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Playball at Home!
Headlined Skill:
Soccer Kick
The kids have been working on on eye-foot coordination by kicking the balls away with their big kickers!  This skill introduces the stance and footing to a soccer kick (both on the ground and as a goalie kick).
What Sporty says:
When attempting a drop kick, start off holding the ball with straight "arrow arms".  Make sure the stance is correct - "Mr. Stomper" is in front and "Mr. Kicker" is in the back, drop the ball and bring your foot through to kick it up.  For the younger Playballers we kick the ball off of a beacon using "Mr. Stomper" and "Mr. Kicker" as well.

Parenting Support

Sometimes parenting can be challenging.  Playball recommends Alexis Kalikman MA, MFT of KalikmanLloyd Therapy group located in Pacific Heights for families seeking help.  
Visit their website for more details:
Featured Family Event:
Movie "WALL-E" Film Screening

On Thursday November 17th at 12pm the SF Main Library will have a FREE screening of the movie "WALL-E".  WALL-E is an awesome Disney and Pixar animated film about a lovable robot in search of a friend :)

Check out the website for more details:

Playball B-day Parties!
HERE for details

Playball at Home

A great way to connect with your child is to practice this Playball skill at home - bouncing and catching a ball.  Ask your child to show you how they teach their jumpy frogs how to hop by holding the ball with their "arrow arms" then "opening the gate" and scooping it up.  You can bounce and catch to each other as well :)

Fun Quote :)

"Coach Dee Dee, you are kind of a nut!"
-- Playballer, Age 4
 (So true!) 

What is Playball?

Playball is a sports skills and movement program for kids age 2 to 6.  The sports we cover in classes are soccer, baseball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, and tennis.  Each class is fun, creative, and highly engaging.  Playball emphasizes the importance of teaching the kids important life skills (such as teamwork, communication, confidence etc.) using sports as the medium.

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