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San Francisco Department of Children, Youth & Their Families
DCYF's staff softball team celebrating our game 1 victory at the annual Mae Louise Mays Softball Tournament!

Hello from DCYF!

National Summer Learning Day = July 14!

On Thursday, July 14, DCYF, our grantees, the SF Public Libraries and children, youth, and families throughout San Francisco and the USA will celebrate National Summer Learning Day!

Summer Learning Day is an annual national advocacy day led by the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) to highlight the importance of keeping kids learning, safe and healthy every summer.

Check out some stats and solutions:

  • National research shows that summers without quality learning opportunities put youth at risk for falling behind – year after year – in core subjects like math and reading. The math and reading skills low-income students lose each summer are cumulative and contribute significantly to the achievement gap between lower- and higher-income kids. San Francisco's solution: connect families to summer programs conducted by DCYF grantees and to resources like the new Summer Activity Guide.
  • Research on summer youth employment programs shows that participation increases school attendance and academic success in the following year. How San Francisco is making this happen: connecting young people to jobs and job training programs via YouthJobs+.
  • Only 1 in 7 students who receive subsidized meals during the school year receive these meals during the summer, despite available 
    funding. Poor nutrition and unhealthy habits are exacerbated during the summer months without access to structured activities and subsidized meals. San Francisco's solution: DCYF-sponsored sites and our partners administer over 100 sites around the City that serve free lunches and snacks every week day that school is not in session to anyone under age 18.

DCYF encourages all of our summer grantees to host Summer Learning Day events. A Summer Learning Day event can be a community resource fair, science fair, library or museum visit, a social media event—anything that celebrates and raises awareness about the importance of learning in the summer. After your agency decides how to participate, be sure to post your event on the NSLA map of Summer Learning Day events so families and the community will know about it. DCYF will post photos and videos of Summer Learning Day events on Twitter and Facebook - be sure to like and follow us! 

Need more tips? Check out the Summer Learning Day Ideas and Resources Tip Sheet on our Provider Resources page.

On Twitter? DCYF (@SF_DCYF) will join organizations throughout the country in a Summer Learning Twitter Town Hall on Tuesday, July 12 from 11am to 12pm. Follow along and throw in your thoughts at #NSLD2016. 

We hope to see you and yours at one of the National Summer Learning Day events in San Francisco on July 14th!

Applications Open for After School Supper and Snack Program

For several years DCYF has utilized US Department of Agriculture funds in order to sponsor the Summer Meals Program and After School Snack Program, which supply snacks and meals to youth under age 18 when school is not in session.  In an expanded effort to ensure San Francisco children and youth are healthy, DCYF is proud to announce that suppers will now be included in the Afterschool Meal Program.
DCYF is currently accepting applications from sites interested in distributing afterschool suppers and snacks for the 2016-2017 school year. The following criteria will be used to select sites for the program:

1. Priority will be given to DCYF grantees.
2. Sites must submit completed applications within the specified application period and meet all requirements specified in the application.

3. Per USDA regulations, DCYF will be using SFUSD and state data to determine if sites are eligible. Typically 50% or more of the children and youth served at a site must qualify for free/reduced-price meals.

4. Sites generally cannot be within ¼ mile of another program. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis (as approved by the state).

5. Priority will be given to sites open and accessible to youth in the community beyond those that regularly attend a program at the site.

6. Priority will be given to sites in the neighborhoods with the highest need (as indicated by DCYF Index of Need, Community Needs Assessment and US Census).

7. Priority will be given to sites that agree to serve both suppers and snacks.

8. Priority will be given to sites capable of serving a larger number of youth.

9. Sites must have non-profit status.

In order to allow time for planning the new supper program with our food vendor, the application will close on Monday, July 11 at 5pm. We strongly encourage interested applicants to apply ASAP.
Click Here to Access the Application

For additional information about our new Afterschool Supper and Snack Program, please review the document at this link
Please note: the Afterschool Supper and Snack Program will operate from August 22, 2016 to May 26, 2017. Sites must be able to comply with program rules and outreach requirements, and must meet all USDA regulations. Selected applicants will need to complete weekly paperwork associated with the program. 
If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Kim,

Teen Programs: Apply for Youth On Fire Cohort

Photo courtesy of DCYF grantee First Exposures

The 2016-2017 Youth on Fire Cohort seeks to train 15 staff from community-based organizations directly working teens to institute stronger and more effective youth empowerment practices and design programs that hold substantive youth voice. The goal is to have programs rethink program activities and practices in order to increase capacity of staff and organizations to include youth in decision-making processes and to empower youth by giving them the concrete skills and theoretical framework for purposeful social engagement.

