A Fresh Use for Coloring Pages 

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Coloring sheets. I know you have them. I know you use them when students finish early. I know students like them,­ and quite frankly, that’s ok. 
However, if you want to feel a tiny bit better about using coloring sheets, here is an idea to jazz up the process and squeeze in some weaving skills. 

  • Give students two of the exact same coloring sheets.
  • Once completed, have students weave the two sheets together.
  • Cut the first sheet into vertical strips, leaving the perimeter intact.
  • Cut the second sheet into horizontal strips.
  • Weave the horizontal strips into the first page, keeping them in order.
  • Glue or tape the back of the strips to keep them down. 
Viola! A simple weaving project, something for students to do when they finish early, and perhaps a quick art history lesson all in one. 

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