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San Francisco Department of Children, Youth & Their Families
Hello from DCYF!

Share Your Thoughts on the DCYF Community Needs Assessment

Photo courtesy of DCYF grantee Larkin Street Youth Services.

On June 8 DCYF will release the first official draft of our Community Needs Assessment (CNA), and we want your opinion about it!

Here's where and how you can share your thoughts:

  • June 13, 2016: Oversight and Advisory Committee Meeting,  6pm at 1390 Market, Suite 1125. The Oversight and Advisory Committee, which was formed with the passage of Proposition C in 2014 to monitor and participate in the administration of the Children and Youth Fund, will be meeting to discuss the draft. The meeting is open to the public.
  • June 14, 2016: Community Input Session, 10am-Noon at DCYF, 1390 Market, Suite 900, in The Mint Conference Room. The meeting will start with the same presentation that will be given at the OAC meeting, and will include an opportunity to provide feedback. The meeting is open to the public.
  • June 8 to 15, 2016: Online Feedback Form. DCYF will release the Feedback Form in a special edition of the DCYF newsletter and on our website, Twitter feed, and Facebook page. The Feedback Form will close at 5pm on Wednesday, June 15. The Feedback Form will be open to the public.

The DCYF grantmaking process and planning cycle are based on a five year timeline, with multiple opportunities for community involvement along the way. The CNA is the first phase of the process, and will be followed by the creation of a Services Allocation Plan (SAP) in 2016/17 that will outline how funds will be allocated to meet service needs outlined in the CNA. DCYF will issue a Request for Proposals based on the CNA and SAP in 2017/2018, with funding to begin in July of 2018. 

We're looking forward to what you have to say about the CNA, and we hope to see you and yours at one of our meetings! If you have any questions about the feedback process please contact Emily Davis

Mayor Lee Announces Additional $72 Million Investment to Support Children, Youth, and Families, and $6 Million to Support Nonprofit Organizations

Mayor Lee, a pair of cute kiddos (including one who needs to rethink his hat choice!), and a photobombing Doggy Diner head!

On May 26 Mayor Lee announced that over the next two years the City will contribute and invest $72 million in programs for children, youth and families, representing a 13 percent growth over the next two years compared to FY 2015-16 spending. The increase will bolster many existing programs and includes the following additional new funds for key initiatives:

  • Early Care and Education: an additional $11.2 million will be invested in the care and education of infants and children 0-5 years of age. $6 million of this new funding is from the Children and Youth Fund and will help childcare facilities serving the City’s neediest families provide better quality care and maintain and increase slot availability. The investment will also provide subsidies for families to help offset the high cost of childcare in the City. The remaining $5.2 million represents increased support for the Preschool for All program.
  • Family Engagement: $2.1 million in additional funding will improve families’ ability to navigate the myriad of children and youth services offered by the City, which will include the addition of a services navigation specialist within the Our Children Our Families Council and the build-out of an online services inventory. Furthermore, up to 750 families will directly benefit through additional funding for children’s services providers to increase their capacity for family engagement activities.
  • Summer and Afterschool Programming: building on previous investments in this area, an additional $2.6 million will further expand summer and afterschool programs to keep an additional 2,000 San Francisco children and youth engaged and learning outside of school time.
  • Youth Workforce Development: $2 million will create 250 new slots in City Youth Workforce Development programs; provide funding for financial literacy training for 2,500 youth, and increase funding for the Mayor’s Youth Jobs+ initiative, connecting an additional 1,000 youth to private sector employment opportunities. These services benefit youth aged 14-24. An additional $1.7 million has been allocated for targeted workforce and education programs, specifically addressing needs of disconnected Transitional Aged Youth, building upon program investments begun in FY 2015-16.
  • Violence Prevention Collaborative: $3.1 million in new investment will fund a new African American Violence Prevention Collaborative (AAVPC), which forms part of the Mayor’s recently announced comprehensive violence prevention initiatives. This is a community-driven systems reform initiative dedicated to transforming the health and safety outcomes of the most disconnected African American youth up to 24 years of age in San Francisco. By enabling the AAVPC to serve as a culturally competent, community centered and results driven funding stream for local non-profit partners, the City hopes to see the same impactful work that is also occurring with the Mission-based Roadmap to Peace collaborative.
  • Service Provider Capacity: $1.4 million will be invested in improving the capacity of children’s service providers throughout the City. This includes technical assistance and the creation of an opportunity fund that grantees can access to address unbudgeted emergency or capacity-building needs.
In addition to funds specifically for children, youth, and families, Mayor Lee announced that the City would invest $6 million to create permanently affordable space for nonprofit organizations and invest in long-term sustainability of neighborhood-serving nonprofit organizations in San Francisco. From the Mayor's Press Office:

