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Photo: 'Transformational Leadership for Educators' Course, June 2011, Denver, Colorado (Jeffco Open School)

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Fieldbook Project Going Strong !

The Fieldbook offers practices and principles for Teachers, Classrooms, and School Communites

  • Intentional Teaching Practice: The Fieldbook's Teaching Presence framework offers teachers a map for developing and sustaining an authentic, intentional teaching practice that engages students, supports learning outcomes, and improves their own experience of teaching.  The five dimensions of Teaching Presence are: engaging the self-observer, being present, practicing respectful discipline, expanding emotional range, and teaching with compassion.
  • Practices and Principles for the Classroom: Practices and principles for the classroom foster learning readiness, improve communication skills, invite  symbolic and creative expression, assist students with stress and anger management, support students to navigate transitions, and  create more productive and meaningful learning environments.  This integrated approach supports K-12 teachers to include these methodologies into their teaching of any content area.
  • Positive School Culture: Practices and principles foster positive and productive relationships between faculty members and support schools to develop and sustain meaningful vision statements, goals, and school improvement plans.

Please let us know if you'd like to assist with this project!

Photo: Teaching and Learning from the Inside-Out
San Rafael, CA, June, 2011

Upcoming Events

The First Annual
'Equity in Education Film Festival'

Hosted by Office of P-20 Education Initiatives, Anschutz Medical Center Office of Inclusion and Diversity, and the Center for Culturally Responsive Urban Education (CRUE)
Date: September 16th-17th
Location: Starz Theater Complex/Tivoli/Auraria Campus
PassageWorks is pleased to sponsor this event.
For more information:

Bioneers Conference
"Re-Envisioning Education: Transforming Schools to Cultivate the Wisdom of the Young"

Date: October 15th, 2011  @ 4:30pm-6:30pm
Location: San Rafael, California

Hosted: Barbara Cushing
Panel Discussion: Laura Weaver, Conrad Benedicto, Laurie Grossman, Kwame Scruggs
For more information:

PassageWorks Foundation Course
Date: October 22nd- 23rd, 2011
Location: Pasadena, California

Facilitors: Catherine Fink & John McCluskey

PassageWorks Foundation Course

Date: February 10th-12th, 2012
Location: Boulder, Colorado, TBA

Facilitors: John McCluskey & Batya Greenwald

Garrison Institute:
"Advancing the Science and Practice of Contemplative Teaching & Learning"
Date: November 4-6, 2011
Location: Garrison Institute, Garrison New York

Info: Mark Wilding will be a facilitator and Laura and Mark will share the work of PassageWorks
at the MarketPlace of Ideas during the conference.


Peter Senge In Colorado

“Systems Thinking for K-12 Educators and Students”


University of Colorado Denver
Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) at School of Education and Human Development

Time: 7pm-9pm
Date: Wed., November 2nd, 2011
Location:The Terrace Room (2nd Floor)
1380Lawrence St  
Denver, CO  80206

Peter Senge (MIT and the Society for Organizational Learning) and Sheri Marlin (Waters Foundation Systems Thinking in Schools Project) will be giving a public talk in which they share about their work in schools across the country.  Join us to explore how this systems approach could support K-12 education in Colorado.
Download Flyer
To register for this event..

Come and visit us!
3050 Broadway, Suite 203
Boulder, Co, 80304
Photo: 'Transformational Leadership for Educators'
June 2011, Denver, Colorado

PassageWorks Update

September Website Launch

We have just redesigned our website to further support our vision and mission with the fieldbook and serving our community.  Please take a look and share your feedback!

An Invitation to Join us on Facebook and YouTube

Building Community: We're actively building relationships and learning from our community through facebook.  If you haven't yet "liked" our page, please consider doing so and join the conversation about transforming education in America. 


New Videos: This summer we selected a few video gems from our archive. To view these video clips of PassageWorks educators and  founder Rachael Kessler. Pease go to our YouTube page. 
Please visit our YouTube page!

Vermillion Designs

PassageWorks is working with Vermillion Designs in Boulder on a communications, networking and social media strategy to connect with and support educators.

Recent Events


'Transformational Leadership for Educators' Course

Leading from the Inside-Out in an Upside Down World
Denver, Colorado

June 8th-June 10th
Facilitors: Andra Brill, Barbara Catbagan, Vivian Elliott, Rona Wilensky, Mark Wilding

Teaching and Learning from the Inside-Out
San Rafael, California
June 28th

Margaret Golden, Laura Weaver, Mark Wilding

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