A wrap up of this months beautiful food, delicious healthy recipes and inspiration to nourish your body inside and out!

Menu picks!

Where do we start?  So many to choose from but these were this month's faves.

Crackers - sometimes you just want something crunchy for your dip.

Steak and tomatoes never tasted this good before.

Aromatic rice adds a delicious boost to any dish.

Healthy Chocolate Mousse from The Healthy Chef

Energy Bars with Cacao from the This Rawsome Vegan Life

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Best post: Lemon Quinoa Coriander Chickpea Salad 

Best find: Top 8 Cleansing Beauty Foods.

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Welcome to 'delish'
The best bits from Luk Beautifood in March.

They don't call it Mad March for nothing.  It perfectly describes my month.

Following the theme of change, I took a leap of faith and tested the power of spontaneity and crammed in holidays, conferences, blogging and new recipe creations (for your body outside in this time). I've met a m a z i n g  women, been inspired, felt over-whelmed (totally), lost my Ipad, said good bye to the loan Vitamix (sob) and laughed a lot.

The Easter Bunny came to visit the family even though he had to hunt us down out west!  It was a fun and frantic month and I wouldn't change a thing....tho I am soooo behind in everything!

April is whizzing by already, but first let's look at the highlights of March.

The joy of spontaneity

This month My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Perhaps I was high on the joy of the February theme of change but in a spur of the moment decision we decided to take the whole family back to Fiji where Tony and I had spent our honeymoon.  We were in the air within 4 days of booking our tickets.
Of course, not everything went smoothly, particularly when I realised the night before our departure that our son's passport had expired! But that's a whole other adventure.

What did I learn about spontaneity?  It's wild, it's exciting and even when there are hiccups along the way, the experience is worth it.  If you would like to read more about our magical anniversary escape, I have written about it on the blog.

Mantra Power

Monday Morning Mantra

I have heard them described as food for the soul because mantras can empower, motivate and uplift you when you focus on them.  Each Monday I post a new Monday Morning Mantra to our blog to become the focus for the week. We know that beauty isn't just about what you eat or apply to your skin:  it's about how you feel and how your mind supports you.  When everything is in alignment you feel and look fabulous. 

I encourage you to spend some time focusing on the message in each mantra and use it to motivate or guide you through your week. 

I would love you to comment on some of the mantras that I post and let me know how the resonate with you.  

Caring for yourself

Mandarin and cinnamon body scrub
It is easy to give in to the temptation of chocolate over Easter.  A little bit is a treat but eat more than that and you probably regret it later.  Still, there is no reason you couldn't treat yourself to something special, which will also be good for you.   

The recipe for our super quick and easy mandarin and cinnamon body scrub was the perfect choice.  It looks, feels and smells delish and yet it only takes 5 minutes to make.

Did you try it?   

A DIY beautifood spa such a divine way to care for your skin and make yourself feel fabulous, too. 

A bloggers world

I attended the Healthivate bloggers conference that jammed in a zillion presenters, I was a member of a panel discussing the topic “Eating. Living. Giving... Movement Building”.  Talk about opening my eyes, the line up got to my head spinning.....

I met (had dinner!) with Jessica Gottlieb (like wow!) who was named the #1 US mom blogger on Twitter in 2012. I enjoyed Rochelle Solsky, co-founder of Healthshare company and reconnected with the infamous Lindy Milan from my foodie / catering days. Inspired by Brenda of Digital Parents Collective and her parent blogger community I was introduced to Valerie Khoo of Australian Writers Centre who I had heard so much about.  

Lip Nourish made an appearance and I was lucky enough to have the product listed as a Fab Find by Andrea from Fox In Flats.  (Thanks Andrea. Your readers followed your advice and purchased!)

After meeting Brenda I went to the Digital Parents Conference where I met some amazing people including Dani from Fitness Food and Style and Retro Mummy who lives up the road from me! I am in awe of how these ladies write. Note to self - improve writing skills and get personal!

Just in case you think it was all hard work, have a look at this clip from our dinner.  Yes, we did the Harlem Shake!

I am starting to find my feet in this online world and with my beautiful little biz.  I've been doing lots of thinking (more than writing!) but it's all good.

I have my 'brands' luk beautifood and lip nourish and my beauty kitchen that I started a year ago whilst creating my lippies. My online world is a bit confusing but it's what I love doing...so I am putting it all back in the mixing pot, giving it a good stir and whipping up a ONE beautiful, informative online destination. It will be simpler for you to stay up to date, join in and find the juiciest bits to help you look and feel good about yourself.     

Have a delicious month,


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