"These new programs are a key part of the Mayor’s Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative, which helps nonprofit organizations start, stay and grow in San Francisco. Launched in 2015 by Mayor Lee, the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative is a collaboration between the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, the Arts Commission, and other key partners. In June 2015, OEWD hired a one-stop nonprofit liaison to directly support nonprofits and to advise with regard to technical assistance, policy, and other measures that will fortify the City’s nonprofit sector."  Visit this link for the full press release.

DCYF is thrilled about the Mayor's commitment to nonprofit agencies and to important programs and initiatives for children, youth and families in San Francisco. We are looking forward to working with our fellow City departments, the school district, and our nonprofit partners to make San Francisco a great place to grow up! 

Apply to Join DCYF's 2016-2017 STEM Learning Community

Getting science-y after school! Photo courtesy of  DCYF grantee Growth & Learning Opportunities.

DCYF and Techbridge are partnering for the fourth year to offer the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Learning Community for 15 elementary and middle school after-school programs. The STEM Learning Community offers after-school partners will receive: 

• Hands-on training around facilitation techniques and curriculum from Techbridge 
• One-on-one coaching 
• A stipend of $1,000 to pay for staff time and to purchase STEM materials and supplies 

Participants over the last three years were blown away by their youth’s excitement and engagement with science and inquiry. Both Community-Based and School-Based programs can apply, as well as new participants from new and previous sites. 

Click Here to Access the Application.  

Applications are due Friday, June 24th at 5:00pm. 

If you have any questions, please contact Tiffani Quan ( or Bryant Tan (

San Francisco's 2016 Summer Lunch & Snack Sites Officially Open!

DCYF, SFUSD, and CEI summer lunch sites.

Every weekday from May 31 to August 12 anyone under the age of 18 can receive a free lunch and a free snack at over 100 sites throughout San Francisco!

The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) was established by the Food and Nutrition Service of the US Department of Agriculture to ensure that low-income children continue to receive nutritious meals when school is not in session. Free meals that meet Federal nutrition guidelines are provided to all children 18 years old and under at SFSP-approved sites in areas with significant concentrations of low-income children.

DCYF is a local sponsor of the SFSP program, providing financial and administrative support to the SFSP sites. All youth under 18 will be served at all of the SFSP sites, even if they are not enrolled in a summer program at a particular site. 

Visit the Nutrition Programs page of the DCYF website for more information about the program, including a list of all summer lunch and snack sites in San Francisco and their specific serving times. Have questions about the Summer Meals Program? Send an email to

Tips for Incorporating Reading Into Summer Programming

Click the image for a larger version.

Free Books

Free Online Books
  • The Re(a)d Zone. A collection of literacy resources available to Bay Area youth programs that encourage literacy-rich environments for children and their families.
  • MyON - free online access to books and reading logs for youth and families.
    • Go to and click the Log In Now button.
    • Enter the following information:
      • School Name: Bay Area Literacy Initiative, Super Bowl 50 Committee (Start typing the first few letters, then click on the name from the drop-down menu
      • User Name: read
      • Password: read
    • Click the Submit button, select a book and start reading!
Recommended Books
Get Youth to Join Summer Stride with the San Francisco Public Library

DCYF Releases Feedback Results from 2016 All Grantee Meeting

In fiscal years 16-17 and 17-18, DCYF will administer a total of $18 million in growth funds from the Children & Youth Fund. On March 23, 2016, DCYF held an All Grantee meeting in order to collect feedback from service providers about allocation of these funds. At the meeting, DCYF grantees discussed the challenges currently faced by their service populations and/or communities, and suggested service solutions DCYF could consider funding in order to address these challenges and improve outcomes for children, youth, and families in the City.

