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Rwanda should lead global fight against impunity

François Sinzikiramuka, perpetrator (left); Christophe Karorero, survivor.
From the New York Times' Portraits of Reconciliation.
© Pieter Hugo

In 1994, one of history’s most tragic chapters played out a when almost one million were killed in three months during the Rwandan genocide.

Twenty years on, the Rome Statute system stands as the world’s best option for ensuring that such crimes do not go unpunished.

Yet the international community—Rwanda included—need to do more much to ensure the clarion call of "never again” becomes a reality.


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Tell Armenia to ensure justice for victims by joining the ICC!

Europe is sadly no stranger to mass atrocities.

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Kenya told to cooperate as Kenyatta trial reset to October

ICC judges have rescheduled the start of the trial of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to 7 October this year. The new date is intended to allow the Kenyan government time to comply with its obligations to cooperate with a prosecution request for the president’s financial and phone records, which it believes are crucial to its case. Read more...

Al-Bashir five years on the run

Five years ago, the ICC issued its first arrest warrant for a sitting head of state. The continuing evasion of justice by Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir adds insult to injury for victims of the conflict in Darfur. Read more…

Ivorian civil society welcomes Blé Goudé transfer to ICC

The Côte d’Ivoire Coalition for the ICC has welcomed the transfer of Charles Blé Goudé to The Hague. Blé Goudé has since made his first appearance before the Court. Côte d’Ivoire authorities transferred the alleged former leader of the Young Patriots militia to the Court in response to an ICC arrest warrant of December 2011. Read more...

Qualified welcome for ICC Katanga conviction

The ICC conviction of Congolese militia leader Germain Katanga has been broadly welcomed as an important step forward. However, the judges’ decision to find him guilty as an accessory and to acquit him of sexual and child soldier charges has proved controversial. Meanwhile, civil society insists that there remains much demand for justice in the country. Read more...

Where now for Kenya’s post-election violence victims?

As part of our joint lecture series in The Hague, Fergal Gaynor, legal representative of victims in the ICC case against Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, stopped by to reflect on his work in the Court’s highest profile case. Read more...

Mixed results for gender justice at ICC in 2013

Last year was one of mixed fortunes for gender justice at the ICC, says Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice in its just-published Gender Report Card on the ICC 2013. The report provides a comprehensive annual gender analysis of all ICC cases, victims and witnesses issues, and gender-focused institutional developments. Read more...


Full ICC membership best course of action for Ukraine

With fast-moving political and military developments in Ukraine, civil society is urging the country’s lawmakers to build on the momentum of a recent vote in favor of an ICC investigation into alleged recent crimes against protestors by becoming a full member of the Court. Read more...

Justice for children in conflict through the ICC

From Syria to the Central African Republic, war has many victims. But it is children that often suffer most. A reported one billion under 18 lived in conflict areas over the past two decades, with many of these forced to fight as soldiers. Access to justice for children, whether through local courts or international tribunals, can no longer be ignored. Read more...

Environmental crimes key to Pacific ICC membership?

In March, civil society and Pacific states gathered in Auckland to discuss the benefits of ICC membership and ratification of what are known as the Kampala Amendments.The prosecution of environmental crimes was a hot topic for governments from the region—the possibility of which would be more likely with them inside the system. Read more...

Civil society defends ICC at African Union summit

Last January, Coalition staff traveled to Ethiopia as part of a civil society delegation to advocate for greater support for the ICC and the Rome Statute system of international justice at the 22nd AU summit. Despite strong statements of support from states such as Botswana, the meeting underscored that the AU-ICC relationship is in need of much improvement. Read more...

Coalition launches Arts Initiative to enrich dialogue on global justice

Art can be a powerful agent of change. That’s why we have asked visual artist Bradley McCallum to harness the arts community to enrich the global dialogue on international justice as part of our new Arts Initiative. Read more...

Post-revolution Yemen inches towards Rome Statute

Yemen recently indicated its willingness to ratify the ICC Rome Statute at the Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review. But after some turbulent years, it will first need to adopt a new constitution.  Read more...

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