Week #16 - The "My friends got talent" edition

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Hello everyone!

Happy week 17 :-)

Happy Labour Day Sunday everyone, with a playlist in support of our working class heroes today (especially in France :-))
Noir Désir - L’Homme pressé: One of the major french rock bands to start with this week. This song, from their most successful album, is a raging anthem against globalisation and  capitalist system, represented by the “busy man” (the title song) who’s thriving for profits at all cost.
Stereolab - Ping Pong: Not an average political band. Stereolab is an anglo french band from the 90s. They are based in London, writing jazzy, krautrock pop songs laced with radical left-wing politics. Here, about capitalism’s innate tendency to become too greedy for its own good, resulting in a never-ending cycle of boom, collapse and recovery.
Nirvana - Serve the servants: I had to include a Nirvana song :-) Although it’s not a song particularly focused on capitalism,the servants here might refer to the media, Nirvana’s music label, maybe even fans, but more widely to the capitalist society as a combination of all the above. It’s just a way of saying “give them what they want until they are happy”

David Bowie - The Man who sold the world: Another classic here. While the lyrics are about another topic, I found the title on-par with today’s topic :-)

The Clash - The Magnificent Seven: I could not finish the playlist without the Clash (especially considering I live in London :-)) and their timeless lyrics :-)

Until the next time, Godspeed!

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