Strengthening Nomad Culture and Preserving Monastic Education in Dzachuka, East Tibet
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Tashi Delek!
The Kilung Foundation is committed to revitalizing nomad culture in Dzachuka. An essential part of Tibetan culture is the Shedra, or Monastic College Education, where the teachers, khenpos and geshes who keep Tibetan Buddhism alive in Tibet are educated and trained.

The shedra at the Kilung Monastery is one of the few that has been rebuilt after the Cultural Revolution. Now it is facing another challenge: climate change. 


Traditional building practices are not withstanding increased rains. The shedra roof needed repairing before winter weather made working on it impossible. In late August, skilled builders from Amdo came and installed a new metal roof over the traditional one. They were willing to work without pay until we could complete our fundraising. So far, we have raised $14,000 but still need $8,000 more to pay the dedicated Tibetan workers who made this essential repair possible before winter.

This construction team had already helped repair the shedra and was familiar with its structure and challenges. They not only installed a new roof, but also restored the adobe structure where it had been damaged. Then, a new adobe coating was applied on the outside wall to protect it from the elements. Work is still being done to fix the doors and windows. This has been a major overhaul and upgrade of the shedra!

The second Nine-Year Shedra program will begin soon, with monks coming from throughout the region to Kilung Monastery.
Nuns from the nearby Kilung Nunnery study with their own teachers, but will be joining the practices at the Shedra frequently.

Shedra education is precious in Tibet. By supporting the institutions that train future teachers in Buddhist dialectics and philosophy, you are directly helping Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet during challenging times.  We in the West are receiving the blessings of this great tradition.

Please make a donation to the Kilung Foundation to help pay our debt to rebuild the shedra.  We need your support!

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Every project the Kilung Foundation undertakes would be impossible to complete without our donors’ heartfelt connection with the people and culture of the Dzachuka region of Eastern Tibet. We deeply appreciate your generosity and concern for the welfare of the Tibetan people.

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