The Protectors' Pledge

A fast-paced adventure set deep in a Caribbean forest with a twelve-year-old hero who must risk everything to save the forest and his village.

The Protectors' Pledge was the third place winner in the 2016 Burt Award for Caribbean Literature and will be on sale in May 2017. It is available for pre-order now.

Front Cover of the Protectors' Pledge
Back cover of the Protectors' Pledge
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About The Protectors' Pledge

Twelve-year-old JV can't wait to spend his vacation exploring the Oscuros Forest. True, everyone in the village of Alcavere believes the Oscuros Forest is a place to be feared, inhabited by dangerous and magical beings. But JV is not afraid, even when his first trip into the forest brings him face-to-face with a mysterious creature.

Then the disappearance of one of their own shakes the village and JV joins the search. He finds himself deep in the Oscuros Forest on a rescue mission and committed to a promise, a promise which the Protectors of the forest insist he keeps no matter how dangerous things get.

Can JV complete his daring quest even as he uncovers in the process, a shocking secret that will force him to question everything he thought he knew?

Ages 8-12 years old

About the Author

Trinidad-born Danielle Y. C. McClean is an educator, translator, and author. Her infatuation with words, cultivated from an early age, led to her studying law and languages and eventually to her writing her debut novel The Protectors' Pledge. Read more about Danielle on her website.

The cover of The Protectors' Pledge was illustrated by Ryan James with the back cover elements created by Cherise Harris.

Excerpt from The Protectors' Pledge:
He was standing at the edge of a glade that could have been taken right out of a fairy tale. In the treeless clearing, golden beams of sunlight hit the earth which was covered in a downy layer of soft green moss; brown-and-white toadstools of varying sizes speckled the ground, and wild anthuriums and heliconias grew alongside a stream that opened into a dark pool framed with wet, slippery rocks.

The scene was stunning, but it was the beautiful woman leaning out of the pond and stretched over one of the larger rocks who held JV’s attention. Her chin rested on crossed arms, and her eyes were closed. Drops of water sparkled on her ebony shoulders like diamonds in the setting sun, and JV stood spellbound.

Then, without warning, her eyelids flicked up to reveal large greenish-gold orbs. She fixed them on JV, holding him in a stare that pierced to his very soul. He had the most curious sensation of detachment, as though he were no longer the master of his mind or body. Persistent tugs from Curty brought JV out of his trance, and in the split second that it took for JV to blink and refocus, the woman disappeared. 
Copyright 2016 Danielle Y. C. McClean. All rights reserved.
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Coming in 2017

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