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The MOON 230HAD, DAC with head phone amplifier, has been awarded 5 stars by Hi-Fi Choice.

"It offers an impressive amount of functionality and does all of it well" 

5 stars for Sound Quality
5 stars for Value For Money
4.5 stars for Build Quality
5 stars for Features

Please click here to read the full review by Ed Selley.


"All rounders do tend to have limitations, but here I’m still looking for one to be honest" that's Simon Wilce's verdict, in another fabulous review of the 230HAD in

The 230HAD also appeared in the 21st May edition of the Saturday Times magazine. And why do they love it? Because...
  1. It's a pure analogue headphone amp, digital to analogue converter and pre-amp.
  2. The converter works with everything from a PC to a Bluray player.
  3. There's a 1/4in TRS headphone jack and variable and fixed RCA stereo pairs.
  4. Rigid construction guards against external vibrations.
  5. A low operating temperature should ensure a long life.

And back in April, you may also have seen it featured in the Financial Times, How to Spend It Magazine...

... and in Classic Rock, in which Paul Henderson reckons that the headphone amp delivers "stellar sound".

Please click here to read online the full review.

So, don't wait and find your nearest headphone amp retailer here to check it for yourself! 
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