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World Ocean Observatory and the Arctic
World Ocean Observatory and the Arctic Future #arcticfutur
World Ocean Observatory Director Peter Neill returned from the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik, Iceland last week. He attended multiple presentations of the most recent national policy statements in preparation for the UNEP Sustainable Innovation Forum (COP21) in Paris in December, as well as reports on progress in environmental law, fisheries research, shipping technology, and approaches to economic development. He is now working on a series about the future of the Arctic that we will be sharing on World Ocean Radio, the World Ocean Blog, at, and via the HuffingtonPost Green blog.
Portland, Maine will host the next official Arctic Council meeting in the autumn of 2016. We'll be talking a lot about the Arctic between now and next fall: follow along at #ArcticFuture or #WorldOceanRadio
Arctic Council
The Arctic Circle Assembly

World Ocean Exhibits
World Ocean Exhibits
We've made some recent upgrades to our World Ocean Exhibits page. Subjects for current exhibits include exploration, maritime culture, art, literature, shipping and ship building, transportation, trade, and more. We are seeking focused, evocative, timely subject matter that is well-suited for schools, libraries, museums, aquaria, and other educational organizations. If you know of a fantastic online exhibit that we should be linking to, please contact us.

Coming in January: The Once and Future Ocean
The Once and Future Ocean by Peter Neill
by Peter Neill
Forward by Dr. Paul Mayewski
Director, Climate Change Institute
Available January 2016

In THE ONCE AND FUTURE OCEAN Peter Neill asks us to examine our relationship with the ocean and the inter-connected cycles of water, essential for our survival. Ambitious in scope yet grounded in actionable ideas and solutions for preserving the health of the world ocean, The Once and Future Ocean offers a bold vision for a practical and possible future, based on a revolutionary paradigm shift that can be implemented through the political will of individuals who understand the necessity for change. It argues for invention and new solutions, for new answers to fundamental questions, and for a new relationship built around the ocean as a source for new models of living that are within our grasp if only we have the courage to take hold. Available as an e-book, in softcover, and in hardback January 2016.
World Ocean Radio Global
WORLD OCEAN RADIO provides coverage of a broad spectrum of ocean issues from science and education to advocacy and exemplary projects. World Ocean Radio is a weekly series of five-minute audio essays available for syndicated use at no cost by college and community radio stations worldwide.

WORLD OCEAN RADIO GLOBAL offers a selection of episodes in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Swahili, and Mandarin, allowing us to connect with 70% of the world's population.

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World Ocean Observatory | The Sea Connects All Things

World Ocean Radio:
A Monthly Summary

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“Shell may go on to other projects, continue to shift their productivity to gas, and even at long last to explore alternatives such as solar and wind energy that represent the obvious long term business strategy for any company that intends to survive. The age of oil will be over soon, and it may be that this failure represents a turning point that will abandon short-term profit and oil-saturated thinking for a new paradigm to the benefit of us all."

~ From World Ocean Radio: Shell Resigns the Arctic

World Ocean Radio: Billion Oyster Project
Water Consciousness in a Global Crisis
About this episode: Fresh water shortages are making headlines everywhere. Issues large and small are adding up to a global water crisis which threatens all of us, rich and poor, no matter where we live in the world. In this episode of World Ocean Radio we'll argue that the time has come for us to rethink how we manage the efficiency of our water use at all levels of society—not only by individual conservation practices but by corporate accountability, government action, and regulation.
World Ocean Radio: Climate Group
The Climate Group
About this episode: As a lead up to the Climate Summit in Paris scheduled for December (COP21), World Ocean Radio will highlight some encouraging signs of climate progress. In this week’s episode we focus on the growing movement by corporations, institutions, and individuals to divest their financial holdings from fossil fuels. And we'll introduce the work of The Climate Group, a coalition of environmental and financial groups devoted to creating a “clean revolution” by working to develop climate finance mechanisms, business models which promote innovation, and supportive and sustainable frameworks for the future.
The Climate Group
World Ocean Radio: Pope Francis and the Ocean
Pope Francis and the Ocean
About this episode: The Pope's recent visit to the United States sparked much conversation and debate about the environment. Pope Francis has been very clear in his views on climate change as a real factor in today's world, and has expressed that we must understand and respond to these problems for our future survival. In this episode we quote from the Pope's encyclical in which he provides a series of warnings about the health of the ocean and a sustainable future.
Pope Francis
World Ocean Radio: Shell Resigns the Arctic
Shell Resigns the Arctic
About this episode: In late September Royal Dutch Shell announced it has terminated oil exploration and drilling efforts in the Arctic, citing disappointing exploratory results, high costs and strict regulations as their reasons to quit. In this episode we assert that this is a great step forward for the protection of the Arctic and express hope that Shell will go on to invest in other projects such as solar and wind that they might help to shift the paradigm for the sustainable benefit of us all.

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