Week #5 - The Readers' Digest

Hello everyone!


We made it to February. I hope the playlists made January more bearable for you :-)

A couple of notes before we jump to the music.

  1. I'm keeping my playlist on Spotify (for now??). I know the company has been under the spotlight after the Joe Rogan controversy. Still, I'm keeping my playlist there until we figure out a viable alternative if needed. What are you thinking about it? Have some of you left already? Let me know. (For those not aware, Spotify is giving an audience to Joe Rogan's podcast. Which podcast is spreading Covid misinformation. Neil Young and Joni Mitchell already took their music out of the streaming platform following this).
  2. Since last week's edition, I moved the newsletter to Mailchimp (you probably noticed the improved layout - and I'm working on a small website, so archives are easier to find). It gives me more insights as well. But, in the meantime, if you're a Gmail user, can you move this email to your primary inbox. So you'll be sure not to miss any episode.
TL;DR: I'm starting a weekly newsletter with 5 songs and a short description of it, and a matching Spotify playlist if you want to subscribe.
LIsten to all the songs

Back to the playlist now. Today's edition is a reader's digest of some of the recommendations you shared with me last month. No common thread this time, just 5 songs I had no idea about a month ago and that I kept on coming back to.

Thanks so much for the lovely recommendations, and let's do it again. I'll schedule another digest later in the year.
Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou - Homesickness Pt 2: The soothing plays of a Ethiopian pianist. An remarkable composer, now a Christian nun in a Jerusalem monastery. Her music is as mesmerizing as her story


Sevdaliza - Eden: An Iranian-born, Dutch-based singer, making some cold wave trip-hop with her angel voice. Her whole album Shabrang is worth a spin (a breathtaking emotional roller coaster)

Sólstafir - Silfur​-​Refur: My playlists would not be the same without some instrumental post-rock landscape track from the North :-) This time, Icelandic hypnotic Solstafir.

Altin Gün - Leyla: Another Dutch-based band, playing some very funky psychedelic Analonian pop music. 

Thumpasaurus - I'm Pissed: Some more light/comedy rock to finish the week. These guys are purposely ridiculous but are excellent musicians. I got hooked on the whole album. 

That's all for now. Thanks for reading until here. Hit reply and let me know what you think of these songs

Until the next time, Godspeed!


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