Visit this link to view the final report

Highlights from the May 2016 Oversight & Advisory Committee Meeting

The Children and Youth Fund Oversight and Advisory Committee (OAC) held their monthly meeting on Monday, May 9. In a continuation of the discussion at DCYF's All Grantee meeting, DCYF Director of Programs and Planning Aumijo Gomes presented proposed allocations for the growth funds DCYF is projected to receive from the Children and Youth Fund over the next two fiscal years. Proposals include:

  • Increased support for Early Care and Education initiatives
  • Increased support for the City's Family Resource Centers
  • Additional funding for family engagement activities
  • An expansion of summer learning programs
  • Summer literacy initiative that will serve over 2,000 youth
  • Funding for programming to support African American, Latino, and Pacific Islander youth in their transition from middle school to high school
  • Expansion of the Youth Jobs+ Program
  • Funding for financial literacy training for youth
  • Additional funding for Transitional Age Youth programs
  • Funding for the City's African American Violence Prevention Collaborative
  • Technical assistance and capacity building for DCYF grantees
Visit this link for more in-depth information about each of the proposalsAll of the documents that were issued to OAC members for this meeting, and at all previous OAC meetings, can be accessed at this link. The OAC also approved the minutes from the April 2016 OAC meeting, which can be accessed at this link

The minutes from the May 2016 OAC meeting will be posted following approval at the next OAC meeting, which will take place on Monday, June 13 at 1390 Market, Suite 1125, at 6pm.

If you would like to learn more about the OAC, visit this link or contact Emily Davis: or 415.554.8991. 

Mayor Lee Launches 5th Annual Youth Jobs+ Initiative

On May 12 Mayor Lee and the United Way of the Bay Area, along with City Departments & private sector employers, kicked off the Mayor’s Youth Jobs+ 2016 initiative, challenging employers of both large and small companies to create jobs, internships and paid job training for San Francisco youth ages 14-24. Over 5,600 jobs and internships were pledged at the event!

Many youth placed by the Mayor’s Youth Jobs+ Initiative are from low-income families and face significant barriers: they are disconnected or at-risk youth, including those from the foster care system, the juvenile justice system, and those who do not have right to work documents. Business and industry partners have strongly expressed their support for this initiative, pledging jobs, internships, and funds year after year.

DCYF would like to thank everyone involved in making Youth Jobs+ a success year after year. Bring it on, 2016!

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Additional Highlights, Events, and Announcements 

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Workshops, Trainings, and Meetings 

Make Your Program a Magnet! How to Recruit, Engage, and Retain Disconnected and TAY Youth  
June 9, 2016
Click Here for More Information

Understanding & Supporting Families with Mental Health Issues  
June 10, 2016
Click Here for More Information

What Your NGO Needs to Know About .NGO, .ONG, and OnGood  
June 15, 2016
Click Here for More Information

San Francisco Standards for Promoting Economic Success Certification Training  
June 16, 2016
Click Here for More Information

SF Family Support Network's Eat Your Wheaties and Join the Fun!  
June 24, 2016
Click Here For More Information

Unlocking the Mystery: Expert Advice for Leaders Managing Online Fundraising  
June 28, 2016
Click Here For More Information

Supporting Families of Children With Disabilities 
June 29, 2016
Click Here for More Information

10 Social Media Strategies That Increase Engagement and Inspire Donors  
July 7, 2016
Click Here for More Information

10 Emerging Trends in Digital Communications and Fundraising  
August 2, 2016
Click Here for More Information

2016 Teen, Young Adult & Adolescent Service Provider Conference 
September 23, 2016
Click Here for More Information


Grants, RFPs and Other Funding Opportunities for Youth Programs  

Disclaimer: DCYF's only purpose with this list is to spread awareness of these funding opportunities. DCYF is not accountable for the result of any applications, solicitations, or any other actions taken on the part of any organization either pursuing or offering funding. 

Check out the California AfterSchool Network's List of Funding Resources!
Sign up for a free account at - tons of funding opportunities!
Have a Twitter account? Follow @GrantQuest - lots of grants opportunities for nonprofit organizations!

