORD will cause righteousness and praise to sprout up in the presence of all the nations.” (Isaiah 61:11). 

Today, we still put up lights, sing the songs of this amazing event and speak of the Christ-child that has come to save us and open up heaven! What reason we have to worship the Lord and sing his praises. He has come. He continue to shine his light on us through his Gospel message and there only! But there we are filled with joy, peace, righteousness, forgiveness and faith in God’s promises for us!

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Service from last week:
Here is the bulletin from last Sunday, December 6,2020.

In our Prayers   

  • Doug Arnold - had surgery on Thursday to remove a kidney and part of his colon. The surgery went well for his kidney. They are not sure on his colon. We pray for the Lord to grant him healing, strength and peace in Jesus.

  • Dale Wagner - had emergency surgery on Monday and found cancer in his colon. He was improving, but then last evening was transferred to Abbott. In route he had a stroke and heart attack. He is on a respirator at this time. It appears that the Lord will call him home to paradise soon. We keep him and his family (Patsy - wife, Donna & Bonnie - his daughters) in our prayers. 

  • Audrey Carlson - is slowing making progress in Annandale Nursing Home.

  • Ruth Brower - is getting better in St. Ben’s in St. Cloud and has been moved out of the Covid area and into rehab. 

  • Frieda Culp - keeps improving and is out of isolation. She was even seen getting her walk. May the Lord keep each of them. 


We welcomed into membership, Matt Voigt, husband of Megan (Hayes) Voigt, last Sunday in our worship service. 

I am including that section of the service. What a reminder for each of us that have been confirmed of the vows we took to the Lord. How are you doing in keeping your promises to your Lord? How comforting to know our Lord does not treat us in the same way we have often treated him. What a privilege it is to serve our Savior, Jesus!!  May the Lord lead you to respond with fruits of faith as you see how he has so abundantly blessed you!! 

This rite is intended for the reception of members by profession of faith. Those being received into membership present themselves before the altar, and the minister addresses the congregation:

M: Dear members of St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, __________, having been baptized and instructed in the teachings of the Word of God, desires to become a member of this congregation.

The minister addresses those being received:

M: Brothers & sisters in Christ, our Lord Jesus Christ promises to confess before his Father in heaven those who faithfully confess him on earth. You have come before this Christian congregation to declare your faith and to unite with us in Christian love and fellowship.

Therefore, lift up your heart to the God of all grace and joyfully answer these questions:

Do you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If so, answer: I do.

R: I do.

M: Do you believe that the teaching of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, as you have learned to know it from Luther’s Small Catechism, is faithful and true to the Word of God? If so, answer: I do.

R: I do.

M: Do you intend to continue steadfast in the true Christian faith, be diligent in the use of God’s Word and sacraments, and lead a godly life even to death? If so, answer: I do, and I ask God to help me.

R: I do, and I ask God to help me.

M: Will you support with your prayers, time, talents, and offerings the work our Lord has given to this congregation? If so, answer: I will, and I ask God to help me.

R: I will, and I ask God to help me.

M: Having heard your promises, we, the members of St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, receive you in fellowship and love, and invite you to share in our worship and mission, in the name of the Father and of the Son † and of the Holy Spirit.

St. Peter's Sunday Worship, December 6, 2020

WORSHIP. We will again have worship at St. Peter's, Sunday, at 9:00 am and Monday at 7:00 pm. Communion will be offered at both services. We will be trying to go live at 9:00 am. Go

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