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Hey Everyone,
Here is a quick update especially for you to WATCH A VIDEO from our training school the last 6 months! Stephen did an amazing job with this video and you can see a little more of our lives.  (if you want to watch that just scroll below, but please don't share to social media :)

This also letter has a couple other important updates. The last time we wrote you we had you pray for Pui's mother who had just passed away and for Jai and Saams father who was on the final stages of Cancer. I write you sadly to tell you that last Wednesday he passed away. It has been such a hard season for their family. We tried to be pretty involved and around during the funeral things. Which helped us learn more about the Moks beliefs but it also like living life and being family with them. It also burdened me even more to have God open their eyes to reliaze the saving, freeing, hope giving power of the GOSPEL! read more below.

CLICK HERE- Training School Video from last 6 months!
At the start of July we also were invited to Southern Thailand to teach for a week at a training school there. It was such a good time. After some weeks of teaching I don't always feel like I hit what I was supposed to but after this week I really felt like the things God gave us to do and dig into, we did and it was a lot of fun. Praise God! We even practiced lifestyle evangelism at a water park. Walking with God is fun!
Here is a picture of Jai and Saam and their uncles before they did the cremation. My heart breaks for these kids. Pray for them as they walk through this.
This is as the body was driven to the temple for cremation. We loaded people in our truck and followed behind them on the road to the temple also.
Our niece and nephew had a few days off of school for Thailand's Buddhist Lent Holiday. They now stay at a boarding school and we don't get to see them very often so it was fun to go pick them up and have them back in Mae Sai. It was good to see them smile again. The last day we all went swimming. Pray for them (Angelina and Solomon)
The kids club and Football ministries continue going well. These kids are a chosen generation for this people group!

The week after our training school ended back in June we had 2 of the leaders of WATER FOR LIFE come and help do our 5th clean water seminar.  This one was conducted all across the border. there were around 15 that participated. In the last year some of these guys have put in around 130 filters. In this picture they taught how to build a clay stove. Such neat stuff! I wasn't involved to much in the running of this one which was nice.
After teaching in the South we got to take a 5 day family vacation to the beach. We had so much fun! Our kids are water babies for sure! Cooper and I explored and caught crabs and shrimp and even a fish with our hands. It was a special time of some quiet.
Conner is growing and yes.. Loves the water!
Back in Mae Sai we have been getting to get out and explore too.
Even got to go fishing with some of our staff. (cooper and I caught 2 crabs :)
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