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CICOLAB invites kids ages 6-12 to our LearninGarden
weekly exploratory Kids Koolaboratory
Tomorrow, we are hosting our first debate: Moms vs. Dads. The kids have become obsessed — if you can believe it — with the Smash Boom Best debate podcast ( and we are following their lead. If your debate skills are rusty, you might want to check out the debate refresher list at Below is a sample video.
Ice Age vs. Jurassic
For next week: check out Forever Ago, a history show for the whole family! Every episode explores the origin of just one thing — like sandwiches, video games, clocks and more — while teaching listeners to think critically about history.
The Koolaboratory is using collaborative software, affordable classes, and high quality educational media, including the following:
We have set up a shared Google account to help us collaborate using various platforms and tools. If you're not already in the loop, please request access.

To ensure security we prefer to share information on (relatively) secure channels, such as WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram.
We have started making a Google Site:
for the kids to update themselves with photos, art and links.

Join and edit the site:

Do you want to learn how to draw better? We are simultaneously taking an affordable art course together called "The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art" on and showing each other our drawings.
In a neverending quest to find things for the kids to do to occupy their brains without screen time, we have found a list of kids podcasts for the kids to review.


We are using Pinterest to collaborate on image collections and to get ideas. Most recently we have used it to collect origami animal ideas for our future animal zoo, but we also have boards on art, design, and baking. Use the same KooLab Google account to login.

Check out our origami board

Join us on Miro! We are making collaborative boards with mind-maps, digital post-it notes, icons, and photos from the web.

Edit our board by signing up with Miro
View our board only
(without signing up to Miro)
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