Click Here for the Application and More Information.

Applications are due by Wednesday, August 3 at 5pm.

DCYF Releases Fiscal Year 2014-15 Service Area Briefs

DCYF has released a series of briefs that include demographics and performance measure results for programs in our K-8 Out of School Time, Teen, Youth Workforce Development, and Violence Prevention & Intervention Strategies for fiscal year 2014-2015. 

All of the reports are located on the Reports page of the DCYF website. Visit the links below for individual reports:

If you have questions about DCYF's Data & Evaluation process, consider attending the July Oversight & Advisory Committee meeting: DCYF's Data & Evaluation Manager Sarah Duffy will give a presentation about the work of the unit!

Oversight & Advisory Committee Update

The Children and Youth Fund Oversight and Advisory Committee (OAC) held their monthly meeting on Monday, June 13. The OAC members weighed in on the first official draft of DCYF's Community Needs Assessment (CNA). DCYF also collected feedback about the CNA at a Community Input Session on June 14 and via an online feedback form. The CNA will be on the OAC agenda again in August, when the OAC members will be asked to approve the final version. Following the OAC's approval the final CNA will be submitted to the Board of Supervisors.  

The next meeting of the OAC will take place on
Monday, July 11 at 1390 Market, Suite 900, at 6pm. DCYF staff will present an overview of DCYF's Data & Evaluation Unit, notification of DCYF's Budget Growth Funding Plan, and a description of the upcoming Community Grants RFP process. Visit this link for an agenda and the Pre-Meeting Packet. 

All of the documents that are issued to OAC members for this meeting and all previous meetings can be accessed at this link

If you would like to learn more about the OAC, visit this link or contact Emily Davis: or 415.554.8991. 

Building Financial Capability: When a Job Can Mean More Than a Paycheck 

Every summer DCYF-funded programs help thousands of young people get their first job. In addition to helping youth learn job-skills and gain work experience, over the last two years DCYF's Youth Workforce Development grantees have incorporated financial literacy into their curriculum.   

Through a partnership between DCYF, the Office of Financial Empowerment, MyPathCiti Foundation, and Cities for Financial Empowerment, hundreds of young people have opened bank accounts, received financial literacy training, and have been offered incentives to set and reach their financial goals. 

Last summer over 900 young people opened their first bank account, and over 1,500 received financial education and set a savings goal. The result: in just seven weeks, participants saved over $360,000!  Based on the resounding success of the initiative DCYF will expand the program to reach young people who are trained and employed during the school year! 

Thank you to all of the DCYF agencies and partners who are helping to prepare young people with a sound financial foundation.

San Francisco Wellness Centers by the Numbers

The San Francisco Wellness Initiative is a groundbreaking program dedicated to improving the health, well-being and academic success of the city’s 16,000 public high school students at 19 campuses. In safe, confidential settings, experts in adolescent health at onsite Wellness Centers help teens gain the skills they need to cope with complex issues such as stress, trauma, suicide, bullying, depression, self-esteem, drug and alcohol use, sexual health and relationships. Students learn positive, lifelong habits that contribute to their well-being and success, and ultimately, to the health of the communities in which they live.

The Wellness Initiative is the only school-based program for adolescent health and wellness of its kind. The Initiative is made possible through a unique partnership between DCYF, the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and the San Francisco Unified School District. By leveraging the resources of each agency, student health is addressed from a citywide perspective.

Learn more about Wellness Center services, usage data, and survey results in this infographic.

