Week #40 - The Coolio edition

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Another week, another eulogy, another late night edition :-)

Coolio passed away 10 days ago. As most of you, I only knew one song from him. This song is the soundtrack from a 90s movie portraying a journalist teaching at-risk teenagers in New Mexico before joining the US Navy.

I thought the Coolio edition could be 5 songs from bands who had a one-time hit wonder, some of them being still active (which I had no idea until writing this email).

No inspiring unknown gem this week(sorry!), just 5 one-time bangers that I hope will remember some good memories for all the 1990s alternative rock teenagers of this newsletter (also easier to curate for me, as being on holidays in an another hemisphere). If you have some time, make sure to watch the videos, 90s were a golden era of music video creativity.

Hope you enjoy, see you next week.

Our Lady Peace - Superman's Dead

The canadian 90s pop stars, which I remember very vividly having  this single on-loop from their album Clumsy. They are still active and released a new album a couple of weeks ago. 

Hanson - MMMBop 

I won’t make the offence of having to introduce you to the American sibling trio which we played at all our teenager parties.

For those who wonder what Hanson’s been up to since 1996, they released 15 albums, and toured extensively around the world.

They were one of the first bands to play in London in Febriary, one of the first gigs post pandemic. I would havre gone if it wasn’t for the steep ticket price. 

Kid Rock - Bawitdaba

Another song I had on repeat for a while. Probably one of the most hyped nu-metal songs for a short period of time. Too bad he 

  1. toured very poorly in Europe
  2. lost his prime very shortly after the devil without a cause album and started dating a cheesy californian beach life patrol tv show pin up star.

Everlast - Ends

Another 90s radio banger. Two times hot wonder should I say, if I’m not counting his House Of Pain life. I always preferred Ends which suits much more to his warm folk country voice.

Black Street - No Diggity

Finishing this week’s playlist with another 90s R&B classic.

Until the next time, Godspeed!

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