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About our Kickstarter campaign

With this Kickstarter campaign, Ben Yehuda Press is launching its poetry volumes for 2020.

We have four volumes lined up to go to the printers if the demand is there.

We need your help, to prove that there is a community of readers open to these new Jewish voices, and to help us grow that community.
Our Jewish umbrella casts a very wide shadow.

Some of the poets we publish are intoxicated by God. Others look for spirituality in a world without God. Some allude to the Bible, others to Jewish experience.

Ben Yehuda Press believes there is no one true Judaism, no one authentic Jewish voice. It is the multiplicity that defines our community, and our Judaism, and, optionally, our God.

“At the airport,
a man with the Book of Genesis
tattooed down his leg boarded in front of me, 
and I couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel 
to have those words that close.”


“We shall never be in touch with something 
greater than ourselves, the philosopher’s 
best student impersonated him perfectly, 

In the same short stutter between “shall” and “never,” 
the same gaze at some point beyond us.”

“Let others bask in the surety of sunlight.
You were born of the moonlight tribe.
Let others be about answers.
You be about questions.”

“We weave a grapevine
up the trunk of the almond tree,
this world crushes,
refuse to turn poisonous,
dancing and rooting and branching despite this.”

“Creation is built of desire.
If you experience longing as discomfort, hunger as suffering,
how will you be able to create?” 

“A pale God was thrown out of the garden. 
The gate slammed behind him,
the angels went in business for themselves.”

“Loud thunderstorms
and a blinding lightening.
The children in the synagogue 
are happy: 
At least god said something.”


“Led by God
Led by Moses
we are defined by their conversation
between Divine Truth,
human truth.”

“Through death we know
there is not enough time
to wait to begin.
So death sparks a journey:
it guides us to life.”

“Your past can poison you
with passion to go back.
You are made from that past;
do not trust yourself.”

“Do not be what you were.
Do not be what you are.
Be who you must become.”

What's in it for you?

Supporting the campaign lets you get new Jewish poetry at an unbelievably low price.

$15 buys you one volume.

$24 buys you PDFs of four titles .

$50 gets you four paper volumes (and their corresponding PDFs).

For between $50 and $60, you'll get one new hot-off-the-press poetry volume, along with two thematically connected books of prose from the Ben Yehuda Press backlist.

And for $120, we'll thrown in our ten previously published volumes and send you a 14-volume Jewish Poetry Project library.
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