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I’d like to highlight that VMware’s largest virtual IT event is coming up on October 18th â€“ vForum Online Fall 2017. vForum Online is a MUST-ATTEND event for IT professionals who want to learn how to lead their digital transformation by:


  • Modernizing data centers
  • Empowering digital workspaces
  • Transforming security


Agenda is here. Register here.



In addition, I have attached the latest VMware Product Releases and the latest TAM Source Newsletter for your perusal.



•    Scheduled VMware Webinar Events

•    VMware Webcasts (link)

•    On-Demand Webinars

â—¦                             SDDC

â—¦                             Operations Management

â—¦                             Automation

â—¦                             Networking

â—¦                             Storage

â—¦                             Disaster Recovery

â—¦                             Cloud

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Oct 10: Optimizing IT Performance for the Software Defined Data Center

Oct 17: Driving Cost Savings and Capacity Optimization

Oct 18: vForum Online Fall 2017! (View agenda here)

Oct 18: Using Auto Deploy (Premier Services Webinar Series)

Oct 24: Automating IT: Technical Deep Dive

Oct 25: Solve Your Citrix Problems with VMware Technologies

Oct 26: Episode 1: Deep Dive into NSX Service Composer

Nov 1:  TAM Customer Roundtable (Raleigh, NC)

Nov 2: Episode 2: Micro-segmentation Preparation and Planning with vRNI 

Nov 7: A New Toolkit: Simplify App and Access Management

Nov 14: A Deeper Look into the Game Changing Windows 10 Management Innovations in VMware AirWatch

Nov 28: Goodbye VDI 1.0, Hello VDI 2.0: Planning, Building, Running, and Securing Virtual Desktops and Apps

Dec 5: What’s New in Horizon 7: Technical Deep Dive

Dec 12: Your VDI Trifecta: Instant clones, App Volumes, and UEM




Official VMware Webcast Site: click here.



On-Demand Webinars:


•    NEW: On-Demand: Upgrading to vSphere v6.5, presented by VMware Premier Services

•    On-Demand: vSphere v6.5: Beyond Virtualization

•    On-Demand: vCenter High Availability, presented by VMware Premier Services

•    On-Demand: vRealize Orchestrator 101

•    On-Demand: Understanding VMware Validated Designs (VVD) and VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) 

•    On-Demand: Modernize the Data Center to Accelerate Digital Transformation

•    On-Demand: Top 10 Secrets to a Successful Upgrade to vSphere 6.5

•    On-Demand: VMware Cloud Foundation – Technical Deep Dive into the Unified SDDC Platform (within On Demand Webcasts on VMUG) 

•    On-Demand: What You Ought to Know about Architecting a Seamless Upgrade to vSphere v6.5

•    On-Demand: Next Gen Infrastructure: Why VMware Customers are Upgrading to vSphere v6.5

•    On-Demand: Managing VC Certificates, presented by VMware Premier Services

•    On-Demand: vSphere v6.5 Top Issues & Troubleshooting

•    On-Demand: Understanding vCenter Server and PSC HA

•    On-Demand: vCenter Migration Tool

•    On-Demand: VMware vSphere v6.5 Training: What’s New (Access replay by registering)

•    On-Demand: vRealize Post VMworld recap

•    On-Demand: VSOM: Post-VMworld Update

•    On-Demand: Introduction to vRealize Orchestrator

•    On-Demand: Cloud Management is Essential for Hybrid IT: A Demonstration on Using VMware vRealize Suite

•    On-Demand: vCenter Server v6: Updates, Architecture, and How to Upgrade

•    On-Demand: vSphere Security Today and in the Near Future!

•    On Demand: Troubleshooting Strategies for vSphere 6

•    Every Wednesday, 3pm EST: VMware Communities Roundtable

â—¦                            NEW: Looking for a demonstration of the core features and functions of vSphere and vCenter? Try this â€˜Virtualization 101 Hands-on Lab’ now!

â—¦                            NEW: Read about managing datastore files in vSphere v6.5 here.

â—¦                            NEW: How does the new Hybrid Linked Mode (HLM) differ from the existing Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM)? Learn the difference here.

â—¦                            NEW: Learn about performance of Enterprise Web Applications in Docker Containers on vSphere v6.5 here.

â—¦                            If you plan to upgrade to vSphere v6.5, check out this Upgrade Wizard. Also, here is a VMworld Breakout Session on v6.5: A Customer’s Perspective on Migration Strategies.

â—¦                            Check out this blog on vRA and NSX – Intro to App-Centric Networking and Security.

â—¦                            Learn more about VMware’s new vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager v1.0 here and here.

â—¦                            Read here about how much VMware Cloud on AWS you’ll need.

â—¦                            Learn more about what’s new with VMware Lifecycle Management for the vRealize Suite through this VMworld Breakout Session video [MGT3166BU].

â—¦                            Learn about What If? Resource Management with vSphere DRS here.

â—¦                            VMware Validated Design (VVD) for SDDC 4.1 is now GA. This version features an optional consolidated architecture for reduced footprint deployments in a single region, along with an updated software Bill of Materials. Read more here.

â—¦                            VMware plans to deprecate vCenter Server for Windows with the next numbered release (not update release) of vSphere. Learn the answers to why, when, and how here.

