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Dear friends,

We have another opportunity to comment on Oregon’s trial court rule prohibiting warrantless ICE arrests in and around Oregon courthouses.  This proposed rule came before the Uniform Trial Court Rules (UTCR) Committee in October 2019, supported by comments from many of you.  On November 14, 2019, Chief Justice Walters issued Chief Justice Order No. 19-095, making what is now UTCR 3.190 effective immediately through an out-of-cycle amendment.

UTCR 3.190 is now scheduled to come before the UTCR Committee again at its April 3, 2020, meeting. The Committee will consider additional comments and any potential changes to the current rule.  Comments may be submitted through March 20, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. 

It is time again to mobilize our communities to submit comments on UTCR 3.190 so that the UTCR Committee understands Oregonians support making courthouses safer for all. We also urge you to ask the Committee to expand the rule so that it protects individuals not only while they are inside or in the vicinity of a courthouse, but also while they are traveling to or from a courthouse.

  • To submit a comment, first click on the link here
  • Navigate to page 28 and click on the comment box in the margin across from UTCR 3.190. Complete the comment form that pops up, including the required fields for name and UTCR rule number 3.190
In the comment box, share why you care deeply about this rule and use these points for guidance:
  • I appreciate and support UTCR 3.190.  I am proud to live in a state with such a rule.
  • UTCR 3.190 allows the free, open, and safe operation of our courts without interference or intimidation by ICE.
  • UTCR 3.190 reduces the risk of racial profiling by ICE in and around courthouses by requiring ICE to have a judicial warrant for an arrest.
  • I understand that, after UTCR 3.190 went into effect, ICE arrested a community member driving out of a courthouse parking lot, arguably just outside the boundary set by the rule. 
  • This demonstrates the need to broaden UTCR 3.190 to cover anyone traveling to or from a courthouse.  Otherwise, going to court will continue to feel unsafe to many community members.
It is time to show how many of us support safe courthouses! Join us in showing broad support by sharing this in your faith community through email listservs to your congregation, setting up a comments station with computers at your community's social events such as coffee hours, and printing instructions for people to comment. Find printable instructions here

Thank you, 

IMIrJ in partnership with Innovation Law Lab and the ACLU of Oregon
Supporting our friends in Washington making courthouses safer

While we have been working on making courthouses safer in Oregon, our friends in Washington has been embarking on their own process to keep ICE out of courthouses. In December, The Washington Attorney General sued ICE to protect courthouses from ICE arrests and filed a motion for a preliminary injunction.

IMIrJ joined organizations in Oregon in an Amicus brief submitted to the Washington federal court. If you find reading court documents fun (we won't judge you!), you can read the full brief here
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