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Wow - what a week! Since their release in 2011, thousands of art teachers have taken an AOE Online Class.

This week we released an entirely new kind of AOE Online Class - the online studio course. This is a brand new way to learn. Our studio classes are 100% online, hands-on (assignments involve creation!) and designed just for art teachers.

The positive feedback we've received since their launch on Thursday has been overwhelming and exciting. Clearly art teachers need relevant PD, and oh by the way... the more creative they can be while learning - the better!

In case you didn't see the big announcement, you can read more about Studio Classes here, or check out the first two released:
Studio: Printmaking
Discover the advanced techniques and practical strategies that can help any student find success with printmaking.
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Studio: Ceramics
Learn progressive ceramics techniques and proven methods to optimize student retention, engagement, and success.
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Tip of the Week
50 Classroom Management
Ideas that Just Might Work! 

After the first few weeks of school, you might notice students testing you more and more. The freshness of the year is over, and you may become a bit lax on your rules as you get busier. 

It’s time to introduce some fresh tactics to manage the classroom. Remember, what works for one group may not work for another, so it’s good to have a long list of tricks in your bag. Have fun exploring the ideas below. Use what works, and leave what doesn’t! 

Teacher Language, Actions, and Tools

Student Activity and Movement

Rewards and Incentives 

  • Enter students with positive behavior into a weekly drawing for prizes. 
  • If your school uses a positive reward system, like Character Counts or PBIS, fully integrated into your art program. 
  • Put positive behaviors into a jar when you see them and then read a few at the end of class. 
  • Choose a mystery student to watch during clean up. If the chosen student is on task, they receive recognition and a sticker at the end of class. 
  • Try novel incentives like, “take off your shoes while working at your seat” or “sit in the teacher’s chair for 10 minutes.”
  • Put three identical items, like plastic cups, on each table. If the table is noisy or not following directions, take one away. The goal is to keep the items on the table. 
  • Keep a marble jar. Students earn marbles for good behavior and receive a reward when the goal is met.
  • Write the letters ART on the board. Loud classroom volume results in lost letters. When the letters are gone, students must work silently for the rest of class.
  • Use a stoplight image for class behavior. Move from green to yellow to red and implement consequences when necessary. 
  • Apply the principle, “Three strikes and you’re out” to a variety of situations.
  • Develop a point system for table groups.
Pins of the Week
Ridiculously Relevant Professional Development™ for Art Teachers
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