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Making Good on their Super Bowl Wager, Pittsburgh Area Companies Ship Innovative, High-Tech Products to Green Bay

Products showcasing the region's globally recognized manufacturing and innovation expertise are donated to benefit children in Green Bay

(PITTSBURGH – March 21, 2011) – Four Pittsburgh technology companies are making good on a Super Bowl XLV wager between the Greater Pittsburgh and Green Bay chambers of commerce.  En route to Wisconsin is a package of donated products from some of Pittsburgh's tech innovators that will help kids and parents in Titletown.

"While Pittsburgh is still an iconic and robust manufacturer of global goods, the region is also a vibrant hub for technology-based innovators and entrepreneurs," said Barbara McNees, president of the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce. "Today, both our manufacturing expertise and our capacity to innovate new products and solutions are defining Pittsburgh. We're thrilled to offer the children of Green Bay a sampling of the innovations that uniquely represent Pittsburgh. Knowing that Green Bay's kids are benefiting from some of Pittsburgh's best takes the edge off our Super Bowl loss."

The Pittsburgh products being shipped are a Kids Interactive Creation Kiosk (K.I.C.K) by Electric Owl Studios; two mamaRoo robotic baby chairs by 4moms; innovative math curriculum software by Carnegie Learning; and the Toy Story Mania TV game by Schell Games.

  • "The K.I.C.K is a product I worked on at the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center," said Patrick Mittereder, CEO of Electric Owl Studios.  "It's a touch screen gaming kiosk for kids, designed to ease the fear and anxiety that accompanies a hospital visit. We're excited to be able to donate a unit to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin."
  • "The mamaRoo is the only infant seat that mimics the natural motions parents make to comfort their babies," says Rob Daley, CEO of 4moms. "It moves like moms and dads do, so it's very soothing for infants, and it's been a big hit with neonatal care providers across the country. We're very happy to be getting a pair of mamaRoos to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin to help soothe the babies there."
  • "Carnegie Learning welcomes this opportunity to help improve algebra performance for high school students in Green Bay," said Dennis Ciccone, chief executive officer of Carnegie Learning, Inc.  "By providing innovative, differentiated math intervention software along with support for a select group of teachers, we expect to see these students improve in their math skills, achieve a higher level of conceptual understanding, and realize greater confidence in their math abilities. Solid science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills are more important than ever for young people to succeed today. Carnegie Learning can creatively help students to sharpen their essential math skills and close the achievement gap."
  • "Schell Games is proud to present the Toy Story Mania TV Game as part of this friendly wager," said Jake Witherell, COO of Schell Games.  "As a Pittsburgh company, it's gratifying to know that our game can perhaps create some moments of lightness and fun for kids and their families at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, particularly amid the anxiety that often accompanies a hospital visit."


K.I.C.K. (Kids’ Interactive Creation Kiosk)
Innovative Math CurriculumInnovative Math Curriculum
Toy Story Mania TV GameToy Story Mania TV Game
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