TAYSF Celebrates Citywide TAY Advisory Board Graduation

On June 3 TAYSF recognized the graduating class of the 2015-16 Citywide TAY Advisory Board (CTAB).  Over the course of the year, CTAB members advised various city departments and initiatives on policies and programs aimed at serving transitional age youth, including:

  • Adolescent Health Working Group
  • Department of Elections
  • Department of Public Health
  • Human Services Agency
  • Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development
  • Our Children, Our Families Council
  • SF Police Commission
The CTAB also formed a working group to assist the Human Services Agency in implementing recommendations from the assessment of TAY housing in San Francisco.  Working group members developed a “cheat sheet” for young people interested in accessing transitional housing and a training for the staff at transitional housing sites to help them become more TAY-culturally competent.
Citywide TAY Advisory Board Members
  • Cat Lefevre, CCSF
  • Davia Spain, LYRIC 
  • Dwanna Schadlich, Huckleberry House
  • Eddie Bajet, Bayview/Hunter’s Point YMCA
  • Irlanzujuan Martin, CHALK
  • Jess Williams, Youth Women’s Freedom Center
  • Jesus Martinez, Bayview/Hunter’s Point YMCA
  • Levonne Franks
  • Luisa Sicairos, Mayor’s Youth Education and Employment Program, JCYC
  • Metzali Andrade, YMCA & Masa Para La Raza
  • Nikia Durgin, Horizons Unlimited
  • Paola Robles, Youth Women’s Freedom Center

And finally TAYSF said goodbye to Advocate Fellow Darwin Velasquez who completed his one year fellowship helping to lead the CTAB. 
Congratulations to all!

September Jarrett Appointed Director of Office of Early Care & Education

On June 22 Mayor Lee announced the appointment of September Jarrett as the Director of the Office of Early Care and Education (OECE).  

The OECE was created in 2012 to align and coordinate programs and funding streams from DCYF, the San Francisco First Five Commission, and the Human Services Agency to serve children from birth to five years old in San Francisco. The goals of OECE are to improve access to early care and education, improve the workforce, and strengthen system capacity.

Jarrett is the former Director of Policy and Planning for DCYF, and was the human services coordinator for the HOPE SF public housing transformation initiative. Most recently, Jarrett served as Program Director of the Mimi and Peter Haas Fund, a local private family foundation focused on bringing the highest quality early learning services to San Francisco’s lowest income families and neighborhoods. 

Congratulations to September and the OECE! 

DCYF Grantee Jewish Vocational Service Named California Nonprofit of the Year

On Wednesday, June 22, Jewish Vocational Service (JVS) was honored as a Nonprofit of the Year at the California Nonprofits Day celebration at the State Capitol in Sacramento. JVS was selected by Senator Mark Leno as an exceptional nonprofit organization in California’s 11th State Senate district.

JVS’s  award-winning programs in San Francisco, the East Bay, and Peninsula provide job training in healthcare, financial services, technology and other growing sectors that offer pathways to careers.

Congratulations to JVS!

Celebrating San Francisco's Future "Top Chefs"

Students in Mission Language Vocational School’s Intensive Cooking program wrapped up their training by participating in a Top Chef competition at the La Floridita SF Culinary Academy.  Young chefs prepared a three-course meal consisting of a salad, appetizer and entrée, and were then graded and given feedback by a panel of judges. 

According to MLVS Executive Director Daniel Brajkovich, “the program is about so much more than learning how to cook. It also allows students to express their creativity and get in touch with their culture”. MLVS will be launching their new DCYF-funded Baking, Flour and Opportunity training program for transitional age youth in the coming weeks.

We look forward to seeing these young people working in San Francisco’s eateries in the near future! 

Foundation Center Launches is the online gathering place to connect with others, share innovative grantmaking examples, and access comprehensive information for invaluable insight into one of the most dynamic movements in philanthropy. It's a rallying point where anyone interested in youth grantmaking can go to raise their voice.

Be sure to visit the interactive map of grants given to youth and zoom in on San Francisco: every mini-grant ever distributed by DCYF's Youth Empowerment Fund (YEF) is posted! Speaking of the YEF...

