A Message from the Vestry

As you have likely read, the Rev Astrid Storm will be leaving the parish of St Nicholas on the Hudson next month. This is a sad moment as our dear friend and rector goes on to bigger things, but this is a moment that happens in the life of all parishes. Unlike the last time such a transition occurred at St Nick’s, we are a stable parish that has thrived in recent years. Before Astrid arrived, the main question was whether this church (not yet even a parish) would still exist in the future. Today, as we transition, we will be examining how we will best thrive and carry forward with the lessons and traditions that have been brought to our spiritual home by Astrid and also by its many parishioners. St Nicholas has a bright future!
It is always very hard to recognize the humanity of priests. Priests have all the same wants and needs as all of us “normal people”. Among those needs is to look forward to life goals and challenges and to dream of the future. All of us understand that Astrid can do great things in life. As she has made a decision to face a new challenge, we understand and accept that she feels that this is best for her long term mission, her career vocation, her family, and herself. It’s OK if you proudly feel as we do that she is not going to a “better” parish. But we hope that you understand and agree that it would be wrong to dissuade her from facing new challenges. As a Vestry we support her in her decision. We wish she stayed longer. We are completely grateful for her time with us.
As for St Nicholas, we will begin to adapt quickly. The Diocese will assist us greatly. There will likely be an interim pastor very soon. That person will serve until a permanent replacement rector can be called. The calling of a priest is made by the parish. Many candidates will likely apply. You will have the opportunity to be involved in much of that process and we will give you more details of the mechanics in the coming weeks.  As some of you may know, in the Episcopal church the process of calling a new rector can take a long time. As a Vestry, we prefer to begin and conclude that process in an orderly fashion. This Sunday after the 10 AM service we will be available to discuss what we know of the coming transition.
Astrid has taught us well for many years. As a parish, we are literally fixing many things in our spiritual home right now. That physical work will continue without change. We now have one more thing to fix. While windows and siding will be better after we do our work, today it is hard to imagine our parish with a better rector. We begin to do the work that God has called us to do at St Nick’s and we pray to be led down a path that will help us make wise choices in the future.
At our meeting, we shed a few sad tears with Astrid on Wednesday night as she shared her news. But we all quickly realized that the best way to honor any rector is to prove that the foundation that she has helped us lay in New Hamburg for Episcopal education and worship for members of all ages is a permanent and lasting one. The Church of St Nicholas on the Hudson has a bright future!
For any private concerns, please feel free to call any of us. Paul Curran, Senior Warden, is available at 914 844 0894 or
Vestry of the Church of St Nicholas on the Hudson
Ed Sayago, Paul Bruening, Sue Blodgett, Melanie Hexel, Katie Graves-Abe, Janine Gauzza,  Mary Hornbeck, Greg Freeman, Paul Curran

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