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You've been sticking with your healthy habits and are excited to see your progress, so you jump on the scale to see how much weight you've lost... only to see that your weight hasn't budged, or worse, it's gone up a few pounds.

So what gives? Why don't we see the scale go down when we're staying dedicated to a healthy lifestyle?

The truth is, so many factors can influence the number you see on the scale - water retention, undigested food, sometimes even your workout can cause [temporary] weight gain - that weighing yourself too often can just be an exercise in futility.

When we're working hard at achieving our goals we often expect to see the results appear on the scale right away, when in reality, the scale is usually the last place the results show up. That's why I typically recommend weighing in once at the start of a new program and then waiting a full six weeks before stepping on the scale again to allow your body enough time to begin to reflect the changes you are implementing.

The good news is that you'll most likely notice improvements like better energy, more strength, stamina, muscle tone, your clothes fitting looser, etc. long before you see your weight drop. And, just because that scale hasn't budged yet, it doesn't mean what you are doing isn't worth the effort!

With patience, persistence and a good plan you can reach your goals and setting up a less frequent weigh-in schedule may help you stay more motivated along the way.

Remember, a smaller number on the scale doesn't mean that you are stronger or more fit, it just means that you are lighter -- which doesn't really mean much at all. Focus on taking the best care of your body possible first and foremost and, with time, the weight will take care of itself. <3


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What's Your 'WHY'?

Each week we've been asking you to share with us your 'why' - or, more precisely, why you've decided to make the commitment to live a healthier lifestyle. You have all been sending us some really great answers and we are excited to share another motivating one with you today!

Here's what community member Joy from the Philippines wrote: 

I tried a series of the high impact/extreme cardio that I wasn't able to maintain in the long run. I burned out and decided maybe I'll try them later on again when I've regained my strength.

My main "why" is I want to improve myself and feel better. (I'm) not exactly depressed, but unhappy. My family has a history of hypertension and I'm blessed with my current health, and I don't want to want to take maintenance medicine at my age (32).

When I saw your Walk On: Walk Strong videos, your message got to me. I don't like doing push ups and burpees anymore. I got the Walk Strong and I felt good. I made it a birthday gift to myself. The workouts were something I could do even in my bad days. For me, it's better to start somewhere and not rush.

Thank you Jessica, I'm always motivated by you, especially your YouTube videos because you reach out to us, who are working out at home. No need for expensive equipment.

Happily walking on,


Thank you so much for sharing your special WHY with us Joy! Congrats to you on all of your hard work and accomplishments. We're so glad you are a part of our community. Please keep up the great work you are doing taking care of your body and your health - you are an inspiration!

It's so important for us to remember that eating well and moving often isn't just about trying to to fit a certain size or weight... If you can go below the surface and tap into YOUR deeper WHY you may find it more motivating than shaping up for 'bikini season' ever was... 

Want to share your WHY with us? Hit reply to this email and we may share it in an upcoming email.

We're all here to help inspire and motivate each other :)
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