SF Youth Empowerment Fund Holds Year End Celebration

Photo courtesy of the Youth Empowerment Fund

On June 9 the Youth Empowerment Fund held its year-end celebration. Graduating seniors were honored, several excellent youth performances took place, and special awards were given to the YEF Community Funders.

YEF's Community Funders conduct interviews, serve as Youth Advocacy Day leaders, review mini-grant applications, and decide where to allocate funding. Each of the incredible 16-17 year old YEF Community Funders who participated in the 2015-2016 cohort directed over $100,000 in funding for youth-led, youth run programs in San Francisco!

YEF is an initiative of The Youth Empowerment Fund, which is run in a partnership between the Urban Services YMCA  and DCYF. Guided by the beliefs of The Youth Empowerment Fund, YEF runs programs and creates opportunities that empower San Francisco’s young people to be citywide change-makers and celebrates their outstanding leadership. YEF offers resources and support to San Francisco youth by providing direct access to funding, connecting youth to city government, and fostering opportunities for community collaboration.

Don't Miss the Finals of Mayor Lee's 3-On-3 Youth Hoops Tournament

Head to Kezar Stadium on Saturday, July 16 for the finals of Mayor Lee's 3-On-3 Youth Hoops Tournament! Over 50 teams from every San Francisco district will battle it out for top honors. In addition basketball action, the (free!) event will feature free food, giveaways, and a City services resource fair. Come get a free water bottle and say hi to Emily at the DCYF table!

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Additional Highlights, Events, and Announcements 

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Workshops, Trainings, and Meetings 

10 Emerging Trends in Digital Communications and Fundraising  
August 2, 2016
Click Here for More Information

Inventing Our Future: The Fifth Annual Regional Integrated Summer Institute
August 9-11, 2016
Click Here for More Information

7 Steps for Special Needs Peace of Mind  
August 13, 2016
Click Here for More Information

Integrated Learning Specialist Program Fall 2016 Sessions
September 2016
Click Here for More Information

IEP Development & Dynamics: Make Sure Your Voice is Heard 
September 10, 2016
Click Here for More Information

2016 Teen, Young Adult & Adolescent Service Provider Conference 
September 23, 2016
Click Here for More Information

Finding Assets to Employment in Children with Disabilities
September 29, 2016
Click Here for More Information

WorldWideWomen Girls' Festival
October 15, 2016
Click Here for More Information


Grants, RFPs and Other Funding Opportunities for Youth Programs  

Disclaimer: DCYF's only purpose with this list is to spread awareness of these funding opportunities. DCYF is not accountable for the result of any applications, solicitations, or any other actions taken on the part of any organization either pursuing or offering funding. 

Check out the California AfterSchool Network's List of Funding Resources!
Sign up for a free account at - tons of funding opportunities!
Have a Twitter account? Follow @GrantQuest - lots of grants opportunities for nonprofit organizations!

Amgen Foundation Non-Profit Grants 
Funding Priority: The Amgen Foundation seeks to advance excellence in science education to inspire the next generation of innovators, and invest in strengthening communities where Amgen staff members live and work.  
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

American Legion Child Welfare Foundation  
Funding Priority: The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation, Inc. supports innovative projects and the dissemination of knowledge contributing to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual welfare of children. Recent grants supported interactive experiences between children and veterans to reinforce classroom learning; hotline services for troubled teenagers; toolkits to plan grassroots fundraising events; child abuse prevention educational materials; services for children with disabilities; and programs advocating healthy lifestyles, diet, and exercise.
Applications Due by July 15.
Click Here for More Information

Bank of the West Charitable Investments Program  
Funding Priority:
The mission of the Bank of the West’s Charitable Investments Program is to help meet the needs of the communities it serves by supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving quality of life, particularly for low- and moderate-income individuals and communities. The program’s efforts focus on after-school tutoring and mentoring programs for underserved youth and young adults, job training and vocational programs, including literacy and basic skills education, programs that promote civic engagement, and financial literacy.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Funding Priority: Bank of America's Charitable Foundation goal is to build pathways to economic progress, including addressing social justice issues that are fundamentally connected to income mobility. We’re helping jumpstart local economies through a comprehensive approach, from our philanthropic investments to volunteerism, and work to advance better money habits across our funding. Through the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, we direct funding to meet the needs of low-income communities, with a particular focus on revitalizing neighborhoods, educating the workforce for 21st century jobs and addressing basic needs, such as hunger and homelessness.
Applications Due by August 6.
Click Here for More Information

