An update into the lives of Brandon & Aum Fox.
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AMERICA the Beautiful!!!
We had such a good 3 months back in the states. We were trying to celebrate my 10 year anniversary living in Thailand and get a more extended break and it was so nice. We got to spend some good time with family. Even doing a trip out to Seattle Washington where we met up with a lot of our family and then road tripped all the way back to Michigan!! 
While in the States we got to share at quite a few Churches about what God is doing here in Asia. It was such a privilege. But time went SOOO fast, as it always does. We still didn't feel like we got to connect with everyone or feel like we had a full break but it was such a good time. It was so good to see so many of you loved ones that love, support and pray for us... We are so honored to know so many amazing people!
A diner train in Washington for my nieces 20th Birthday! ELK BURGERS!
I loved getting to share and even make some new amazing relationships.
Cooper loves his cousin Mable!
But now back in Thailand!!!
It is an amazingly long trip to come back home traveling with 2 small boys :) but we made it back home and have been loving being back in our own home and getting to eat Thai food and being where God has called us.
Even though we do miss family and friends and so many things about the USA we know this is where we are supposed to be. and it is so incredible to see how things are progressing here in Thailand.

Catch the WAVE!! While in the States I actually flew from the USA all by myself to attend this conference and join in on some important meetings. It was such a good time with our whole extended family. When I first came to Thailand 10 years ago these conferences were half the size they are now and now they are much more THAI then they were before. So fun to see how much God is doing around our Nation and beyond!
Nirut Max and Tom flying all by themselves to the conference!!
There were multiple times I felt like such a proud "dad" seeing these guys in action at the conference. They all at different times got to go on the stage and talk. Tom was asked to share what God taught him in a conference that we took him to in January. He was soooo nervous but did so well.. I love these guys!
Hitting the Ground Running!
Since arriving in Thailand we have been on the go.. Especially trying to catch up with our staff and welcome new ones. We also had a Christian teacher friend of ours ask if we could teach the Bible to all of the Christians in their "buddhist" school while all the other kids went and had Buddhist day she asked for special permission to have Christian day for the students. So they came to Borders and we had an amazing time. 14 of them said they wanted to know Jesus. Some for the first time..
Me teaching the students.

While We Were GONE!!
The Thai guys have been holding down the ministry while we were gone and Stephen and Angela have went back to visit the USA also. They guys have been doing such an exceptional job..
We asked Nirut to join the leadership team of YWAM Borders and he has really ran with. I feel like the last 2 months I have seen him make such HUGE steps (like getting engaged :)
There were 3 teams that came to ministry with Borders while we were gone. One was a Thai team and it was so good! Then an American Youth Group of 17 people came and the Thais facilitated their whole outreach time! The team sounded like such a good group also. What a blessing!

Our good friend Chris Kim and his team from New York.
Nirut and the guys have decided to start a football church for our older Loy football players on Sunday morning. They have been doing so good with it and taking such initiative. I am so impressed by all that God has been putting on their hearts since we were in the USA!
MAE SAI Discipleship Training School is coming in January!!  PLEASE pray with us for this school! I am so excited about it and we are running it from a prayer time where we really feel like God is saying to run this 5 months school. If you know anyone who might be interested in being a student let them know about it. It will be life changing! Pray for us and all of the preparations and for me as I lead it.
It is true!! I was invited to speak on evangelism at one of our training schools in Perth Australia. The school has 45 people and they are a  great group! It has been an incredible 3 days so far running after God's heart for the lost with these guys.
I still can't believe that I get invited to do this stuff. Pray for our last 2 days of class. and pray for Aum and the boys as this is one of the first times I have gone to speak without them coming with.
Today for class we left the base and had class Jesus style on the beach. And after I finished teaching, everyone went and practiced sharing with people on the beach.. We also had a big BBQ and some swimming :) It went really well! I will give more updates about this later.
Tonight the school that I am teaching also was commissioned for outreach. They will be leaving on Saturday for 5 different nations in 3 different teams. and they are EXCITED!
Since getting back to Thailand it seems that every couple of days we have had calls from people wanting to show us new villages. So the last week we got to explore 2 new communities and have dinner. One of the villages was a Palaung Village of people we had never gotten to meet before. We learned "GLIUP" i.e. HELLO.  in their language. Such cool opportunities. This is me and Cooper on our way walking.
We have gained 2 more staff in the last month!!! We are so excited about them! This is Beer! He is one of my old disciples and friends from when I was in Bangkok. Such a neat guy who is an AMAZING cook. He will be cooking for our base for all of our events and schools. :)
And this is KAREN at our kids club when the kids got their new Children's Bibles!!  Karen is such an amazing woman. She really fits our team well and she loves people well... Her and Nirut are actually dating and just got ENGAGED a couple of weeks ago! So we are going to be having our first YWAM Borders staff Marriage! So exciting!!
Somchai is one of our good little friends. He is a standout kid and LOVES JESUS! Seriously since I have known him I have been so impressed with him. At our kids day he put others first and shines! Well the next day he slipped from somewhere high and landed on his head. He is now slightly paralyzed :( when I heard about this I ran to the hospital and he started crying. I said "somchai your in a lot of pain eh?" he said,"No, I'm happy you came".. This is an amazing 13 year old believer, who's parents haven't taken care of for a long time. Pray for healing for him! and pray for the discouragement he feels. He said the only thing he wanted in the hospital was his BIBLE :) please PRAY!
(he is the one in the middle looking cool)
Her arm seems to have healed pretty well. and ALL of the money came in for the surgery! It has been so much fun to catch up with their family since being back. They cooked dinner for us and now say they want to have a cell group in their house!!!
Our welcome back dinner at Naam Phengs house!
Me leaving for Australia (I think Cooper thought he was going on the airplane too :()
Conner and his Great Grandma (Aums Grandma)
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God is incredible!

First of all I want to apologize for how long it has been since we have updated you. Since leaving for the US we have been very bad with communicating online. We haven't updated our Blog for such a long time. But we are going to start getting back into the swing of things here soon :).
As I write some of what has been happening I am amazing at God's goodness and just seeing what He is doing around us. Pray for ourselves and our team to especially being hungering for more of God in this season. Pray for Stephen and Angela and the next month they are in the States. Pray for Bruno and Mae as they are starting to plan to come back to Mae Sai!! Pray for Conner and Cooper as they get older and for wisdom for their parents :)
Continue to pray for wisdom and boldness as we minister to people around us.. Especially for the Loy people as we want to start to have a home church in one of their villages soon!

For HIS Glory!
Brandon Aum Cooper and Conner
The Thai Foxes
The A, B, C's

Also we finally got PAYPAL figured out so if anyone would like to send money using PAYPAL we can now receive money again through that..
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