â—¦                            Check out this new Backup Interoperability Matrix for vSphere!

â—¦                            Here are a set of Light Board videos in the vSphere v6.5 playlist, all dedicated to helping customers with vCenter Server v6.5 architecture and design.

â—¦                            In this post, lean how to perform the upgrade from vCenter v6.0 U3 to vCenter v6.5 U1.

â—¦                            Check out these new videos to help guide you to a successful deployment and answer a lot of your questions around vCenter Server v6.5 and vSphere Single Sign-On domains.

â—¦                            Find the new vSphere Central site here. This site brings together a variety of technical assets from VMware that helps users understand how vSphere works, how to implement various features, and plan upgrades.

â—¦                            Read about the new vSphere v6.5 Topology and Upgrade Planning Tool here. You can find it on the vSphere Central site here.

â—¦                            Read about vSphere v6.5 U1 here.

â—¦                            Read this eBook to learn the connection between Infrastructure and IT Agility through a software-defined approach to modernizing your infrastructure.

â—¦                            Here is a blog on network performance improvements seen using the Learnswitch fling.

â—¦                            Before embarking on your vSphere v6.5 upgrade, read about vSphere 6.5 upgrade considerations (Part I is here, Part II is here).

â—¦                            Have questions about the Platform Services Controller? Check out this blog post, which attempts to collate all the details on the PSC.

â—¦                            Learn what has changed and why with vSphere v6.5 PSCs regarding multisite SSO domains & failures here.

â—¦                            New Course: vSphere: Optimize & Scale [ V6.5] On Demand – click here

â—¦                            VMware just rolled out major updates to the vRealize Cloud Management Platform. Functionality enhancements address three common use cases – Intelligent Operations, Automate IT, and DevOps-ready IT. Read more here.

â—¦                            William Lam writes Part III on his new project USB to SDDC here. (Check out Part I here and Part II here.)

â—¦                            Check out the attached infographic which highlights the “Top 10” reasons to upgrade to vSphere v6.5.

â—¦                            The vSphere v6.5 Security Configuration Guide is now available here.

â—¦                            Learn about vSphere v6.5 virtual machine encryption performance here.

â—¦                            What does 6x mean for vCenter v6.5 performance? Learn the answer here.

â—¦                            This KB goes into detail on how to configure PSC HA in vSphere v6.5. (And this KB provides answers to frequently asked questions on PSC in vSphere v6.0.)

â—¦                            Check out this new vSphere 6.5 Feature Walkthrough which includes VUM, Host Profiles, Auto Deploy, vCenter Server migration, VCSA, Predictive DRS, and more.

â—¦                            VMware has produced a number of vSphere 6.5-related whiteboard videos. Check them out:

â–ª                                                    vCenter Server High Availability – click here

â–ª                                                    vCenter Server Topology Considerations – click here

â–ª                                                    vCenter Server Upgrade and Migration – click here

â–ª                                                    PowerCLI API Access Methods – click here

â–ª                                                    Secure Boot for ESXi – click here

â–ª                                                    VM Encryption and vMotion Encryption – click here

â—¦                            VMware has produced some general overview videos as well:

â–ª                                                    vSphere Overview and “What is Virtualization?” – click here

â–ª                                                    What is vCenter (and Installation) – click here

â–ª                                                    HTML5 Web Client – click here

â—¦                            Deep dive into DRS in vSphere 6.5 here. Great details on Predictive DRS, Network-aware DRS, Pair-wise DRS, efficiency improvements, use cases, and keeping up with competitive pressure in automated response to compute bottlenecks.

â—¦                            There’s a VMware Feature Walkthrough on vCenter High Availability. Read about it and access it from here.



Operations Management: 

•    On-Demand: Getting More out of vRealize Operations: Using Blue Medora to Supercharge vRealize Operations v6.6

•    On-Demand: vROPS v6.6 – What’s New and Workload Placement

•    On-Demand: The How-To’s and Need-to-Know’s of Upgrading to vROPS v6.6

•    On-Demand: vROPS Webinar Series for 2016 and 2017

•    On-Demand: vROPS v6.6 & Predictive DRS

•    On-Demand: vROPS: What’s New with vROPS v6.6

•    On-Demand: Automating IT: 3 Practical Use Cases

•    On-Demand: Full Stack monitoring with vROPS, from Applications to Infrastructure

•    On-Demand: vROPS Demo on Proactive Dashboards

•    On-Demand: vROPS Demo on VM Troubleshooting

•    On-Demand: vROPS Demo on NOC Dashboard

•    On-Demand: vROPS Demo on Right-Sizing Dashboard

•    On-Demand: Log Insight, presented by VMware Premier Services

•    On-Demand: vRealize Automation: An Intro and Upgrading to v7.1, presented by VMware Premier Services

•    On-Demand: Managing Infrastructure as Code: IT DevOps using the vRealize Code Stream Management Pack

•    On-Demand: Check out the Getting More Out of VMware website for (34) vROPS and vRA topical webcasts.