Bridgestone Trust Fund Grants 
Funding Priority: F
ocuses on organizations with missions supporting: education, the environment and conservation, and children's programs.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Brittingham Family Foundation
Funding Priority: The Brittingham Family Foundation is a private foundation whose goal is to be an enlightened community partner by supporting education, arts, social services, youth, health, and the environment.  
Rolling Deadline
Click Here for More Information

Build-A-Bear Workshop Grants 
Funding Priority: 
 Charities that support very special causes, such as children's health and wellness, animals, and literacy and education.
Rolling Deadline 
Click Here for More Information   

Caplan Foundation for Early Childhood  
Funding Priority: Innovative, creative projects, and programs designed to significantly enhance the development, health, safety, education, and/or quality of life of children from infancy through five years of age.The foundation provides funding in the areas of early childhood welfare, early childhood education and play, and parenting education.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Captain Planet Foundation Small Grants

Funding Priority: Captain Planet Foundation grants support hands-on environmental projects designed to encourage innovative initiatives that inspire and empower children and youth around the world as they work individually and collectively create environmental solutions in their homes, schools and communities.
Applications Due by September 30.
Click Here for More Information 

The Carl Gellert and Celia Berta Gellert Foundation
Funding Priority: The foundation funds educational institutions, services to the homeless, and public and private school education. Recent grants were used to fund tutoring programs and learning centers, literacy intervention and family literacy programs, and technology and special needs programs.
Applications Due by August 15.
Click Here for More Information 

Coca-Cola Foundation  
Funding Priority: Projects involving water stewardship, active healthy living, community recycling, and education.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

David & Lucile Packard Foundation
Funding Priority: Programs involving the arts, children and youth, conservation and science, food and shelter, and population and reproductive health. 
Rolling Deadline 
Click Here for More Information 

Dr. Pepper Snapple & KaBOOM! Creative Play Grants
Funding Priority: KaBOOM! accepts applications on a rolling basis from child serving non-profit organizations, schools and municipalities who are dedicated to ensuring that all kids—particularly the 16 million in poverty—get balanced and active play so they can thrive. Competitive applications will benefit from and embrace the process of a community-build playspace partnership.  
Applications Accepted and Approved on a Monthly Basis. 
Click Here for More Information 

Erich & Hannah Sachs Foundation
Funding Priority: The Erich and Hannah Sachs Foundation strives to improve the quality of life for economically and educationally disadvantaged individuals and families. The foundation makes grants in the areas of education, after-school programs, affordable daycare, health, counseling, job training, and low-income housing. Priority is given to organizations that support economic and educational opportunities in low-income, inner-city neighborhoods and rural areas.
Rolling Deadline. 
Click Here for More Information 

Fender Music Foundation Grants 
Funding Priority: The Fender Music Foundation awards instruments and equipment to eligible music instruction programs. These items are lightly used, blemished or otherwise imperfect and have been collected from manufacturers and retailers. The organization is currently awarding acoustic guitars, electric guitars, acoustic-electric guitars, bass guitars and the equipment necessary to play these instruments. However, other traditional music instruments are sometimes available. Traditional instruments include string instruments, woodwind instruments, brass instruments, percussion instruments, keyboards and voice. DJ equipment and computers are not available through The Fender Music Foundation.
Rolling Deadline. 
Click Here for More Information 

Finish Line Youth Foundation 

Funding Priority: The Finish Line Youth Foundation focuses funding on organizations that provide opportunities for youth participation in the areas of community based- youth athletic programs and camps with an emphasis on sports and active lifestyle. 
Multiple Grants with Multiple Deadlines. 
Click Here for More Information

