The Colborne Art Gallery is pleased to present "Crossroad", an exhibition of new
paintings by member artist Pat Stanley.
In “Crossroad”, a collection of Pat Stanley’s recent work, the artist uses two distinctly
different perspectives to render aspects of her ongoing theme: the uneasy coexistence
of the built environment with the natural world.

This exhibition includes pieces from "Intersection", her 2010 solo show at the
Propeller Centre in Toronto, that present familiar symbols of our urban culture -
concrete structures in Toronto’s landscape – transformed by future environmental impact
into images in an album of an extinct civilization. The perspective is close-up and intimate,
the structures vulnerable and tenuous, yet the viewer senses the presence of archetypal,
monumental icons of a modern civilization in decline.

Her most recent work, begun in 2011, takes a giant step back – and up – from this intimate
encounter, using vivid, aerial perspectives to further explore her ongoing theme. These
high-altitude views of sprawling urbanscapes bring to mind Hubble telescope images of
galaxies long-dead, but giving us the light – and life – of their past.

"Crossroad" opens April 23, 2011 with an
opening reception from 2-4 pm, and runs until May 29, 2011.

Gallery hours are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5 pm.
    Please join Pat at The Colborne Art Gallery and also enjoy a selection of new works
by the members of the Colborne Art Gallery.


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