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Hello and welcome to my latest Studio Update. It's been a busy time since my exhibition Cosmic Address last year.



1. Super Earths Discovered my entry for the Stanthorpe Art Prize  [March-April 2014] was selected as a finalist. The award was judged by QAGOMA curator Angela Goddard.

2. Paintings SOLD. Happy to report that a number of paintings have sold since my exhibition Cosmic Address .

3. Travels! I've recently returned from a nearly four week trip to Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Munich and Abu Dhabi. In all places I visited many galleries, institutional and other. Very inspiring! I also did some reconnaissance for possible artist residency opportunities in Europe...and I am following up with these now.

The photo below is me on top of the Astronomical Tower at Prague's Klementinum ...amazing view over the city. You can read more about my trip at my Travels Blog post.

4. I chose to return to Abu Dhabi after a near nine year absence. I held my solo exhibition at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation in December 2005. During my recent trip I had positive meetings with various people. Time will tell what will happen next!

5. I have been invited again to participate in the invitation-only $30,000 Tattersall's Landscape Art Award held in September here in Brisbane.

6. My next exhibition will be 2 - 14 September. Cosmology, the study of the Universe [if not the Multiverse!] is still a major influence, so the show will be a continuation of my last exhibition Cosmic Address. I have not decided on a name for the new show yet. Graydon Gallery, 29 Merthyr Rd, New Farm, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

                                              SOME NEW PAINTINGS

Influences for these new paintings:

1. Cosmology egs: recent discovery of what scientists think is the signature of the gravitational waves from the Big Bang; Multiverse possibilities; Earth-like planets in the habitable zone of distant stars...and more
2. Landscape...rethinking notions of landscape with the new cosmic perspectives revealed by cosmology...untethering landscape from earth-bound horizons.
3. The potency of age-old transcultural/religious symbols and how they may 'speak' to us in the 21st century.
4. Australian author Tim Winton's wonderful speech at the Royal Academy,  The Island Seen and Felt: Some Thoughts About Landscapes, London, November 2013 as part of the program for the Australia exhibition held at the Academy, September - December.

5. Now, mix all the above together!

Images: Please click on the images or their titles to read more about each painting.

Top: Falling Out Into It Oil on linen 70 x 120 cm 2014

Above: Life Takes A Cosmic Perspective Oil on linen 91 x 137 cm 2014

Below: Shared Landscape Oil on linen 100 x 70 cm 2014



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