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Finally here is an update of the last crazy month of our lives!!! :)
Praise God all of our YWAM BORDERS ASEAN DTS school fees all came in!! Thank you so much! This has been a month full of travel, outreach, lectures, community and ASEAN nations coming together to worship Jesus and get so excited to go and make His name known in the Nations!! It has truely been a miraculous couple of weeks.. Not always easy :) I think it is probably one of the most adventurous (sometimes hard) things we have done as a family as we have been living out of a suitcase. But seeing what God is doing in SE Asia and in our students and team, He is so worth it!

READ Below for TONS of pictures and some stories!
CAMBODIA and the ASEAN Discipleship Training School!!!
We brought all of our staff to Battambang Cambodia since Feb 28th to join with 10 other schools from around SE ASIA for an epic month of lectures and outreach. We have had different teachers from around the world come and teach up each week. 154 staff and students from 23 different nations are here to know God and Make Him Known!  Starting tomorrow we have a group here called Nations to Nations from South Africa teaching on Missions. It is going to be a wildly exciting week with morning lectures into afternoon outreaches in local Universities where ALL 200 of us will be going and doing cultural presentations and then hopefully getting to share the Gospel!
Before we left for Cambodia we had 2 more weeks of lecture and one of our friends set up a weekend team building time for all of us. It was like AMAZING RACE it was so much fun but also SO hard!!
At one stage we had to climb down the side of a 4 story building!
And lastly we had to lift a HUGE tire and go SOOOOO far! Everyone did so well! Even Aum got to do it. (that is her head behind the tire :)
Mom and Dad got to end their 2 months with us by coming with us for 6 days in Cambodia. Because they REALLY helped us SOOOOO much during this school. Aum and I blessed them with a 2 day trip to Ankor Wat which is one of the most famous travel destinations in the world.
TUK TUK to Ankor Wat.. Poor Cooper was so sick :(
Flying @ Ankor Wat
All of us together with YWAM Battambang. Such a big fun group! Danny Lehman teaching on evangelism.
Conner celebrated his ONE year birthday here!
Birthday Cake time with new friends in Cambodia
Getting to meet one of my old friends I met doing evangelism 7 years ago here! Since then he has now put his faith in JESUS!
Probably the highlight of our time here. We did a GENEROSITY NIGHT where we had everyone practice giving. Everyone had to give financially to someone, give some physical item and give an encouragement. IT was so powerful! Tears flowed, feet were washed and we saw God do something special. and 34,000 USD came in to help get ASIANS to the Nations. It was crazy. I got the honor facilitating this night and I didn't know what was going to happen. but talk about JOY! It is fun to give!
Also the day before we left Thailand I had the amazing honor of marrying 2 of our friends Tukata and Jonny! Seriously felt so honored! They are a special couple.
Also so cool because my sister and her husband came to the wedding also so we had them with us in Mae Sai for 4 days! SO much fun!
After 2 weeks in Cambodia all of the schools went out for a 2 weeks outreach. We took our guys back into Thailand to Trat were we worked with this church!
We spent time in a lot of peoples homes. The mother and daughter of this family gave their lives to Jesus while we were there! And the son looks like God might be calling him to serve Him in the future!
Preaching in Thai :)
This family lives close to the ocean and they caught like 150 USD worth of crabs and shrimp and had us for lunch!! Such an amazing couple!
At another village called BORAI with a home church that has started there. I think we all fell in love with this village and am amazed that God brought us there. It is a town that has an old connection to our town of Mae Sai because of the gem mines years ago. Almost everyone had lived in Mae sai before! but our towns are like 15 hours apart! We had no idea. It was a neat place for outreach we just felt like our time there was a little short :(
Our team introducing ourselves to everyone. We got to help lead worship and do a little Bible sharing or testimony in many peoples houses while in Trat. It was fun seeing our team step up and share and pray and lead.
Before one home church time they took us to swim at a beautiful waterfall!!
Cooper had fun making new friends and eating icecream!
The other highlight was that Trat was close to the ocean!! :) Day off was a blast!
While at the ocean why not have a baptism? One of our students wanted to get baptised there! So Cool!
This is a flier that went out as we are trusting for still more money for our brothers and sisters from Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam to be able to go out on outreach.. Pretty neat seeing Asians Go! Praise God all of our Mae Sai schools finances are in for outreach but we are standing in prayer for the others. Only about $17,000 is needed now. :)
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Sometimes it is hard to fathom all that happens in a day in our lives. This last month again has been a good one. For sure it has been hard at times. The kids have been traveling so much, sleeping in weird places, eating different foods, some days on a completely different schedule! Its been crazy! But I look back on the last month and am so thankful. I feel like it has been a month of seeing Gods goodness in the midst of craziness and it is so full of JOY! One of the highlights also for us is that we have a few close friends from over the years that live here and some that have come to teach. It is so fun to see them and be able to spend time together.

Thank you all for being apart of it with us! and keep praying that we finish our time here well. We will be leaving Cambodia on April 9th and will be finally back home in Mae Sai! We are excited about this week of lecture and outreach ahead. Pray that our students and ourselves continue to go for it, and that God continues to move! We will be sending these 154 people in teams all over SE ASIA for 2 months and I think amazing things are going to happen!

For HIS Glory!
Brandon Aum Cooper and Conner
The Thai Foxes
The A, B, C's

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