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It's all about your Vagus (Nerve) baby!

The newsletter from the community committed to helping you take control of stress by taking control of your nervous system.

Learn to relax. Where to start you might ask?


Simple but not easy.


Consider your daily routines. What small, simple practices could you build into your day to respect your need for rest and relaxation? Your body needs to be in a state of calm in order to heal and perform at its best. So, rather than buying into the thought that “I don’t have time for this”, I would encourage you to reframe that to “I don’t have time to NOT take time for this”.


Some small and simple practice ideas. Take a slow breath in and out before responding to a text/email/call. Notice gratitude for your meal before eating. Disconnect from technology for a period during the day, such as an hour before bed. What practice would bring some relaxation into your life?

From your partners in wellbeing,

Vagus Connect
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