Amgen Foundation Non-Profit Grants 
Funding Priority: The Amgen Foundation seeks to advance excellence in science education to inspire the next generation of innovators, and invest in strengthening communities where Amgen staff members live and work.  
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

American Honda Foundation Grants  
Funding Priority: Y
outh education, specifically in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, the environment, job training and literacy.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Bank of the West Charitable Investments Program  
Funding Priority:
The mission of the Bank of the West’s Charitable Investments Program is to help meet the needs of the communities it serves by supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving quality of life, particularly for low- and moderate-income individuals and communities. The program’s efforts focus on after-school tutoring and mentoring programs for underserved youth and young adults, job training and vocational programs, including literacy and basic skills education, programs that promote civic engagement, and financial literacy.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

New! Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Funding Priority: Bank of America's Charitable Foundation goal is to build pathways to economic progress, including addressing social justice issues that are fundamentally connected to income mobility. We’re helping jumpstart local economies through a comprehensive approach, from our philanthropic investments to volunteerism, and work to advance better money habits across our funding. Through the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, we direct funding to meet the needs of low-income communities, with a particular focus on revitalizing neighborhoods, educating the workforce for 21st century jobs and addressing basic needs, such as hunger and homelessness.
Applications Due by August 6.
Click Here for More Information

Bridgestone Trust Fund Grants 
Funding Priority: F
ocuses on organizations with missions supporting: education, the environment and conservation, and children's programs.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

New! Brittingham Family Foundation
Funding Priority: The Brittingham Family Foundation is a private foundation whose goal is to be an enlightened community partner by supporting education, arts, social services, youth, health, and the environment.  
Rolling Deadline
Click Here for More Information

Build-A-Bear Workshop Grants 
Funding Priority: 
 Charities that support very special causes, such as children's health and wellness, animals, and literacy and education.
Rolling Deadline 
Click Here for More Information   

Caplan Foundation for Early Childhood  
Funding Priority: Innovative, creative projects, and programs designed to significantly enhance the development, health, safety, education, and/or quality of life of children from infancy through five years of age.The foundation provides funding in the areas of early childhood welfare, early childhood education and play, and parenting education.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Captain Planet Foundation Small Grants

Funding Priority: Captain Planet Foundation grants support hands-on environmental projects designed to encourage innovative initiatives that inspire and empower children and youth around the world as they work individually and collectively create environmental solutions in their homes, schools and communities.
Applications Due by September 30.
Click Here for More Information 

New! The Carl Gellert and Celia Berta Gellert Foundation
Funding Priority: The foundation funds educational institutions, services to the homeless, and public and private school education. Recent grants were used to fund tutoring programs and learning centers, literacy intervention and family literacy programs, and technology and special needs programs.
Applications Due by August 15.
Click Here for More Information 

Coca-Cola Foundation  
Funding Priority: Projects involving water stewardship, active healthy living, community recycling, and education.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

David & Lucile Packard Foundation
Funding Priority: Programs involving the arts, children and youth, conservation and science, food and shelter, and population and reproductive health. 
Rolling Deadline 
Click Here for More Information 

Dr. Pepper Snapple & KaBOOM! Creative Play Grants
Funding Priority: KaBOOM! accepts applications on a rolling basis from child serving non-profit organizations, schools and municipalities who are dedicated to ensuring that all kids—particularly the 16 million in poverty—get balanced and active play so they can thrive. Competitive applications will benefit from and embrace the process of a community-build playspace partnership.  
Applications Accepted and Approved on a Monthly Basis. 
Click Here for More Information 

Erich & Hannah Sachs Foundation
Funding Priority: The Erich and Hannah Sachs Foundation strives to improve the quality of life for economically and educationally disadvantaged individuals and families. The foundation makes grants in the areas of education, after-school programs, affordable daycare, health, counseling, job training, and low-income housing. Priority is given to organizations that support economic and educational opportunities in low-income, inner-city neighborhoods and rural areas.
Rolling Deadline. 
Click Here for More Information 

Fender Music Foundation Grants 
Funding Priority: The Fender Music Foundation awards instruments and equipment to eligible music instruction programs. These items are lightly used, blemished or otherwise imperfect and have been collected from manufacturers and retailers. The organization is currently awarding acoustic guitars, electric guitars, acoustic-electric guitars, bass guitars and the equipment necessary to play these instruments. However, other traditional music instruments are sometimes available. Traditional instruments include string instruments, woodwind instruments, brass instruments, percussion instruments, keyboards and voice. DJ equipment and computers are not available through The Fender Music Foundation.
Rolling Deadline. 
Click Here for More Information 