•    On-Demand: What’s New with vROPS v6.5

•    On-Demand: From Virtualization to Digital Transformation: Your Guide to the Next Level 

•    On-Demand: vROPS v6.x Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

•    On-Demand: VMware on VMware: Visibility Driven Progress with vRealize Log Insight

•    On-Demand: Getting More Out of vRealize Operations: Installation, Sizing, and Day 1 Operations

•    On-Demand: Distributed Resource Management

•    On-Demand: Going from VSOM (vROPS STD) to vRealize Operations

•    On-Demand: Turning Information into Usable Graphics with vROPS

•    On-Demand: vROPS Webinar Series 2016 Episodes (from vXpress)

•    On-Demand: Make your Life Easier through Virtualization with Intelligent Operations Management

•    On-Demand: vROPS: A Deep Dive into vROPS API

•    On-Demand: Troubleshooting your Virtualized Data Center: All You Need to Know

•    On-Demand: Technical Deep Dive: Intelligent Operations with vRealize Log Insight

•    On-Demand: vRealize Operations v6.x: Full Stack Application Monitoring

•    On-Demand: vRealize Operations v6.x: Optimize your Existing Capacity

•    On-Demand: vRealize Operations v6.x: Virtual Infrastructure Troubleshooting

•    On-Demand: vRealize Operations v6.x: Day 2 Operations

•    On-Demand: vROPS v6: Understanding Policies (Part II)

•    On-Demand:  vROPS v6: Building Self-Healing Environments with vRealize Operations Manager (Part I) 

•    On-Demand: Top Use Cases for Intelligent Virtualization Management

•    On-Demand: Automated Actions, Load Balancing, and Workload Placement

•    On-Demand: Symptoms, Alerts, Recommendations, and Actions

•    VIDEOS: 50 new vRealize Operations 6 videos available on the vR Ops product website (on the Resources tab), covering Key Concepts, Use Cases, Installation, Analytics Badges, and How To & Tech Tips.

â—¦                            NEW: vRealize Operations for Horizon & Published Apps 6.5 is GA! Read more here.

â—¦                            NEW: vROPS Webinar 2017: Learn how to optimize workload performance using automation here.

â—¦                            Here are the Cloud Management spotlights from VMworld Barcelona.

â—¦                            Read here about becoming a Cloud Ninja with the NEW vRealize Operations certification for VCPs.

â—¦                            Do you know there is now a Docker Management Pack for vROPS? Check out the details here.

â—¦                            Learn how to monitor Windows Services using VMware’s vROPS here.

â—¦                            Have questions about vROPS data collection? Sunny Dua demystifies this process here.

â—¦                            vRealize Operations v6.6.1 has been released. This is a maintenance release with minor bug fixes. Read more here.

â—¦                            Learn what’s new with vROPS v6.6! Part I is here. Part II is here. Part III is here. Part IV is here. Part V is here. Part VI is here. Part VII is here. Part VIII is here. Part IX is here. And Part X is here.

â—¦                            Download a new vROPS Host Troubleshooting Dashboard here.

â—¦                            Manage capacity and utilization with vRealize Operations v6.6 dashboards here.

â—¦                            Read about others’ upgrade stories to vROPS v6.6 here.

â—¦                            vROPS v6.6 definitions of metrics, properties and alerts can be found here in this reference guide.

â—¦                            Learn what’s new with vROPS v6.6 through this VMware Communities Roundtables Podcast.

â—¦                            There’s a new vROPS Compliance Pack for PCI here.

â—¦                            Check out this video on vROPS 6.6, led by Senior Member of Technical Staff Sunny Dua!

â—¦                            Check out these favorite vROPS Dashboards, published on the TAM Blog.

â—¦                            Check out vROPS Dashboards from these online repositories / sites:

â–ª                                                    The Share Your Dashboard site (here)

â–ª                                                    vRealize Operations Dashboard Repository from vXpress (here)

â–ª                                                    VM Growth Dashboard: Shows you a VM growth chart and monthly growth numbers as well (here)

â–ª                                                    VM Created Dashboard: Shows you the latest VMs created with the creation date (here)

â–ª                                                    And learn how to create a Capacity & Performance Management Dashboard in vROPS v6.x here.

â—¦                            Here is a new Intelligent Operations e-book covering multi-cloud environments. It covers business challenges, intelligent operations, use cases, success stories, and next steps.

â—¦                            Learn how to export metrics from vROPS here.

â—¦                            vROPS Webinar 2017 – announcing Part II: “Full Stack” monitoring with vRealize Operations Manager is here. (See Part I: What’s New with vROPS v6.5 – here).

â—¦                            Upgrade to the NEW vRealize Operations v6.5 using this Step by Step guide.

â—¦                            Use the new Service Discovery Manager with vROPS to discover services in your environment automatically (for environments vSphere v6.5 and above). Learn more here.

â—¦                            Learn how to monitor NSX Edge, SSL VPN, Firewall, and Logical Switch using only one dashboard by using vROPS here.

â—¦                            Learn how to use custom metrics groups in vROPS for troubleshooting here.

â—¦                            VMware has produced the following vROPS videos:

â–ª                                                    vROPS Overview – click here

â–ª                                                    Troubleshooting VM Performance in vROPS – click here

â—¦                            Become a Master of Operations Management by accessing the vRealize On Demand portal here.




