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Hey everyone!
Finally a BIG Happy 2017 to you!  We are already into the month of March! It’s hard to believe all of the things that have happened. Previous updates have been so long so hopefully you have gotten to read through all of the last one in the last 2 months!
:) There are a few things to update you on.

One thing is that we are going to be back in the USA in May (hopefully) and will be there for 2 months. Please let us know if you would like us to speak at your Church, Small Group or just want us over to help cut grass or get a coffee together. Yesterday was Conner's 2 year old birthday, and we are realizing we have to pay FULL price for him now :( That's another ticket we weren't thinking about hahaha. 
We haven’t been back in the US for 2 years so we are excited! If you would like to help to support Conners ticket to help get us back there please let me know!! :) We already had a little come in towards that ticket!

Below are some stories, TONS of pictures, news, updates and prayer requests!  We thank you for your continued love and support for us and for what God is doing out here in the Golden Triangle. I tried keeping this update a little shorter after some feedback that past ones are a little long :) there is just a lot to update!
In the last 3 months we have had some amazing outreach opportunities. We had a team come here to serve with us. We have had some very special times with our staff team. My parents got to spend 2 months with us! The foundation that we are under keeps getting a little stronger (through much learning). We have had some amazing friends and people come to visit! Last week we got to hold a pastors training and I just got ordained a few days ago :) (picture above is from after the ceremony)

I feel like my days in the last weeks start early and end late. I spend more time doing paperwork and am in government offices more than I ever thought I would as a missionary. But we are getting our staffs work permits figured out and running audits for our ministry and trying to make sure we are doing everything the right way to be here the correct way under the law :)
Click to WATCH: Our 2015 Mok Christmas Party
These last months we have gotten to do blanket giveaways into a new village of the people group that we are working with. We counted 108 families in this new village. We also put on a huge party for them where we got to share a little about Christmas and the Good news.  These last months have consisted of a lot more times in the villages, lots more trips with sick friends to hospitals, lots more kids clubs, dinners, invitations and one of the Mok teenagers actually is staying in our team house with our staff too! Hearing about how God is touching his life brings tears to my eyes and even more to his!
Preparing blankets and giving blankets! The cold season here is actually cold!!
This is Daan who has been staying with us. God seems to really be moving in his life. He broke is leg in a moto crash and we had to go pick up his motorcycle. Above is IKham and his wife who had their baby SaiKham 2.5 months early. The baby is a miracle. Pray for him as he will be turning 4 months old and hasn't left the hospital yet!! But he is close to be released!
Lots of times in villages. Eating, celebrating, movie nights, Baby 1 month old birtdays (Mok cultural thing), helping move, weddings. Life like we are family with these guys!
We also did a big blanket giveway in our local hospital and they let us sing songs and pray for people. Nirut and Karen are coming here each week to talk with patients and pray for people. Such a cool opportunity!

For sure the highlight has been having Grandma and Grandpa here with us these last 2 months. Cooper and Conner love them sooooo much and they are so missed as they just left a few days ago! They help us so much by helping watch the grandkids and they really bless our team! Just having them around brings so much life to us here around Mae Sai.  Also these last 2 months we were visited by my cousin and a couple that is like a part of our team the last couple years. We are blessed by some great relationships!
Other things!
Kids clubs continue to go well. Since Max left Bruno, Aum and Karen have been heading them up and planning them. They decided to have an older kids group and and younger kids group and that has worked well, but its even more work :) hahaha. Cooper and Conner sure love having Bruno and Maes kids here Artoo and Davi are Coopers best friends. We had a team help us for awhile last month from Colorado Springs. They helped put on a big English Camp for a village close to where the Mok families are. It went really well! We did a guys camping trip last month too and Cooper, Davi and Artoo came with us. Lots of fun!
Pray for Our Staff and SUPPORT :)
Bruno and Mae Are Back but their struggle to remain on the mission field remains.
There are few families that I support more to be on the feild then the Ferriera family. They hearts and love for Jesus and their love for the lost and to walk humbly really impact lives.
Finally after 2.5 years the Ferriera family is back in Mae Sai we finally had victory in getting Bruno a work permit so he is good to be here for awhile! While this is a victory the immigration did not accept the paperwork for Mae and the kids to extend their visa so they have to go to Laos get new papers and all kind of stuff. It was so sad to hear. This whole trip visas, travel and everything is going to cost them about 1,000 USD :( and its money they don't have.... if any of you want to support an amazing family to be able to stay here please let me know.
As we entered into the new year I was so impressed and humbled by so many of your love and support of our lives.
I so wish I could have each of you over here and show you around the villages and have you meet our friends and the lives that you have helped us touch through Gods graciousness. We also feel so humbled by God and His love for us and for these peoples that we get to serve and the incredible doors that He has opened into the lives of these people.

We recently had a staff retreat were we all felt humbled and honored by God that He would open up such amazing doors into the lives of these villages.
May He be glorified!
Once again we couldn't be here and do what we do if it wasn't for so many of your prayers and gifts we sure love you so much! 
Remember to let us know if we can come visit you this Summer!

Love The Thai Fox Family
Brandon Aum Cooper Conner
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A surprise Birthday party for Daan since he doesn't know when his Birthday is! It turned out to be a spiritual Birthday!
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