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On Monday we'll be returning to Oxford for a concert at 7.30pm in the Holywell Music Room.

Tickets are £12, or £5 for students/concessions, or free if you can bring an unwound, clockwork metronome!
Tutta la Forza
The concert will be the first fruit of our collaboration with trumpeter extraordinaire Simon Desbruslais.

It will include the world premières of the Quintet for Trumpet and Strings (2009) by Robert Keeley, and Simultaneously Sovereign and Invaded (2011) by his student, Steve Hicks. Completing the cycle, music by Keeley's former composition teacher, Franco Donatoni, will also feature with works for solo trumpet and viola.

Naturally, there will also be music by György Ligeti. His Quartet No. 2 (1968) is one of the principal inspirations for us. It's a tour de force, if you like (the above image is an extract from the score), and it represents many developments in modern, experimental music. With Simon, we will also perform a piece Ligeti composed for the Fluxus movement, his Poème symphonique (1962) for 100 clockwork metronomes. Simple but revolutionary; thoughtful but humorous, the Poème was an important prototype for the musical - and theatrical - thinking that went into Quartet No. 2.

You may have noticed that the practicalities of gathering together 100 clockwork metronomes are significant, particularly in the age of electronic metronomes (we tend to use smartphones). Between the five of us we've begged and borrowed as many metronomes as we could lay our hands on. But we need your help! Please search high and low for a clockwork metronome, or two, or 50. If you bring one and lend it to us for the concert you will of course be welcome to a free ticket. We know that many of these machines are beautiful and valuable antiques, like other musical instruments, so we will of course take utmost care. They all have to start unwound, so if you let them run down first it'll really help.

A further performance from the Quartet will be John Adams's Fellow Traveller (2007), while Simon will play the Toccata, Intermezzo and Fugue (1999) from Robin Holloway's solo trumpet sonata.

The Holywell Music Room is a beautiful eighteenth-century building. Its address is Holywell Street, Oxford, OX1 3BN. A map is available here.
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