•    On-Demand: Getting More Out of vRealize: Improve your Skills from Monitoring Virtual Machines to Multi-Clouds

•    On-DemandThe Secret to Delivering Applications Faster with Automation

•    On-Demand: vRealize Automation: Event Broker, presented by VMware Premier Services

•    On-Demand: VMware vRealize Automation 7 Troubleshooting

•    On-Demand: Self-service published applications via WorkspaceOne and vRA/vRO

•    On-Demand: How to build blueprints in vRA – single machine, application, and with AWS

•    On-Demand: vRealize Business for Cloud (vRBC) Overview & Demo

•    On-Demand: Check out the Getting More Out of VMware website for (34) vROPS and vRA topical webcasts.

•    On-Demand: vRealize Automation: Getting Started with IT Automation and Self-Service Provisioning

•    On-Demand: What’s New for VMware PowerCLI 6.5

•    On-Demand: Integrations with vRealize Automation

•    On-Demand: vRealize Automation: Day 2 Operations

•    On-Demand: vRealize Automation – Orchestration and Advanced Use Cases

•    On-Demand: In the Know with vRealize Automation 7 (Click over to “Available On Demand”)

•    On-Demand: Automation and Virtualization Simplify Life. Can They Simplify Security?

•    On-Demand: Taking Control: Automation for Cloud Services ­ panel discussion and technical demo of vRA v7.0

•    On-Demand: Transforming Enterprise Application Development through Continuous Delivery and DevOps Practices

â—¦                            Learn how to scale your vRA v7.3 environment through this blog (Part I). 

â—¦                            Watch this video to learn how VMware uses vRA internally to drive best DevOps practices internally on our own IT.

â—¦                            Did you know that you can now use your vRA license to also use vRealize Code Stream Management Pack for IT DevOps (“Houdini)? Check out page 27 from this June vRA product guide.

â—¦                            vRA 7.3 was recently released. Check out the list of new capabilities, including Policy-Based Optimization of Virtual Machine Placement, Puppet/Service Now Integration, Easier Management, and enhanced vRealize Business for Cloud integration in this blog.

â—¦                            Enable automated self-service with vRA and Puppet here.

â—¦                            Learn how to configure the vRA plugin for Service Now here.

â—¦                            DevOps-Ready IT: Learn about continuous delivery of vRealize Automation blueprints here.




•    NEW: On-Demand: Packet captures using NSX, presented by VMware Premier Services

•    On-Demand: VMware App Defense

•    On-Demand: Extend Security from the Mobile Device into the Datacenter using VMware Airwatch and NSX

•    On-Demand: Deploying Enterprise Secure Desktops and Applications with VMware Horizon and NSX

•    On-Demand: Redefine IT Security with VMware using Identity, Endpoint Management, Virtualization, and Cloud

•    On-Demand: 5 Key Benefits of Micro-segmentation

•    On-Demand: Essentials of Micro-segmentation

•    On-Demand: Security at the Speed of Business

•    On-Demand: Next Generation NetOps and SecOps Platform

•    On-Demand: Create a Virtualized DMZ and Manage Security Incidents with NSX

•    On-Demand: NSX and Security Operations

•    On-Demand: Get more Value Out of NSX with Operational Transformation

•    On-Demand: Introduction to Operational Transformation with NSX

•    On-Demand: Check out this interview with Bruce Davie, VMware VP & CTO, about software-defined networking and the changes that are in store for data center networking.

•    On-Demand: NSX Customer Success Story with Vallejo Sanitation

•    On-Demand: VMware NSX in the Public Cloud with VMware Sr Tech Product Manager of NSBU Amol Tipnis.

•    On-Demand: NSX Master Class: NSX Load Balancer – Absolutely!

•    On-Demand: NSX Master Class: Security

•    On-Demand: NSX Master Class: Networking from Physical to Virtual and Back Again!

•    On-Demand: Introduction to Operational Transformation with NSX Network Virtualization and Security

•    On-Demand: Tackle Security Concerns with Micro-segmentation

•    On-Demand: 3 Ways That Network Virtualization Transforms Data Centers

•    On-Demand: Getting More Out of vRealize Network Insight: Overview, Installation/Config, and Micro-segmentation Deployment Planning (Click “Live & On Demand” Tab)

•    On-Demand: NSX for Multi-site Deployments and Disaster Recovery

•    On-Demand: Networking & Security for Virtual Desktops and Mobile Devices

•    On-Demand: Micro-segmentation Planning – What You Need to Know

•    On-Demand: Advanced Troubleshooting for VMware NSX

•    On-Demand: Policy Automation and Detection with NSX and the SDDC

•    On-Demand: Getting Started with Micro-Segmentation

•    On-Demand: NSX Master Class: Flow-Based Troubleshooting

•    On-Demand: NSX Master Class: Analytics

•    On-Demand: NSX Master Class: Visibility

•    On-Demand: The Evolution of VMware’s Private Cloud Network Using NSX

•    On-Demand: IT Automation with NSX Network Virtualization and Security

•    On-Demand: NSX: Tools and Workflow Requirements

•    On-Demand: NSX: Streamlining Day 2 Processes

•    On-Demand: NSX: Organizational Structures, Roles, and Responsibilities

•    On-Demand: Operationalize Network Virtualization: Best Practices and Strategies

