April 5, 2018
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is developing a national database system for tracking hazardous waste shipments electronically, known as the "e-Manifest" database.
The e-Manifest program will affect how Tradebe processes and retains customers’ hazardous waste manifests. Initially, Tradebe will use the paper manifest and will transition to e-Manifest. Use of paper will give Handlers, (Generators, Transporters and Brokers), the option to continue to ship waste to Tradebe using their current established processes, without disruption. E-Manifest is not a mandatory program; however, the EPA will provide incentives (fees) to “end” paper copy shipments in three to five years.

By way of a file upload, Tradebe will begin to submit manifest information to the EPA electronically on June 30, 2018 for manifests dated by the Generator on or after this date. As a transporter, Tradebe initially will not equip drivers with electronic signing devices.  We are awaiting the required CROMERR signatures process to be finalized by the EPA.

The EPA is replacing the current 6-Part Manifest with a new 5-Part Manifest on June 30, 2018. However, the EPA recently announced that they will allow Handlers to continue to use their old inventory of the current 6-part manifest. 

Tradebe will continue to provide internal and external updates, as well as training as this go-live date approaches. In addition, we will work closely with our clients and hazardous waste generators throughout the coming months as this new program is rolled out. The e-Manifest program will have implications for all involved. Our goal is to ensure safe and compliant shipments of hazardous waste that we manage or receive – and that our team members and clients are aware of what they need to know to remain in compliance. 

Please visit our website for further details on Tradebe’s e-Manifest program including the EPA’s most Frequently Asked Questions regarding e-Manifest. For any questions or concerns regarding e-Manifest, please contact our e-Manifest team at

Tita LaGrimas
Executive VP of Regulatory Affairs
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