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Wanted: Highly qualified candidates to become ICC judges
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As the nomination period for the election of six future ICC judges opens, we’re urging governments to put forward the most highly qualified candidates in a fair, transparent and merit-based election process.

ICC member states have until 20 July to nominate candidates for judicial elections to take place in December at the 13th Assembly of States Parties – the ICC’s governing body.


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Azerbaijan wants to end impunity - Tell it to join the ICC

Azerbaijan has said it wants to end impunity for mass crimes.

Sign our petition or send a tweet calling on President Ilham Aliyev to accede to the ICC Rome Statute now!

Learn more about our call on Azerbaijan to join the ICC on our #GlobalJustice blog.


Prosecutor asks for 22-25 years as Katanga sentencing set for 23 May
The ICC prosecutor has asked for a 22-25 year sentence for rebel leader Germain Katanga, convicted earlier this year for crimes against humanity and war crimes in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Judges will announce their decision on 23 May.


Ruto/Sang: Judges summon eight witnesses to appear

ICC judges have summoned eight prosecution witnesses to appear in the trial against Deputy Kenyan President William Ruto and radio presenter Joshua Sang, requesting the assistance of the Kenyan government. Read more…
ICC judges invited the Ethiopian government to arrest and surrender Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir as he visited the country for the fourth time in seven months last month. Read more…
ICC dismisses request to accept jurisdiction over Egypt

The ICC announced that it dismissed a communication from lawyers representing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, among others, seeking to accept the Court’s jurisdiction over alleged crimes in Egypt since June last year. Read more...

ICC prosecutor opens preliminary examination in Ukraine
Following Ukraine’s acceptance of the Court's jurisdiction, the ICC prosecutor opened a preliminary examination to determine whether the conditions set forth by the Rome Statute for opening a full investigation have been met. Read more...

Ukraine accepts ICC jurisdiction

Ukraine took a step towards obtaining justice for alleged crimes committed during the “Maidan” protests by accepting ICC jurisdiction over events in Ukraine from 21 November 2013 to 22 February 2014. Read more...

First Darfur trial postponed (Banda)

ICC judges postponed the 5 May opening of the trial of Darfuri rebel leader Abdallah Banda due to logistical difficulties.The trial is set to be first in the Darfur, Sudan situation.

Judges censure DRC over failure to arrest Al-Bashir

ICC judges referred the Democratic Republic of Congo to UN Security Council and Assembly of States Parties for its failure to arrest and surrender Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir during a visit in February.


More states should follow Belgium’s lead on ICC cooperation

Belgium became the first ICC member state to agree to temporarily host detainees on interim release from the Court—an example that others urgently need to follow. Read more...

Experts examine challenges facing ICC and international justice

Earlier this month, government officials, civil society members and other experts in international law met in Washington, DC to discuss challenges facing the ICC. Read more...
Coalition mourns passing of ICC champion A.N.R. Robinson

Last month, we joined the chorus of tributes to A.N.R. Robinson, former prime minister and president of Trinidad and Tobago, a pivotal player in the creation of the ICC. Read more…

Coalition briefs expert body on ICC budget

The Coalition’s budget and finance team briefed the Assembly of States Parties (ASP) expert body on budget and finance matters during its 23rd session in The Hague. Read more…
Genocide prosecution in a national court – Guatemala’s Rios Montt trial
Professor Naomi Roht-Arriaza shares her views on Guatemala’s landmark, yet faltering, genocide trial of former president Efrain Rios Montt. Read more...

Coalition urges Guinea to move toward justice

Guinea—under ICC preliminary examination—should strengthen its judiciary and pass laws for greater cooperation with the Court, the Coalition’s Africa coordinator Francis Dako reports following a recent visit to the West African country. Read more...

Victim-centered approach crucial to success of international justice

The ICC, UN, states and NGOs came together with victims of grave crimes last month to underscore the importance of the Court’s mandate to deliver reparative justice. Read more...

ICC invoked as Security Council debates sexual violence in conflict

Last month’s open debate on sexual violence in armed conflict at the UN Security Council saw several references to the emerging role of the ICC in addressing such crimes. Read more...

Launch of the Gender Report Card on the ICC 2013

Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice launches its Gender Report Card on the International Criminal Court 2013. Read more...

Can the Arms Trade Treaty help stop ICC crimes?

Around 60 percent of human rights violations worldwide involve guns or other light weapons. The adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty one year ago this month was a major step towards stemming the flow of weapons to those that may use them to commit crimes against humanity, war crimes or genocide. Read more...

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