October is ADHD Awareness Month
Most of my clients have ADHD and many are also chronically disorganized (CD).  My ADHD clients often tell me they feel very badly about themselves because people say they are “lazy”. The fact is, they are some of the most energetic and engaged people I know.  They are highly creative, intelligent, and entrepreneurial. 

When I meet an ADHD client they are very discouraged because the organization systems that work for others just don’t work for them. Organizing is “hard” and family members don’t understand why they can’t “get organized”.  Often their environment is highly cluttered and they have difficulty locating what they need and when they need it.  They are often fearful of putting things away because they think they won’t be able to find it later or remember to do something. 

For someone with ADHD, even the simplest task takes much more energy than it takes for others.  To shower, get dressed, and get out the door in the morning can require the kind of care and concentration that someone without ADHD expend over their entire day.” Susan C. Pinsky
Does any of this sound familiar?  If it does, let’s talk about your organizing struggles over a 90-minute strategizing session.  For the remainder of October, this session is offered at $99 (regularly $150).  Together we will find organizing ways that will work for you to remove the clutter that is distracting you so you will able to focus on what you excel at—creativity.

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ADHD Organizing Tips
#1 remove as many steps to a process as you can.  See #2 below for example.
#2 use clear or open bins rather than solid and closed bins. Lidded, stacked bins are inefficient because they require the extra steps of unstacking, removing lid, replacing lid, and re-stacking to procure or retrieve an item.
#3  curb impulsivity buying. Procure only items for which you have an immediate plan to use and shop from a list.
ADHD and CD Resources
Institute for Challenging Disorganization
For more organizing and productivity information see what I'm blogging about.
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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Are you, or do you know someone in the Portland metro area, who is battling breast cancer and can benefit from our organizing services? We are offering one person a half-day of our services. Please contact me to discuss how we can help.

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What is ADHD? 
ADHD is a non-discriminatory disorder affecting people of every age, gender, IQ, and religious and socioeconomic background. ADHD is caused by a neuro-biological difference in the brain, which can interfere with such areas as learning, cognitive and organizational processing, socialization and general life performance. There are three umbrella symptoms; hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity. Learn more here [...]
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Product To Try
Door Organizer
APP to Try
Home Routines
and the other 13 best ADHD apps for 2014
Recommended Reading
ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your life

Also recommend:
  • Organizing Solutions for People with Attention Deficit Disorder; Pinsky
  • The Disorganized Mind; Ratey
  • Journeys Through ADDulthood; Solden
Get Organized Today! is the book you need to help you plan, execute and maintain order in your work, life and relationships.
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