•    On-Demand: Key Use Cases for Network Virtualization: How and Why

•    On-Demand: Automate Security Workflows with VMware NSX

•    On-Demand: 8 Reasons you need Micro-segmentation

•    On-Demand: Micro-segmentation: What It Is and What it Isn’t

•    On-Demand: NSX at VMware

•    On-Demand: Influencers Panel: Importance of Networks in a virtualized world

•    On-Demand: Achieving Real IT Automation: The NSX Advantage

•    On-Demand: Why Data Center Networking is Ready for Change

•    On-Demand: The New Era of Data Center Agility: An Analysis of Hardware vs Software-Centric Approaches

•    On-Demand: A 3-minute summary of NSX and Micro-segmentation

•    On-Demand: Technical Introduction to VMware NSX

•    On-Demand: Business Case Introduction to VMware NSX

â—¦                            NEW: New white paper on securing mobile endpoints with NSX network virtualization is available here.

â—¦                            NEW: There’s a new VCDX6-Network Virtualization certification. Learn details here.

â—¦                            Enhance security by using VMware’s AppDefense with Carbon Black here.

â—¦                            Learn about Desktop Security using VMware’s NSX here.

â—¦                            Learn more about the Horizon Service Installer fling here to jumpstart your micro-segmentation efforts for the desktop. 

â—¦                            This is the first in a series of four articles and videos featuring VMware CTO Bruce Davie discussing the future of networking and the role of networking in digital transformation.

â—¦                            VMware’s Principal Engineer and Chief Ecosystem Technologist just weighed-in here on why he feels networking is at the heart of Data Center Modernization.

â—¦                            New to VMware NSX? Read the overview and access additional resources here.

â—¦                            Watch here on how customers are using VMware’s NSX for use cases beyond security.

â—¦                            If you’re looking for opportunities to optimize network performance with NSX, register for VMware’s Virtual Network Assessment here.

â—¦                            Why learn more about VMware NSX? Here is a list of reasons. And here is an NSX reference poster.

â—¦                            Check out this advice on how to navigate the growing VMware NSX certification track.

â—¦                            Check out this introduction video to the VMware NSX-T platform.

â—¦                            VMware and Pivotal have extended a strategic alliance to integrate VMware NSX and Pivotal Cloud Foundry to deliver new “Developer-Read Infrastructure”. Read more here.

â—¦                            Learn about the new NSX Mindset – a new paradigm in the IT industry – here, in an article by VMware’s Director of Technical Certification, Networking and Security Chris McCain.

â—¦                            Learn how to use vRealize Network Insight, NSX, and Palo Alto Networks for micro-segmentation here

â—¦                            Make your journey to SDDC a reality with expert NSX training from VMware here.

â—¦                            NSX-V updated versions of the Security Configuration (nee Hardening) Guide is here.

â—¦                            NSX-V Secure Configuration whitepaper can be found here.

â—¦                            Check out this vCNS to NSX Upgrade Guide.

â—¦                            Enable customer operations with NSX and vRNI here.

â—¦                            Kubernetes and VMware NSX is here.

â—¦                            Check out these NSX videos:

â–ª                                                    NSX - Network Concepts Overview – click here

â–ª                                                    NSX – Micro-segmentation – click here

â—¦                            You can try VMware NSX for free with intro and advanced-level hands-on labs here!

â—¦                            vRealize Network Insight (vRNI):

â–ª                                                     Breakout Sessions:

â–ª                                                              MGT9457 - Understanding the Value of vRealize Network Insight – click here

â–ª                                                              NET8241 – Monitoring and Troubleshooting NSX with vRealize Network Insight – click here

â–ª                                                              MGT8486 – NSX Operations with vRealize Suite – click here

â–ª                                                     Hands-on Lab: HOL-1729-SDC-1 - Introduction to vRealize Network Insight – click here

â—¦                             Here is free video training on NSX.

â—¦                             Download this free Micro-segmentation for Dummies (VMware Special Edition) e-book.

â—¦                             Ready for a Crash Course in Network Virtualization?  Download the Network Virtualization For Dummies book for free here.

â—¦                             Product walk-through demo on NSX can be found here.




•    On-Demand: How to Ready Your Infrastructure for Public Cloud

•    On-Demand: What’s New with vSAN Management

•    On-Demand: vSAN Operations and Management Recommendations and Best Practices

•    On-Demand: Essential Guide to vSAN ReadyNodes

•    On-Demand: Top Use Cases to Target for a Modern Infrastructure

•    On-Demand: VMware vSAN Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

•    On-Demand: Making the Case for Modern Infrastructure

•    On-Demand: Getting more out of vSAN: Chat with the Experts

•    On-Demand: Getting more out of vSAN: Understanding Data Placement, Movement, and Availability

•    On-Demand: 5 Myths of Modern Infrastructure…Busted!