Finish Line Youth Foundation 

Funding Priority: The Finish Line Youth Foundation focuses funding on organizations that provide opportunities for youth participation in the areas of community based- youth athletic programs and camps with an emphasis on sports and active lifestyle. 
Multiple Grants with Multiple Deadlines. 
Click Here for More Information

Hearst Foundation 
Funding Priority: The Hearst Foundation funds: cultural institutions nationwide with a focus on youth engagement in the arts, institutions with uncommon success in preparing students to thrive in a global society, healthcare organizations, and direct- service organizations that address the root cause of chronic poverty.
Rolling Deadline. 
Click Here for More Information

Kars4Kids Small Grants    
Funding Priority:
Kars4Kids funds educational, developmental, and recognized programs for youth and their families. The foundation supports educational programming, school placement, tuition assistance, mentorship programs, cultural activities, weekend retreats, religious instruction, summer camps, recreation, and guidance counseling. 

Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

LIDS Foundation   
Funding Priority:
The LIDS Foundation works to promote activities that engage young people in active and healthy lifestyles, as well as leadership and growth opportunities. The foundation seeks to support community-based youth athletic programs focused on active lifestyle and team-building skills. 

Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Maximus Charitable Foundation   
Funding Priority: The goal of the MAXIMUS Charitable Foundation is to award grants to organizations and charities that help disadvantaged individuals achieve self-sufficiency and personal growth, particularly those programs serving youth. Eligible projects include child abuse support and prevention, child hunger and nutrition services, and enrichment and education programs.
Application Deadline Varies.

Click Here for More Information

Mazda Foundation Education Grants    
Funding Priority: The Mazda Foundation awards grants to programs promoting education and literacy, environmental conservation, cross-cultural understanding, social welfare, and scientific research.
Applications Due July 1.
Click Here for More Information

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation    
Funding Priority: We seek to fund projects that directly serve or impact children living in urban poverty, particularly in the areas of education, childhood health and family economic stability (including microfinance). 
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

MLB Community Baseball Tomorrow Fund    
Funding Priority: Incremental programming and facilities for youth baseball and softball programs, not for normal operating expenses or as a substitute for existing funding or fundraising activities; to finance a new program, expand or improve an existing program, undertake a new collaborative effort, or obtain facilities or equipment necessary for youth baseball or softball programs.
Multiple Deadlines.
Click Here for More Information

Mockingbird Foundation Grants    
Funding Priority: Mockingbird Foundation grants support K-12 music education, including the provision of instruments, texts, and office materials, and the support of learning space, practice space, performance space, and instructors/instruction.
Applications Due August 1.
Click Here for More Information

National Endowment for the Arts ART WORKS Grant Program   
Funding Priority: To deepen and extend the arts' value, including their ability to foster new connections and to exemplify creativity and innovation, we welcome projects that: Are likely to prove transformative with the potential for meaningful change, whether in the development or enhancement of new or existing art forms, new approaches to the creation or presentation of art, or new ways of engaging the public with art; Are distinctive, offering fresh insights and new value for their fields and/or the public through unconventional solutions; and Have the potential to be shared and/or emulated, or are likely to lead to other advances in the field. 
Applications Due July 14.
Click Here for More Information

New! Opus Community Foundation   
Funding Priority: The Opus Community Foundation strives to help improve in the areas of affordable housing, education, financial literacy, community health and human services, community revitalization, workforce development and job skills training, safety net services, and the arts.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Ray Charles Foundation Grants   
Funding Priority: The Ray Charles Foundation considers funding for educational programs that provide academic services to disadvantaged and underprivileged youth in the area of arts, sciences, college preparation, after school tutoring. Funding is favored for educational programs and resources for youth with hearing disorders and/or who are visually impaired or blind. 
Applications Due September 30.
Click Here for More Information

Roads to Reading Literacy Initiative   
Funding Priority: The Roads to Reading Literacy Initiative is a nonprofit organization that donates new books and educational resources to schools, non-profits and childcare centers serving children in need, from birth to age 16.   
Applications Due June 30. 
Click Here for More Information

Ross Stores Foundation Grants   
Funding Priority: Ross Stores Foundation provides support for youth-oriented programs and services that prepare today’s youth for a bright tomorrow. The foundation makes Corporate-Based Giving Grants in the areas of building academic achievement, life skills, competence, confidence, and character.  
Rolling Deadline. 
Click Here for More Information

Safeway Foundation Grants    
Funding Priority: Safeway is giving grants for groups and projects that are making a difference in their community. Grants from $1,000 to $10,000 for local projects, while regional or national programs can receive rewards of $25,000 or more. Successful applicants generally fulfill one of the four priority areas of: hunger relief, education, health and human services, and assisting people with disabilities. Applications are on a rolling basis and must be submitted online.
Rolling Deadline. 

