This month we are celebrating the life that Jesus gives
Jesus said...A thief comes to steal and kill and destroy, but I came to give life - life in all its fullness.

John 10 v 10

When the thief comes

Have you ever had the feeling you are not good enough? Have you ever doubted whether someone could really love you? Have you ever felt trapped by the circumstances in your life? If you have, you are not alone. So many of the people we meet across rural Zambia echo these feelings. A friend recently said to us:

"Surely we are nothing and we are not good enough to do anything."

The situation into which many rural villagers are born and the worldviews that surround them can hold them captive. It is as though a thief has been. Hope has been stolen. A sense of worth and purpose has been killed. Belief in a better future has been destroyed.

Many are left feeling lost and without hope.

Life in all its fullness

But we believe there is hope.

In Jesus we find that we are loved. Jesus, our God, is good. He calls us to him, coming to find us where we are. He requires us to turn away from the things in life that are not from him, are not good.  He wants to give us life "in all its fullness". For many, this means being set free from the things that have held them captive. It means discovering a sense of worth and realising that the almighty God, who created the world and placed the stars in space, trusts us. He has prepared good works for us to do, works that help bring his hope to those around us.

This is the message that we are sharing with those we meet across rural Zambia. And it works.

One friend told us that:

"I was not sure whether to attend this Dignity training program because as I don't attend church, I didn't know if I would be welcome. I am very happy that I did attend. I am happy that I have found a program of Christian fellowship and action that would consider a person like me important in the eyes of God."

As people are discovering "life in all its fullness" and are being set free from the things that have held them back, they are bringing hope to their communities. Many have begun to understand that God has placed them in their village for a reason. It is them that he will use to reach others around them.

We celebrate each life we see changed. We have the joy of seeing what life in all its fullness looks like in those who have given their lives to Jesus. We are humbled by those we meet who have discovered his hope for the future. They tell us simple but life-changing stories of how they have cared for an elderly neighbour, or grown food for a sick friend, or simply lent their bike to someone so they were able to get to the clinic.

We want this to continue. We want many more to come to know Jesus and the life he gives. Please join us in prayer for those we are working with.

Please pray for the upcoming Life! 2012 conference. This will take place on 16th & 17th August and will see people gathering from all over Zambia, including the 5 areas we have been praying specifically for. We will introduce people to what we do and why and ask people to return to their village and gather a group of people to help plant Life! groups in their area. Please pray for God to be at work in the hearts of all who will be attending the event.
We would love you to pray particularly for 3 villagers whom we have invited to join us at "Life! 2012". They come from a village in Siavonga, 60km off the main road. The challenges they face to join us are substantial as this will be the first time they have travelled outside their area. Please pray for safety for them and everyone else travelling long distances to join us. Pray for their families while they are away to know the peace of God rather than fear.
When each person travels home, they will have to decide whether they want to be further involved in the work of Dignity. If they do, they will need to speak to their friends and neighbours about praying for the work in their area and the possibility of starting a Life! group. It can be scary to share something new with those closest to us in case they tell us we are wrong. Please pray for courage and strength and for God to be preparing others to stand with them.

And most of all...we'd like to say a massive thank you to God!

We are really excited about the upcoming conference. It is a huge milestone in our "We are five" campaign under which we are seeking to establish our work in five new areas across rural Zambia. We are very aware of God's faithfulness and provision so far. Please do join us in thanking him and giving him the praise for all that has happened.

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