•    On-Demand: VVOLs Deep Dive

•    On-Demand: How CenturyLink Modernized their Infrastructure with vSAN

•    On-Demand: Ruby vSphere Console (RVC): Managing your vSAN, presented by VMware Premier Services

•    On-Demand: Troubleshooting Storage Performance, presented by VMware Premier Services

•    On-Demand: Deep Dive into What’s New in vSAN 6.6

•    On-Demand: vSAN v6.6

•    On-Demand: Modernize your IT with vSAN Innovations

•    On-Demand: Gain Visibility into Key Data Center Metrics

•    On-Demand: Monitoring & Troubleshooting for the vSAN Administrator (Session #4)

•    On-Demand: Sizing & Design Guidance for the vSAN Architect (Session #3)

•    On-Demand: Server & Network Hardware Design Guide for Deploying & Operating with vSAN (Session 2)

•    On-Demand: 5 Myths on Hyper-Converged Infrastructure….Busted!

•    On-Demand: vExpert Panel Discussion: What Every Business Should Know about Hyper-Converged Infrastructure & vSAN.

•    On-Demand: Virtual SAN Troubleshooting Techniques

•    On-Demand: vSAN: Enterprise Grade Storage for Hyper-Converged Infrastructures 

•    On-Demand: vSAN: Building a Business Case for VMware Hyper-Converged Software with Virtual SAN

•    On-Demand: vSAN: Understanding the Availability Features of Virtual SAN

•    On-Demand: vSAN: Three Approaches to Deploying an HCI Solution (Part 2)

•    On-Demand: HCI and Virtual SAN: What the IDC Tests Reveal

•    On-Demand: Building a Business Case for Virtual SAN All-Flash

•    On-Demand: vSAN-Space Efficiency

•    On-Demand: vSAN: Availability

•    On-Demand: vSAN: Performance

â—¦                            Check out this vSAN v6.6.1 performance diagnostics demo.

â—¦                            What is the recommended approach when it comes to provisioning storage for Oracle RAC or Oracle Single instance? Is it VMDK or RDM? Find out here.

â—¦                            If you’re having confusion determining which vSAN version correlates to which vSphere release, check out this KB article.

â—¦                            Here is a closer look at the performance improvements in vSAN v6.6.

â—¦                            VMware announced vSAN Day 0 support here.

â—¦                            New Course: VMware vSAN: Deploy & Manage [V6.6] – click here

â—¦                            Read about Oracle on VMware vSphere & vSAN here.

â—¦                            Check out these top vSAN troubleshooting tips.

â—¦                            Did you know there is now a Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM) plugin for vRA that brings vSphere VM storage policies to the vRealize Automation service catalog? Learn more here.

â—¦                            Learn basic to advanced vSAN in 80 minutes here.

â—¦                            vSAN 6.6 is now available, with several important features such as native data-at-rest encryption and enhanced stretched clusters with local failure protection. Read here on why VMware decided to deliver major vSAN features through a vSphere patch release.

â—¦                            Here are some vSAN demos:

â–ª                                                    vSAN 6.6: Enabling Encryption – click here

â–ª                                                    vSAN 6.6: Stretched Cluster Local Failure Protection - click here

â—¦                            Here are some new Virtually Speaking podcasts on vSAN:

â–ª                                                    vSAN 6.6: Part I – click here

â–ª                                                    vSAN 6.6: Part II - click here

â—¦                            Here are 9 Tools you should be using in your VMware Environment

â—¦                            Check out this awesome vSAN walk-through portal. It includes technical resources for vSAN to help you at every stage from evaluation to optimization.

â—¦                            Learn more about vSAN 6.6 through these resources and demo.

â—¦                            vSAN now has a 2.5x performance increase! Check it out here.

â—¦                            30+ videos on Storage were added to the VMware Learning Zone! Review the list here.

â—¦                             Check out this vSAN Playlist on YouTube.

â—¦                             Below are 6 nifty and versatile tools to get started with VMware Virtual SAN

â–ª                                                     Virtual SAN Product Walkthrough: Click here

â–ª                                                     Virtual SAN Hands-on-Labs (HOL): Click here

â–ª                                                     Virtual SAN Assessment: Click here

â–ª                                                     VMware Virtual SAN TCO and Sizing Calculator: Click here

â–ª                                                     Virtual SAN Ready Node Configurator: Click here

â–ª                                                     vSAN Hardware Compatibility List Checker Fling: Click here



Disaster Recovery:

•    On-Demand: VMware Site Recovery Manager Troubleshooting Tools, Tips and Tricks

•    On-Demand: How did VMware IT Achieve a Non-Disruptive Disaster Recovery Test in 90 Minutes for 900 Terabytes of Storage and 2000 Product Virtual Machines?

â—¦                            Learn about recovery testing and SRM, written by VMware SME GS Khalsa: Part 1 is here; Part 2 is here.

â—¦                            Learn what’s new in SRM v6.5 here.