Click Here for More Information

New! Seneca Foods Foundation  
Funding Priority: 
The Seneca Foods Foundation offers grants focused on providing resources that enable young people to become productive and independent members of their communities. The foundation makes grants in the areas of education, employment, and youth development. Funding should focus on the following priorities: preschool and kindergarten through grade 12 programs that address improved academic achievement for at-risk students; prevention of early drop-out, career counseling, improved decision-making and life coping skills; and programs that enable youth to gain skills that help them become independent and improve their access into society. Proposals for youth development funding should emphasize leadership, life skills, and enrichment programs; support for youth in crisis and at risk for abuse; and adult mentorship.
Rolling Deadline. 
Click Here for More Information

New! Standard Charitable Foundation    
Funding Priority: It funds organizations that foster strategic learning initiatives to better prepare children for success. It emphasizes programs that strengthen the quality of education, early childhood education, and workforce development.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Start A Snowball, Inc. Grants    
Funding Priority: Start a Snowball, Inc. is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring kids of all ages to engage in philanthropic and community service activities. We believe that even just one child with the right intentions and support can start a project that seems small in the beginning and eventually grows or “snowballs” into something that inspires an entire community with widespread benefits to the world around them. In order to help kids kick off their philanthropy efforts, we offer funding to act as “seed money” of up to $100 for projects taken on by individuals or organizations.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Union Bank Foundation 
Funding Priority:
 The foundation's strategies for funding include educational and cultural institutions and programs that promote academic advancement, increased literacy, and fostering imaginative minds. Examples of programs include but are not limited to: scholarships, community arts education, literacy programs, and parent engagement. 
Rolling Deadline
Click Here for More Information

United Airlines Foundation    
Funding Priority: The United Airlines Foundation supports initiatives that connect people, inspire creativity, and engage local communities to make a difference. There is a particular interest in projects that provide volunteer opportunities for United Airlines employees. Examples of recent grants include after-school activities, youth centers, children’s theater, girls in sports, programs to include those with disabilities, and tutoring and mentoring programs.   
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

US Department of Health and Human Services Personal Responsibility Education Program     
Funding Priority: The program will fund grantees to develop, implement and test innovative adolescent pregnancy prevention strategies for the Personal Responsibility Education Program Innovative Strategies (PREIS). This program targets services to high-risk, vulnerable and culturally underrepresented youth populations. This includes youth in foster care, homeless youth, youth with HIV/AIDS, pregnant and parenting women who are under 21 years of age and their partners, youth who have been trafficked, and youth residing in high teen birth rate areas.
Applications Due June 27.
Click Here for More Information

US Department of Health and Human Services Street Outreach Program    
Funding Priority: The program will fund grantees to provide street-based services to runaway, homeless, and street youth who have been subjected to, or are at risk of being subjected to, sexual abuse, or sexual exploitation. These services, which are provided in areas where street youth congregate, are designed to assist such youth in making healthy choices and providing them access to shelter. 

Applications Due July 5.
Click Here for More Information

US Department of Justice Grant: 
Reducing Reliance on Secure Placement and Improving Community-Based Responses for Girls At-Risk of Entering the Juvenile Justice System
Funding Priority: Strengthen and expand the use of community-based and gender and culturally responsive programs for girls and promote the development of girls and their individual strengths. 

Applications Due June 20.
Click Here for More Information

Walgreens Corporate Charitable Giving Grants    
Funding Priority: Organizations that focus on improving community access to health and wellness, civic and community outreach, and pharmacy education and mentoring initiatives. Health is the major area of focus and will receive the largest share of the budget.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Grants    
Funding Priority: The Hewlett Foundation makes grants in five core program areas: education, environment, global development and population, performing arts, and philanthropy. In addition, the Foundation makes grants to support disadvantaged communities in the Bay Area.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Job Opportunities 

Check out these Job Boards and Employment Pages:



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