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When I was planning my own wedding, the first thing my then-fiance and I did was sit down and list out the 5 most important things to us in regard to the wedding day. Then we listed the 5 least important things. Our lists didn't necessarily line up with each other (a Steeler's football theme was not going to cut it with me!) but it started the discussion about what we wanted and what was vital to our day. OUR day.

That's what's so great about weddings. No two are alike - each and every one has something different about it to reflect the couple's interests, love and family. It's probably my favorite part about wedding planning.

Just the other day I was on a call with a bride who was finishing up some details with me. We were talking about all the normal things when all of a sudden, she stopped and said - "Wait, I don't think I've ever told you about the theme and motif we're using throughout the wedding!" Um - NO, she hadn't! And I couldn't wait to hear it. She went on to tell me a story about the couple's past and a common interest they had that had easily created a theme to use throughout their paper products and decor. I LOVED it and LOVED finally hearing about how they were going to make their big day especially theirs.

Just do it.

It's so much more fun to plan a wedding that is a true reflection of you as a couple. Doing what others want is for the birds, I promise you! It's so cliche - but it's your day - do it your way!

Sure, books, magazines, blogs and wedding experts can help you along the way. But in the end, it's all your decision and you don't have to do anything any certain way! Plan your wedding how you want it to be, on your time, on your budget and in your best interest. Bride Support can help you figure these things out - and of course, tie it all together at the end. But don't lose sign of what the day is really all about - you and your love for each other.

Happy Planning,

Bride Support

To love and be loved is to feel the sun
from both sides.

~ David Viscott ~