•    On-Demand: Accelerate your Move to the Cloud with VMware and Microsoft

•    On-Demand: Extending your Data Center into the Cloud with iLand and vCloud Air

•    On-Demand: Now you can have an Effective Multi-Cloud Strategy

•    On-Demand: Now What? Putting Your Cloud Migration Plan into Action

•    On-Demand: Not If but When: Key Cloud Migration Decisions

•    On-Demand: Extending to the Cloud

•    On-Demand: Getting Started with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

•    On-Demand: Delivering a Successful Private Cloud: A Customer’s Journey to Build Learning and Development Environments

•    On-Demand: Building the Best Foundation for your Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud

•    On-Demand: Tips and Trends on Extending to the Cloud

•    On-Demand: Meeting Today’s Digital Transformation Challenges

•    On-Demand: Accelerate and Simplify Your Journey to the Hybrid Cloud

•    On-Demand: Key Technical Considerations for Deploying a Secure Hybrid Cloud Platform 

•    On-Demand: Modernize with a Public Cloud Platform – Key considerations for the Enterprise

•    On-Demand: Extending vSphere Workloads to the Public Cloud

•    On-Demand: Cloud Based Disaster Recovery from VMware

â—¦                            VMware VP of Server Virtualization Products Mark Lohmeyer discusses VMware’s partnership with AWS here, expected, management capabilities and what the service means for partners and customers.

â—¦                            Can private clouds be cheaper than public clouds? Read here about how companies run their private clouds cheaper.

â—¦                            Learn more about VMware Cloud for the AWS Cloud in this video.

â—¦                            Learn how to configure Auto-Scaling for Private Cloud here.

â—¦                            Learn about VMware’s cross-cloud vision here.

â—¦                            Learn how to build a hybrid cloud based on VMware Cloud Foundation and vRealize Suite here.

â—¦                            Learn 3 reasons to go Hybrid here.

â—¦                            The journey from private cloud architecture to cross-cloud is a transition that positions organizations for future success. Read more here.

â—¦                            Check out this Introduction Video on VMware Cloud on AWS here.

â—¦                            Check out this new video on the Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA) Tool.

â—¦                            This Cloud Management for Dummies eBook shows how to meet Cloud-Driven challenges, including lifecycle management, hybrid landscape, quality of service, and cost containment.

â—¦                             VMware Cloud Foundation is = vSphere + NSX + VSAN + SDDC Manager; the latter automates the deployment of the former between clouds. Read more about VCF here and here.




•    On-Demand: 6 Things to Consider Before Selecting a Desktop and App Virtualization Solution

•    On-Demand: Rethink How You Are Managing Windows 10 Devices Today

•    On-Demand: Thinking Windows 10? Think Simple, Scalable, and Secure Deployments with Desktop Virtualization

•    On-Demand: View: Instant Clones, presented by VMware Premier Services

•    On-Demand: Mobile and Desktops Converge with Unified Endpoint Management

•    On-Demand: VMware Vision and What’s New Desktop and Application Virtualization

•    On-Demand: Taking GPU-powered Desktops to the Cloud with VMware and NVIDIA

•    On-Demand: Unlocking Mobility with Derived Credentials and VMware AirWatch

•    On-Demand: Explore the Latest Workspace ONE and AirWatch 9.1 Release

•    On-Demand: User Environment Manager, presented by VMware Premier Services

•    On-Demand: Achieve Your Workspace Goals: Episode 3: Your Path to Workspace ONE using Identity Manager

•    On-Demand: Explore the Latest AirWatch 9.1 Release

•    On-Demand: Hummingbad, QuadRooter, Trident: What’s the next mobile threat?

•    On-Demand: Windows 10 Anniversary Updates and Modernizing OS Management

•    On-Demand: Enabling Office 365 for Mobile Workers

•    On-Demand: Achieve Your Workspace Goals: Episode 2: Your Path to Workspace ONE using AirWatch

•    On-Demand: Build High-Performance Multi-Site EUC Systems

•    On-Demand: Modernizing Windows 10 Management for the Mobile-Cloud 

•    On-Demand: Achieve Your Workspace Goals: Episode 1: your Path to Workspace ONE from Horizon

•    On-Demand: What’s New with Horizon 7.1 and NVIDIA GRID

•    On-Demand: New on the Horizon – Horizon 7.1 and Horizon Apps raises the bar for user experience & published applications

•    On-Demand: Redefining Virtual Desktops and Apps with Horizon Cloud

•    On-Demand: Learn Best Practices and Troubleshooting of Workspace ONE

•    On-Demand: Five Essentials for Unified Endpoint management for Windows 10

•    On-Demand: How Mobility is Changing Everything about Retail Branch Banking

•    On-Demand: Blast Off with Horizon 7 – New Features Make a Great User Experience Even Better

•    On-Demand: Enabling the Digital Workspace with Workspace ONE

•    On-Demand: Enabling the Digital Workspace with Identity at the Center

•    On-Demand: Enabling the Digital Workspace with Secure Productivity Apps

•    On-Demand: How to Safeguard Mobile Apps

•    On-Demand: Next Generation Security with VMware NSX for AirWatch

•    On-Demand: Introducing Industry Templates for iOS ­ Simplify Mobility Initiatives with the Right Workflows, Apps, and Policies

•    On-Demand: AirWatch Architecture Best Practices

•    On-Demand: GIS Workflows with ArcGis Pro in virtual environments

•    On-Demand: How Mobile Transforms the Enterprise

•    On-Demand: VMware and NVIDIA Simplify Desktop Virtualization for Higher Education Customers

•    On-Demand: VMware and NVIDIA: Extending the Power of Virtualization in Higher Education

•    On-Demand: Tips and Tricks for Building a Mobile Secure Workspace with VMware Horizon 

•    On-Demand: VMware NSX for Horizon (video series)

•    On-Demand: Learn how NSX delivers a comprehensive security approach for Horizon environments

â—¦                            NEW: vRealize Operations for Horizon & Published Apps 6.5 is GA! Read more here.

