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The Doors Were Locked, but Ministry Abounded

On Friday March 13, we locked the doors to St. John’s in response to the social distancing required by the pandemic. Thanks to efforts of the previous few months by Mthr. Melissa and James Guardino to put together material for recording our sermons, so that we could make them available to the homebound, we were able to provide audio versions of our sermons and gospels. The next few weeks required a lot of attention to figure out how to craft Episcopal liturgies for video and then get that video up and running on our website, and it worked. 

During this pandemic, you have been worshipping God. There were about 300 views of last Sunday’s liturgy alone. All of you have been doing ministry during this time of pandemic. I have heard of those who print out their bulletin from the link provided in this message, and then sing along with the hymns as they play. Our leadership meetings have been meeting over Zoom, and also our New Members class, the St. Barnabas group meets at 6:30 pm on Wednesdays, and welcomes new members at any time. The building may be closed, but the ministry of St. John’s thrived at a time when the ministry of St. John’s was desperately needed.
Until we are in the all clear phase of this pandemic, we will continue to offer taped videos of our liturgies. Right now we are also in the process of acquiring a video system, to complement our audio system, so that we can have a live feed during Sunday worship available on our website. This live feed won’t have the polish of our crafted and edited videos created during the pandemic, but the live feed will provide direct sight and sound of liturgies as they happen in real time. This ministry is designated for those who are homebound. The ministry of St. John’s continues in this time of great anxiety, and heroic action. You may have done your part by being safe and staying at home. You may have done your part by being a health care worker. Just yesterday our Youth Investment Club met over Zoom to designate a local charity to receive assistance from the funds they have invested. I am particularly heartened by your worship practice because it has shown that when the rush of life was slowed, worship of God has been relished. 

Almost 20 years ago, after the September 11 attacks, many people who had not been to church in ages suddenly decided to find a worship service. Martin Marty, renowned historian of the church, wondered aloud if the millions who went to church for assurance and comfort appreciated the long-standing regular church members who for generations had been steadfast in their support of the churches and their ministries. Did it occur to the crisis churchgoers that someone had been paying for the pews they occupied and the lights ready to be turned on? Did they remember that church communities keep alive the vocabulary of prayer and tell the stories of the people of God? The world is troubled right now. The world needs the ministry of those building the Kingdom of God. Bless you for being that sustaining community.  


This week is The Day of Pentecost.  You can view this Liturgy  here:  

Go to our website, go to the Worship page, go to the Sermons and Liturgies, you will find the Sunday Service with music.
Or follow this link:
The video will be up by Sunday Morning.

A copy of the bulletin for The Day of Pentecost:

Or this to get to Ms. Aimee's Children's Chapel Lessons for Easter VII:
Ms. Aimee will continue to host a Sunday Morning Zoom. The past few Sunday's were such a success. If you are interested in participating again please send me an email and I will send you a private invite!


If you do not have a Facebook account, you can still go on their page, and then search for St. John's Carlisle, PA.  On our Facebook page we have a variety of offerings including Daily Evening Prayer by Fr. Adam.

Want to join a St. John's Zoom Group?  This is a wonderful way to connect through fellowship and education. Zoom offers you face to face education and fellowship that we are all missing because of covid-19.

Our Classes This Week:
Sunday, 11am: Children's Chapel (with Aimee)
Wednesday 6:30 pm: St. Barnabas Group (with Mother Melissa)

To Join a Group:
 Email Father Adam, Mother Melissa, or Aimee in advance of Sunday based on the group you would like to join.
One of the staff will email you back with an invite to enter group.

Not sure how to join Zoom? 
Start by watching this video.

If you are still having trouble, don't fret, email Aimee at and she will set you up! 

ZOOM Celebration for the Last Day of Preschool 2020

Each year the teachers of St. John’s Preschool close the school year with a special celebration for the children and families. As you can imagine this year’s celebration looked a little different from previous years. Over the past 2 1/2 months that schools have been closed, our staff, Valarie, Andrea, and Laura, have maintained contact and provided resources and activities for our preschool children. This past Wednesday, May 20, was the final day of preschool, so the teachers created their celebration virtually through Zoom. The children really enjoyed seeing and talking with each other. As the Finale, the children Tooted their own horns! We wish the very best to our “graduates” as they begin Kindergarten in the fall. Thank you to Valarie, Andrea, and Laura for keeping the children and families engaged throughout these last few months. We look forward to re-opening the preschool when our local school districts open—hopefully in the fall. Below are some photos of the celebration on Zoom. Look for the children Tooting their own horn!

We Welcome Into the Community of Faith at St. John’s:
John Cobbina
Jen Dieter
Andy Herring
Betsy Malavet
Leon, Katie, Lance, and Ryan Perkowski
Anthony Rauhut
Marinda Reames
Terry, Stacie, and Sarah Rembold
Curtis Stevens
Rachel Markey, Matt, Hannah, and Luke Werner
Intercessions Pentecost, May 31

