Strengthening Nomad Culture and Preserving Monastic Education in Dzachuka, East Tibet
Dear friends of Tibet and the Kilung Foundation,
Losar Tashi Delek! The Kilung Foundation
and the people in Dzachuka, east Tibet, send you
the warmest Tibetan New Year greetings.

The nomad children of Kilung Valley made this snow woman
to send Losar greetings to you all!

It is deep winter in Dzachuka, but the Shedra restoration was completed before the freezing weather set in! The roof is repaired, windows and doors are fixed, and the teaching hall and dormitories are freshly painted. All the workers have been paid and have returned to their homelands.  

We are delighted to announce that the very experienced and knowledgeable Khenpo Thupzang will be leading the Shedra program. After many years of monastic education in Tibet, Khenpo Thupzang then studied in India for seven years. He has now returned to Dzachuka after having to wait for travel documents for several years.

With his return, Shedra study will be significantly strengthened. Khenpo Thupzang is working closely with Kilung Rinpoche to fine-tune the curriculum before the nine-year program begins in the late spring.

Our gratitude to all those generous donors whose contributions helped renovate the Shedra!

Last year we launched the Scholarship for Excellence program. Wangthang Dargye, pictured above, was selected as the deserving student and he has now started his first year of study at Serta Institute. He is studying literature, calligraphy and philosophy. He joins 14,000 other students who have come from all over Tibet to study at Serta, living in small wooden cabins that cover the hillsides. There is no cost to attend Serta, but the students are responsible for their own living expenses and for securing a cabin which is purchased from graduating students. Wangthang still needs $3700 to pay for his cabin.
Wangthang is very concentrated in his studies and sent his class report and this calligraphy to Kilung Rinpoche. Rinpoche is impressed by his progress. Wangthang feels that he is very lucky to have the opportunity to study in one of the best Buddhist institutions in east Tibet. He sends his appreciation to those who are contributing to his scholarship. 

Sponsorships in the Dzachuka Community
The generosity of sponsors has provided for numerous nomad school children, monks, nuns and the elderly, who live in Kilung Rinpoche’s east Tibetan homeland. To sponsor a student, monk, nun or elderly Tibetan, a donation of $15/month for each individual offers substantial help for the basic necessities of life as well as essential educational materials and services.

Tsokyi Lhamo, 20 years old (pictured here with her father), was one of the first nomad students who graduated from Ponru School. She then continued her study at a vocational school in China, and graduated in 2013 with a major in Early Childhood Education. Like Tsokyi, many Ponru School graduates have gone on to study in vocational schools or universities. Some have now found employment, and several have become monks. We'd like to express our gratitude to the donors who continued to support the further education of the nomad children who graduated from Ponru School.  
Kilung Children's School
Several years after the Ponru School closed in 2007, the Kilung Foundation started the Kilung Children’s School to offer a Tibetan-oriented curriculum to children of the Kilung Valley, ages 8 - 13. The school just completed a three-year program and will be starting the next term in summer 2014. Most of the graduates of the Kilung Children's School have continued further to high school, or have become monks. We honor them for their diligence! Sponsors are needed for the new students to help provide necessary educational needs.

Email to arrange a sponsorship.

As we begin this New Year in the Tibetan calendar, we thank you for your support of the Kilung Foundation. Every project the Kilung Foundation undertakes would be impossible to complete without our donors’ heartfelt connection with the people and culture of the Dzachuka region of east Tibet. We deeply appreciate your generosity and concern for the welfare of the Tibetan people.

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Best wishes and Tashi Delek,       

Choying Pema
Managing Director

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