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Justice means a lot of different things to people around the world.

Accountability. Redress. Reconciliation. Victims' rights. Truth. Healing. Peace. Dignity. Respect. Stability. Fairness. Freedom. Equality.

For us, it's also because justice is a Human Right.

In celebration of International Justice Day this Friday, 17 July, tell the world why #JusticeMatters to you.

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Benin has demonstrated its support for the ICC since its creation, but a bill allowing for domestic prosecution of grave international crimes has been stuck in the president's office since 2006.

Call on President Yayi Boni to send an ICC crimes bill to parliament now!

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What just happened with Al-Bashir in South Africa?

In June, Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir travelled to South Africa, an ICC member state, to attend an African Union summit. Why was he not arrested, and what might this mean for the Court?

No business as usual as Al-Bashir flees South Africa

A South African court’s consideration of a civil society request for the arrest of Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir has demonstrated that it is no longer business as usual for fugitives from international justice.

Ntaganda trial opening pushed to September

Wairagala Wakabi from the International Justice Monitor on the postponement of the start of the trial of Congolese militia leader Bosco Ntaganda.

Amid ICC examination, UN Gaza panel finds evidence of war crimes

A new UN report says that both Israel and Palestinian armed groups likely committed war crimes during the 2014 Gaza conflict. It calls on governments to ensure individual accountability.

At the ICC, there is no deterrence without resources

In this post, Mariana Rodriguez-Pareja and Salvador Herencia-Carrasco argue that the ICC requires more diplomatic support, financial resources and logistical assistance.

REDRESS“ICC must give victims real say in legal representation”

REDRESS Legal Officer Gaelle Carayon discusses a new report on obstacles to victims’ participation in ICC proceedings.


At UPR, Jamaica commits to ICC

Jamaica will join the ICC in the near future. That was the response of the Jamaican government to several recommendations that it ratify the Rome Statute made at the UN Human Rights Council.

Dr. Pangalangan elected as judge

At the 13th resumed session of the Assembly of States Parties - the ICC's governing body - Dr. Raul Pangalangan of the Philippines was elected as an ICC judge.

New DRC law criminalizes ICC crimes

Following years of civil society advocacy, the DRC National Assembly took an important step in the fight against impunity by adopting a law incorporating the Rome Statute to allow for national prosecutions of ICC crimes.

Africa and the ICC: Moving the narrative forward

In this guest post from Humanity United, Senior Fellow Akwasi Aidoo discusses the difficult but important relationship between the ICC and African states, and what can be done to improve it.

Myanmar’s Rohingya deserve justice

Migrant Rohingya are literally stuck at sea, but the persecuted ethnic group needs justice as well as humanitarian assistance.

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Rome Statute: 123
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities: 74

Kampala Amendments
Crime of Aggression: 23
Article 8: 24

Focus Countries 2015

July: Benin

*Each month we call on different countries to join the ICC as part of our Campaign for Global Justice.


15 July - Prosecuting IHL Crimes: Responsibility of Prosecutors as IHL Duty-Bearers, Philippine Coalition for the ICC and the Institute of International Legal Studies, University of the Philippines, the Philippines

17 July - International Justice Day - See our #GlobalJustice blog for list of events

20-21 July - Ministerial Conference: International Criminal Justice and State Sovereignty, President of the Assembly of States Parties, Dakar, Senegal

20 July - 7 August - ICC judicial recess
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