Flush Transphobia Fund 

Funding Priority: Third Wave’s Flush Transphobia Fund is a rapid response fund that supports the leadership of transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming youth of color and low-income youth to respond to anti-trans bathroom bills and similar legislation.
Rolling Deadline. 
Click Here for More Information

Hearst Foundation 
Funding Priority: The Hearst Foundation funds: cultural institutions nationwide with a focus on youth engagement in the arts, institutions with uncommon success in preparing students to thrive in a global society, healthcare organizations, and direct- service organizations that address the root cause of chronic poverty.
Rolling Deadline. 
Click Here for More Information

Kars4Kids Small Grants    
Funding Priority:
Kars4Kids funds educational, developmental, and recognized programs for youth and their families. The foundation supports educational programming, school placement, tuition assistance, mentorship programs, cultural activities, weekend retreats, religious instruction, summer camps, recreation, and guidance counseling. 

Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

LIDS Foundation   
Funding Priority:
The LIDS Foundation works to promote activities that engage young people in active and healthy lifestyles, as well as leadership and growth opportunities. The foundation seeks to support community-based youth athletic programs focused on active lifestyle and team-building skills. 

Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Maximus Charitable Foundation   
Funding Priority: The goal of the MAXIMUS Charitable Foundation is to award grants to organizations and charities that help disadvantaged individuals achieve self-sufficiency and personal growth, particularly those programs serving youth. Eligible projects include child abuse support and prevention, child hunger and nutrition services, and enrichment and education programs.
Application Deadline Varies.

Click Here for More Information

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation    
Funding Priority: We seek to fund projects that directly serve or impact children living in urban poverty, particularly in the areas of education, childhood health and family economic stability (including microfinance). 
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

MLB Community Baseball Tomorrow Fund    
Funding Priority: Incremental programming and facilities for youth baseball and softball programs, not for normal operating expenses or as a substitute for existing funding or fundraising activities; to finance a new program, expand or improve an existing program, undertake a new collaborative effort, or obtain facilities or equipment necessary for youth baseball or softball programs.
Multiple Deadlines.
Click Here for More Information

Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation
Funding Priority: Supporting educators in developing and implementing holistic environmental curricula that integrate field activities and classroom teaching, and incorporate basic ecological principles and problem solving.
Applications Due August 12.
Click Here for More Information

Mockingbird Foundation Grants    
Funding Priority: Mockingbird Foundation grants support K-12 music education, including the provision of instruments, texts, and office materials, and the support of learning space, practice space, performance space, and instructors/instruction.
Applications Due August 1.
Click Here for More Information

National Endowment for the Arts ART WORKS Grant Program   
Funding Priority: To deepen and extend the arts' value, including their ability to foster new connections and to exemplify creativity and innovation, we welcome projects that: Are likely to prove transformative with the potential for meaningful change, whether in the development or enhancement of new or existing art forms, new approaches to the creation or presentation of art, or new ways of engaging the public with art; Are distinctive, offering fresh insights and new value for their fields and/or the public through unconventional solutions; and Have the potential to be shared and/or emulated, or are likely to lead to other advances in the field. 
Applications Due July 14.
Click Here for More Information

National Endowment for the Arts Our Town Grant Program   
Funding Priority: The Our Town grant program supports creative placemaking projects that help to transform communities into lively, beautiful, and resilient places with the arts at their core. Creative placemaking is when artists, arts organizations, and community development practitioners deliberately integrate arts and culture into community revitalization work - placing arts at the table with land-use, transportation, economic development, education, housing, infrastructure, and public safety strategies. This funding supports local efforts to enhance quality of life and opportunity for existing residents, increase creative activity, and create a distinct sense of place. 
Applications Due September 12.
Click Here for More Information

NFL Foundation Grassroots Grant   
Funding Priority: The goal of the Program is to provide non-profit, neighborhood-based organizations with financial and technical assistance to improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of local football fields.
Applications Due August 15.
Click Here for More Information