 We pray for those who have died: God, whose mercies cannot be numbered: Especially accept our prayers on behalf of your servants, April, Susan, Bette, Marge, Roland, William, and Joe and grant them an entrance into the land of light and joy, in the fellowship of your saints; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen. (BCP pg. 493)
We especially pray for all families who are grieving and not yet able to bury their loved ones.
Especially pray for the soul of Charles Strohm, father of Teresa Zawisa.  Charles died this past weekend, at home with family by his side.  Charles’ services are pending for this Fall.
We pray for the Unemployed: Heavenly Father, we remember before you those who suffer want and anxiety from lack of work. Guide the people of this land so to use our public and private wealth that all may find suitable and fulfilling employment, and receive just payment for their labor; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (BCP pg. 824)
We pray for the sick: O God of heavenly powers, by the might of your command you drive away from our bodies all sickness and all infirmity: Be present in your goodness with your servants that their weakness may be banished and their strength restored; and that, their health being renewed, they may bless your holy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (BCP pg. 458)
Especially for  Linkey, Kaew, Cheri, Jane, Lori, Betty, Revena, Elaine, Carson, Gail & Jack,  Barb, Terry, Jeff, Jim, Terri, Dean, Mike, Martha, Teresa, Ryan, William, Felicity, Dave & Norma, Ivan, Colin, Helen, Joan, Donna, Marge, Regan, Jody, Todd, Joe, Marilyn, Kara, Ben, Kimberly, Rowan, Madeline, Greg, Sharon, Barbara, Jean, Tom, Hope, Jessie, Alison, Sandra, Syed & his wife, Pam, John, Jane, Megan, Charlie, Maribeth, Todd, Pat, Kason, and Dominick.
Please pray for Pam Barney and Sandra Harding, both have moved in to new housing in the middle of this unusual time.  It would be wonderful if they could receive cards and letters from friends here at St. John’s while they adjust to new surroundings.  I have checked with both facilities and they are able to receive US Mail.
Pam Barney
C/o Chapel Pointe
770 S Hanover St,
Carlisle, PA  17013
Sandra Harding
C/o Cumberland Crossings
1 Longsdorf Way
Carlisle, PA 17015

For Brian Rotz: O Lord, holy Father, giver of health and salvation: Pour your Holy Spirit over Brian; that, as your holy apostles anointed many that were sick and healed them, so Brian may be healed;  through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.  Amen.
We pray for those desiring guidance: Direct us, O Lord, in all our doings with thy most gracious favor, and further us with thy continual help; that in all our works begun, continued, and ended in thee, we may glorify thy holy Name, and finally, by thy mercy, obtain everlasting life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (BCP pg. 832)
Especially for Shane, Sharon, Kate, Keaton, Dolores, Millie & Joe, Teresa, Isaiah, Brayden, Scott, The Hurt Family, J.T. & Sandra, Marie, Amelia, and Chelsea & Zack.

We pray for those who are deployed:  Mike Reynolds
In this time of pandemic we also pray for all who work in health care:  Sanctify, O Lord, those whom you have called to the study and practice of the arts of healing, and to the prevention of disease and pain. Strengthen them by your life-giving Spirit, that by their ministries the health of the community may be promoted and your creation glorified; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. (BCP pg. 460)
Especially for Claudia Libertine, Jennifer Still, Susan Erwin, Suzanne Cornman, Marinda Reams, Laura Potts, Andrew Dussinger, Rachel Markey,  Meaghan McDermott, Monica Carman, Sharon Hattrick, Lori Edmondson, and Jennifer Gramley.
Today in the Anglican Cycle of Prayer we pray for the Anglican Church of Melanesia. The Most Rev. Leonard Dawea – Archbishop of the Anglican Church or Melanesia and Bishop of Temotu.
We Pray for our Companion Congregations:  St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, York; and Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle, England.
In our Diocesan Cycle of Prayer we pray for St. Lukes, Altoona.

June Anniversaries by Week
Week 1
  • Guardino, James & Christine                      
  • Shufflebarger, William & Patti                   
  • Bryner, Steve & Dayna                  
Week 2
  • Hayward, Dan & Cheryl                
  • Heckman, Ben & Jordan               
  • Ulrich, John & Bonnie                   
  • Forney, David & Barbara                              
  • Seely, Bill & Patt                              
  • Lehman, Mark & Aurora                              
Week 3
  • Dussinger, Andrew & Jennifer                   
  • Ackley, George & Cheri                 
  • Knight, Perry & Lynn                      
Week 4
  • Solomon, Bill & Pat                        
  • Kase, Matt & Lauri                          
Week 5
  • Doran, Kirk & Malinda Triller - Doran                      
  • Seller, Charles & Jane                    
June Birthdays by Week
Week 1
  • Hannah Carroll 
  • Becky Hammell                
  • Louise McGinnis                              
  • Lisa Miller                           
  • Carl Wronski                     
Week 2
  • Marti Green                      
  • Eloise Smith                       
  • Eric Henry                          
  • Jeremy Foreman                             
  • Wesley Heckman                            
  • Susan Murray                   
  • Brad Hench                        
  • Karen Mallin                                      
Week 3
  • Carolyn Holt                      
  • Connie Middleton                           
  • Andrew Dussinger                          
  • Virginia Harrison                              
  • Katharine Lively               
  • Terry Neiles                       
  • Craig Jurgensen               
  • Deborah Kendrick                           
Week 4
  • William Morris                 
  • Dan Confer                        
  • Barbara Jones                   
  • Donald Reinecker                           
  • Daniel Barney                   
  • Katherine Lauriello                         
  • Griff Hamilton                   
  • Janet Thrasher                 
  • Jean Voss                           
Week 5
  • Pat Price                             
  • Kirk Anderson                  
  • Jacob Dussinger                

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For those of you interested in learning more about topics affecting your financial affairs and estate plan, the Bishop White Society offers short articles written by Alvin on various topics.  This month’s articles are on Estate Planning for Digital Assets and Tips to Avoid Coronavirus Scams. Please click on the link below if you are interested in reading such articles:


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