â—¦                            Learn how to support multiple authentication use cases with VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) here.

â—¦                            You’re invited to our EUC Showcase at VMworld Europe here.

â—¦                            Stay ahead of the competition at VMworld Europe here.

â—¦                            What is VMware Identity Manager? It’s just re-named VMworld Workspace Portal. Read more here.

â—¦                            Learn more about the future of analytics with Workspace ONE Intelligence here, with a solution that incorporates both Apteligent and Project Janus.

â—¦                            There are (5) new VMware Workspace ONE Sessions at VMworld 2017. Read about them here, and then watch the replays.

â—¦                            New Course: VMware Horizon 7: Design Workshop [V7] – click here

â—¦                            Read about VMware Workspace ONE Updates, with an elegant experience for employees & government-grade security for IT here.

â—¦                            Are you ready for the next phase of mobile? Find out in this article “Going Mobile to the Core”.

â—¦                            VMware announced intent to deliver Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure, further differentiating our desktop and application virtualization solutions in the market. Read more here and here.

â—¦                            VMware and Oracle collaborate to enable advanced security features and streamlined management of Oracle mobile enterprise applications here.

â—¦                            Check out the top 10 identity and access management challenges that customers are facing here.

â—¦                            The digital workspace requires a new approach to securing individuals, data, and devices in a globally networked ecosystem. Read more here.

â—¦                            Here’s how we evolved the Boxer mobile app into VMware Boxer, an effortless enterprise email user experience for the digital workspace.

â—¦                            The entire Reviewer’s Guide for View in Horizon 7 is now available here.

â—¦                            Here is a new reviewer’s guide for Cloud-based VMware Workspace ONE. 

â—¦                            This VMware Workspace ONE reference architecture: validated integration design white paper provides a reference architecture for implementing the Workspace ONE product, based on key business requirements such as enabling business mobility for employees, and identified use cases, such as mobile knowledge workers. Read more about it here.

â—¦                             VMware’s Always On design guide for a 24/7 branch solution can be found here.

â—¦                             Learn how App Volumes helps deploy applications faster in your VDI environment here.

â—¦                             Watch AirWatch videos here.

â—¦                             Access deeper technical overviews for:

â–ª                                                     App Volumes Â­ click here

â–ª                                                     User Environment Manager Â­ click here

â–ª                                                     vRealize Operations for Horizon Â­ click here

â–ª                                                     Identity Manager Â­ click here




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•    Program for VMUG Advantage subscribers: EVALExperience by VMware Â­ a renewable 365-day, non-production license so that you can access and evaluate the latest and greatest VMware products – now including NSX!  Click here for the press release, here for the blog, and here to sign up! 

•    VMUG COMPASS: Latest issue is available here. (The stories of this issue are about VMware’s Photon Platform, VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services, and Upgrading to vSphere v6.5).

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Scheduled VMUG Webinar Events:

Oct 10: Pure Storage Webcast Series (1 of 3): ESXi Storage Capacity Reclamation (UNMAP) Deep Dive (Pure Storage)

Oct 12: Raleigh VMUG (e+, Zerto)

Oct 17: Weathering the Storm: How to Handle VDI Boot Storms with Ease (Reduxio)

Oct 19: Ensuring On-Premise Levels of Security in the vCloud (iLand)

Oct 31: Pure Storage Webcast Series (2 of 3): Best Practices for All-Flash Arrays with VMware vSphere (Pure Storage)

Nov 16: Pure Storage Webcast Series (3 of 3): Deep Dive into vSphere v6.5 Core Storage Features and Functionality (Pure Storage)



VMware Education and News: (Always New Info!)

•  Read this TAM post about how VMware TAMs build bridges and bridge gaps between customers and VMware.

•  Check out the 10 most popular Hands-On Labs during VMworld 2017 here.

•  VMware’s COO Sanjay Poonen educates CNBC’s Jim Cramer here on how the new hardware economy is growing (and with it, VMware).

•  VMware CMO recently interviewed with Mobile First about how VMware empowers IT Departments to Drive Business Transformation and provides practical advice for IT Leaders. Listen here.

•  Big News! VMware is ONLY firm to rank in Top 5 over the last 5 years for NPS Score! Read it here.

•  VMware Skyline is radically transforming VMware customer support. Read more here.

•  New VMware courses!

â—¦                            vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, Manage v7.3 – click here

â—¦                            ON DEMAND: vSAN: Deploy and Manage v6.6 – click here

â—¦                            ON DEMAND: AirWatch: Install and Deploy on Premise Solutions – click here

â—¦                            ON DEMAND: Identity Manager: Deploy and Manage with AirWatch – click here

â—¦                            ON DEMAND: Workspace ONE: Deploy and Manage – click here

â—¦                            ON DEMAND: Certification Exam Prep: VCP6.5-DCV Exam – click here

•  Learn about the difference between the VCP6.5-DCV regular and delta exams here



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•  Learn how VMware Skyline is radically transforming customer support here and here.

•  Check out the latest Flings here.

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