Opus Community Foundation   
Funding Priority: The Opus Community Foundation strives to help improve in the areas of affordable housing, education, financial literacy, community health and human services, community revitalization, workforce development and job skills training, safety net services, and the arts.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Ray Charles Foundation Grants   
Funding Priority: The Ray Charles Foundation considers funding for educational programs that provide academic services to disadvantaged and underprivileged youth in the area of arts, sciences, college preparation, after school tutoring. Funding is favored for educational programs and resources for youth with hearing disorders and/or who are visually impaired or blind. 
Applications Due September 30.
Click Here for More Information

Ross Stores Foundation Grants   
Funding Priority: Ross Stores Foundation provides support for youth-oriented programs and services that prepare today’s youth for a bright tomorrow. The foundation makes Corporate-Based Giving Grants in the areas of building academic achievement, life skills, competence, confidence, and character.  
Rolling Deadline. 
Click Here for More Information

Safeway Foundation Grants    
Funding Priority: Safeway is giving grants for groups and projects that are making a difference in their community. Grants from $1,000 to $10,000 for local projects, while regional or national programs can receive rewards of $25,000 or more. Successful applicants generally fulfill one of the four priority areas of: hunger relief, education, health and human services, and assisting people with disabilities. Applications are on a rolling basis and must be submitted online.
Rolling Deadline. 

Click Here for More Information

Seneca Foods Foundation  
Funding Priority: 
The Seneca Foods Foundation offers grants focused on providing resources that enable young people to become productive and independent members of their communities. The foundation makes grants in the areas of education, employment, and youth development. Funding should focus on the following priorities: preschool and kindergarten through grade 12 programs that address improved academic achievement for at-risk students; prevention of early drop-out, career counseling, improved decision-making and life coping skills; and programs that enable youth to gain skills that help them become independent and improve their access into society. Proposals for youth development funding should emphasize leadership, life skills, and enrichment programs; support for youth in crisis and at risk for abuse; and adult mentorship.
Rolling Deadline. 
Click Here for More Information

Sprint Foundation   
Funding Priority: Sprint Foundation makes a huge impact where it is needed most, supporting hundreds of organizations every year that focus on education, arts and culture, youth development, community development and disaster relief.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Standard Charitable Foundation    
Funding Priority: It funds organizations that foster strategic learning initiatives to better prepare children for success. It emphasizes programs that strengthen the quality of education, early childhood education, and workforce development.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Start A Snowball, Inc. Grants    
Funding Priority: Start a Snowball, Inc. is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring kids of all ages to engage in philanthropic and community service activities. We believe that even just one child with the right intentions and support can start a project that seems small in the beginning and eventually grows or “snowballs” into something that inspires an entire community with widespread benefits to the world around them. In order to help kids kick off their philanthropy efforts, we offer funding to act as “seed money” of up to $100 for projects taken on by individuals or organizations.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

The Stewart J. Rahr Grant   
Funding Priority: General grant, focused on making a positive investments.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Union Bank Foundation 
Funding Priority:
 The foundation's strategies for funding include educational and cultural institutions and programs that promote academic advancement, increased literacy, and fostering imaginative minds. Examples of programs include but are not limited to: scholarships, community arts education, literacy programs, and parent engagement. 
Rolling Deadline
Click Here for More Information

United Airlines Foundation    
Funding Priority: The United Airlines Foundation supports initiatives that connect people, inspire creativity, and engage local communities to make a difference. There is a particular interest in projects that provide volunteer opportunities for United Airlines employees. Examples of recent grants include after-school activities, youth centers, children’s theater, girls in sports, programs to include those with disabilities, and tutoring and mentoring programs.   
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Walgreens Corporate Charitable Giving Grants    
Funding Priority: Organizations that focus on improving community access to health and wellness, civic and community outreach, and pharmacy education and mentoring initiatives. Health is the major area of focus and will receive the largest share of the budget.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Grants    
Funding Priority: The Hewlett Foundation makes grants in five core program areas: education, environment, global development and population, performing arts, and philanthropy. In addition, the Foundation makes grants to support disadvantaged communities in the Bay Area.
Rolling Deadline.
Click Here for More Information

Job Opportunities 

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