Wines that make sense.

Wines that Make Sense

"The wines I have chosen to produce are the wines that history has delivered to me."
-Elena Pantaleoni         

The ancient estate of La Stoppa was acquired by Elena Pantaleoni’s father in 1973. Located in the western region of Emilia Romagna, about 50 kilometres from Milan, the estate covers 58 hectares of which approximately 30 are vineyards and is now run by Elena Pantaleoni.
Since partnering with Guilio Armani of Denavolo (you can read our profile on Guilio here) in 1991, they decided that the climate was too hot to make the best of the originally planted varieties - Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon – and began replanting with indigenous varieties: Barbera, Bonarda, Malvasia di Candia, Ortruga and Trebbiano.
In 1996, they began using organic agriculture and became certified in 2008. Though the area’s warm climate and heavy clay soil can be challenging, Elena has been undaunted and in an area historically dominated by cooperatives and industrial production, has persisted in making unique wines that ‘make sense’ – wines that have a strong identity, reflecting the characteristics of place.

In the cellar Elena and Guilio employ natural practices, using long skin macerations and never add sulphur during vinification. Stainless steel, cement and wooden tanks are used for fermentation and barrels for aging.

In 2010, Elena and Giulio decided to start making Trebbiolo Rosso a wine made from the estates young vineyards of Barbera and Bonarda.  The 2013 Trebbiolo Rosso tastes of the land and reminds of Emilia-Romagna: the land of hills and mist; prosciutto and parmigiano; friends and fun times.

This wine is the perfect introduction to natural wines.  It is fresh but complex and it is made using the ancient knowledge of the estate.  No herbicides or pesticides. Natural yeasts. No sulphur added.  No fining or filtration. Pure juice.

Macchiona is named after a farmhouse located in the middle of the most traditional red varietal vineyards of the Colli Piacentini and this wine reflects those characteristics. 50% Barbera, 50% Bonarda, with 12 months in oak casks, no filtration and at least two years in the bottle, this wine has a lot going on: a nose of farmyard, meat and smoke to a savoury palate with tapenade and cherry fruit. 

La Stoppa takes the name of the company as it is produced with grapes from vines of more than 90 years - the oldest. 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot and 20% other Bordeaux varieties, it spends 14 months in wood and 2 years in the bottle - no filtration. 

Ageno takes the name of the original owner of La Stoppa who first believed in the great potential of the area. Macerated on the skins for 30 days, this blend of 60% Malvasia and 40% Trebbiano Ortrugo (technically an 'orange' wine) then spends 12 months in stainless steel and used French oak, then two years in the bottle without filtration. A complex nose of flowers, citrus and spice, this wine is pure and fresh with lively acidity with light tannic astringency on the finish.
These wines are STOCKED SPEC and can be ordered immediately using the info below.

The wines were shipped in a refrigerated container to protect them from the vagaries of international travel.

Matt & Mike 


$24.89 Hospitality


Description: 60% Barbera and 40% Bonarda. No fertilizers, pesticides, or sulphur added. Fermented with natural yeasts on the skins for 30 days in stainless steel.

Tasting Note:  "Youthful and inky colour. Beautiful fresh fruit on the nose with a tantalizing spiciness.  Tastes like it is of the earth. Savoury and laced with minerality. All the components are there: body, acidity, tannin, and a long intense finish. Serve this with hearty local dishes from Emilia-Romagna: meat, cheese, pasta with cream sauce. . .  all at the same lunch . . then have a joyous afternoon nap. Life is good."


$37.99 Hospitality


Description: 50% Barbera and 50% Bonarda from 65 year old vines. No filtration, indigenous yeasts, 30 day maceration, 12 months in large oak botti, 2 years in the bottle. 

Tasting Note:  Dark and brooding, with powerful aromas of plums, figs, leather and pencil shavings. Flavours of ripe, cooked plums with savoury carrot, earthy notes. Hints of apple before a long finish. 



$43.49 Hospitality


Description: 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot and 20% other Bordeaux varieties from 90+ year old vines. 14 months in wood and 2 years in the bottle. No filtration.

Tasting Note: Broad, focused body and crisp acidity. Ripe, black fruit, leather, cocoa, spices, toasted notes and damp earth, straw and mushrooms.



$39.99 Hospitality


Description: 60% Malvasia and 40% Trebbiano Ortruga. No fertilizers, pesticides, or sulphur added. Fermented with natural yeasts on the skins for 30 days in stainless steel.

Tasting Note: Intense floral aromas, citrus and spice. Weighty on the palate with an almost tannic texture. Evolves in the glass: brown sugar, honeysuckle, saffron, cream soda with coffee/cream with lively acidity and light tannic astringency on the finish. 
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